Bricks Family Restaurant: Food Allergy Breakfast

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Inside the LEGOLAND resort it’s a magical world of Legos galore! And what LEGO station wouldn’t be complete with a LEGO style breakfast?

That’s where Bricks Family Restaurant comes into play–our very own LEGO inspired eatery!

This is one of only a few sit down options. Inside the parks you’ll have ‘fast food’ type options- like this burger place and this sandwich option.

We had the opportunity to dine there (breakfast comes with your resort stay!) and below you’ll find allergen procedures and food options for those with dietary needs!

LEGOLAND was actually pretty good with food allergies- it was an enjoyable vacation to not have to cook every meal but there were some hiccups. Read on to see more about what I mean!

bricks family restaurant

***As Always, please speak to a qualified restaurant employee when ordering food. In order to see the most accurate ingredients and risk assessment, you will need to confirm allergy safety in real-time. This is my personal experience, I am not employed or endorsed by companies or brands mentioned.***

Ordering with food allergies

When you get to the host, ask to speak with a chef! They’ll be able to tell you what they can make that day. Always double check with a chef to confirm your options!

Servers are helpful- but with the break down in communication and understanding the severity, please speak with someone that can provide you a list and lots of information.

bricks family restaurant

They have allergen guides and menus to make it easier to see what your options are.

Important things to note:

This is a buffet, so you’ll want to have a chef prepare options in the kitchen that haven’t been cross contaminated.

bricks family restaurant

There are lots of prepackaged fruit options and some other prepackaged items you can grab from the buffet.

Food Allergy Options at Bricks Family Restaurant!

  • Vegan just eggs that are soy based.
  • Potatoes have gluten and they are prepackaged.
  • There is Oatmeal but it is not certified gluten free.

They also have Namaste pancake mix which is free for all top allergens and some common items like eggs and bacon and sausage.

They also have some allergy-friendly milk options, like Silk almond milk!

What other options do the resorts have for food allergies?

The cool thing about the resort is that it’s open to everyone!

The resorts actually have the only table service sit down restaurants as all the options inside of the parks are fast food type quick serve options.

So in the resort you can run over to the parks to grab something to eat (I loved popping right inside to get some apple fries!) like the Burger Kitchen or you can stay at the resort and have a sit down option.

In the Pirates side you’ll find Shipwreck Restaurant which is open for Breakfast and Dinner. Then you’ve got Skyline Lounge for Lunch and Dinner while Bricks rounds out the options for breakfast. Over at the value Beach Bungalows there’s other options (it’s a bit farther away and not in walking distance)


Overall, Bricks is a decent option when you are dealing with food allergies- but it’s not the best. Certainly we’ve had better options at Disney World, and a few better options at Universal. The down side is that this is one of the ONLY options- and that can be SUPER frustrating with allergies and not finding what you need.

I highly recommend bringing some breakfast items, even if it’s just granola and fruit. We would have been disappointed to eat the same few options every day if we had stayed a week and weren’t locals.

Have you been the Bricks Family Restaurant? What was your experience like? Let me know in the comments!

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