LEGOLAND Face Paint Allergens

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There’s no shortage of things that you need to check when you have allergies, especially when you are contact reactive.

Like many other theme parks (including Disney), at Legoland, they have the option for face paint, which can contain allergens.

Next time you’re at Legoland, here is what to look out for when it comes to face paint and allergens.

And in case you need it, there’s an ultimate guide for all your LEGOLAND food allergy questions.

It’s important to note that there are many different brands for face paint and the theme parks do not always use the same brand.

legoland face paint allergens

Choosing the right design also plays a factor because you want to pick a design that doesn’t go near the nose or mouth.

legoland face paint allergens

And we also need to remember that these are communal face paints. They change applicators with each person but they use the same face paint dish for all guests.

If you feel comfortable using face paint and their procedures here are the brands that Legoland uses.

What Face Paint brands does LEGOLAND Orlando use?

At Legoland, they used two different kinds: they use Tag face paint and they also use Wolfe face paint.

legoland face paint allergens

The Wolfe facepaint was so worn that you couldnt see the ingredients (so we didnt attempt it!) but the Tag brand was clear to see.

It is hypoallergenic and nontoxic- and it looked somewhat beign. So I tried a swatch test.

Please ALWAYS try a swatch test friends! Could save you a headache in the future. This face paint stand was in the Medieval adventure section, which is on the right as you come into the park through Duplo Land.

So you’ll pass the yummy granny’s apple fries, pass the carousel, into Duplo Land, then turn to find this face paint both on the right hand side.

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