EPCOT Food Allergy Guide for 2022 (Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Multiple Allergens)

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Welcome to the world… the future is EPCOT! Epcot with food allergies can seem intimidating since there’s all this countries, lots of foreign type foods, and more alcohol than you’d want to see on a weekend night.

But things are actually doable at this iconic ‘giant golfball’ when it comes to dietary restrictions, and with all of the transportation options, you can even find a place super close if nothing in the parks works out for you!

If you’re in a rush, my three top places to grab a free-from allergies bite to eat would be in The Land & Seas Pavilions. There you’ll find Sunshine Seasons Quick Serve and Garden Grill Character Meal- both are great for food allergies! Plus Coral Reef Restaurant, a table service in between the price points of a quick serve/character meal that serves up allergy friendly fare for all of the top allergens.

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Finding all the best places to eat can be stressful…!
Cut the overwhelm with the Touring Plan for Disney World, complete with all the can’t miss places to eat (including Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Multiple allergens, Last Minute Planning and more! 🏰

Food Allergy Reviews and Recommendations for EPCOT at Disney World

When you first come to the park from the main entrance, you can enjoy some Jeoffery’s Coffee (here’s a sample of drinks, but they don’t have any foods).

Since EPCOT is opening so late, breakfast isn’t really an option here. You can head to the Boardwalk and enjoy Trattoria Al Forno (which is outside the parks) or grab food before you come to the park.

The first option you’ll come to is Coral Reef, and it’s a top recommended meal for us (As well as many in the allergy community!) There’s something for everyone there, but they do serve a lot of seafood in addition to beef, chicken and plant based items.

Inside World Showcase, you can head to Mexico and enjoy a tasty meal at San Angel Inn. They have a dedicated gluten free fryer for chips (and the quick serve in Mexico is easy to modify for allergens). These options are good, but not owned by Disney.

Speaking of not owned by Disney, several of the options around world showcase are not owned by Disney. Nine Dragons in China is very hard for allergies, but Katsura Grill in Japan has a number of modifications! Germany has some options too… and I’ve yet to truly explore Morocco, Italy or Canada to provide an update on those!

Epcot is a big favorite for us with food allergies. Eating Gluten Free at Epcot is decently easy (there’s a few restaurants I wouldn’t recommend) and then eating with other allergies in the top 8 at Epcot is also doable when you stay at the restaurants owned by disney.

My friends have explored a few places in EPCOT that I haven’t, so let me link to those. Like this 2021 allergy review of Les Chef de France from Sarah at Dairy Free Gluten Free Disney. And then this 2019 Tutto Italia Review from Alexis at Alexis’s Gluten Free Adventures.

Best Quick Serve options in EPCOT for Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Nut Free, Egg Free

For Disney Owned quick serve, enjoy my favorite option in the Living with the Land pavilion, Sunshine Seasons. Or head to the very back of the park, to America, to enjoy Regal Eagle. They have a top 9 friendly BBQ Brisket sandwich! We are excited for a new quick serve coming in 2022, we’ll be sure to update when that happens! Hypothetically, you could just do these two quick serves on your trip and call it a day, but there are some other options available to you!

If you are looking for some character friends, Garden Grill is currently the only one open, and it’s an excellent option for all of the top allergens. 10/10 recommend!

Best Allergy Friendly Treats and Snacks in EPCOT for Food Allergies

There’s several small options and things to enquire about. There’s one of my favorite treats ( it’s basically shaved ice) called Kakagori in Japan. This shaved ice is friendly for all of the top allergens and it’s a favorite for the kids since it’s dairy free! Plus lots of questions about the funnel cake (spoiler, it’s not really allergy friendly).

More dessert options include sorbet and macaroons in France! These are produced in a shared facility thought, so the dessert option in Sunshine Season (it’s currently a vegan mouse that can be made without gluten) might be the better option. And then this gluten friendly fun dessert in Norway.

Finally, you can find Enjoy Life products (relabeled but still certified allergy free) in Creations Shop at EPCOT. Enjoy Life products are free from the top 14 allergens and I always grab them as a snack on the way out to have for the resort or ride home!

You can learn more about Gelato in Italy here.

Food Allergy Friendly Epcot Festivals

Festivals are all the rage at Epcot and for good reason! They are so much fun! They are fun for everyone, from dedicated things for the kiddos, to events and live music for the adults.

And when it comes to allergy friendly food, Epcot Festivals are in a category of their own.

There are a lot of people that will tell you there’s only a few options (or that you shouldn’t eat there) and I encourage you to check out the guides below because there is a lot more than meets the eye.

There’s 4 festivals currently, (2020 is obviously looking different) and they are keeping the booths up year round with more dedicated spaces just for festivals (like eating spaces and sidewalks off the main path)

  1. International Festival of the Arts run Jan-Feb Here’s the review for 2022
  2. The Flower and Garden Festival runs March- June Here’s the review for 2020
  3. The Food and Wine Festival runs Sept- November Gluten free Review for 2021
  4. The International Festival of the Holidays Nov-Dec Full Food Allergy Review for 2021

There are some festivals that are better for food allergies, and some that you should have very low expectations for.

This Epcot festival is my favorite for food allergies , and this one comes in a close second for food allergy eats . I typically haven’t found much at the international festival of the holidays (it’s also shorter and has less options)and the gluten free food and wine festival options are getting bigger, and theres also some great dairy free food and wine eats too.

What Do I need to know before heading to Epcot with Food Allergies

Before we talk about stuff in the parks, let’s talk about what you should know before you get into the park, especially when we talk about free from eating.

First things first, you can (and should ) bring in some snacks or even meals to Epcot.

I ALWAYS recommend snacks for everyone that deals with an allergy or intollereance because, out of the 300 times I’ve eaten at Disney World in the last year, almost 1 in 50 meals was totally wrong and had to be remade, or I had to leave and find better food elsewhere.

BUT you’ve got to bring some snacks just in case you get the hungry grumbles and need some allergy safe food.

Second thing is that you need to know that the menus and offerings can (and will) change especially when talking about allergy friendly food. Sometimes its that the suppliers dont have it on hand, sometimes it’s that they aren’t selling the food (though most of the allergen friendly food at Epcot is prefrozen and then cooked for you!)

Lastly, there are a number of great places within a short walk (or a monorail ride!) or you can catch a bus or ferry to the resorts.

I like to leave the Epcot and head to the nearby resorts for a much needed A/C break and the resorts tend to have more options on hand for food allergies, especially gluten free food, dairy free food and other yummies in the top 8. I’ve also found that if you are in the top 14 allergens that the resort table service options definitely handle allergies better than the busier options in the parks!

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    So if you head to the Boardwalk (through the back entrance to Epcot called the International Gateway and where you exit the Skyliner) you can eat at some incredible places like one of my favorite character meals , and this character meal that you might be better avoiding for breakfast.

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    We’ve done the researching and eating for you, and put it in an easy to use 7 Day touring guide perfect for any combination of allergens.

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