Granny’s Apple Fries at LEGOLAND: Food Allergy Options

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Two words ✌️

Apple fries.

One word ☝️


Lemme tell you about these fries! They come several ways–but plain is the friendliest for multiple allergies.

We had these for the first time at LEGOLAND the other day and it was a treat! We went to find options for food allergies (which you can read more about in this ultimate guide) and it was nice to not have to cook every meal!

Let’s talk about these Allergy Friendly Apple Fries!

There is a dedicated fryer and these things are absolutely heavenly!

Seriously! A new favorite for us, and we love that they are so close to the entrance unlike the quick serve options that are in the middle of the park. Burger Kitchen is good, but when your hungry it’s hard to wait that long with all the distractions along the way like toys, rides, and face paint!

When I shared them on Instagram, I quickly learned they are a cult classic–from Orlando to Hollywood, everyone at LEGOLAND loves these apple fries!

If you can’t have these apple fries, please check out this other location that has a few dessert options inside the park!

***As Always, this is my personal experience. You should check with Restaurant Staff to see if these items are available for You and Your food needs.

How does it come?

They come quite a few different ways. If gluten is your only concern–you’re in good company! It’s all naturally gluten free. Dairy gets a little trickier because of the many options they have.

apple fries legoland

You can get them plain, with whipped topping, with ice cream and syrup. There’s lots of ways to mix and match for your allergens.

apple fries legoland

Allergy Ingredients and Top 8 Friendly Options

When it comes to these apple fries, you do have to consider that there is some possible cross contamination because of the whipped topping and sauces.

Make sure you talk with the manager there to get fries with a clean cup and clean gloves!

Thankfully it’s a shared fryer. You’ll find the ingredients below- if you manage multiple allergens or need a dedicated chef, please visit the skyline lounge!

Here’s a picture of the ingredients used:

Here’s a chart that lists just the allergens that each item contains, too:

Have you had the Apple Fries at LEGOLAND? What did you think?

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