Frequently Asked Questions for Gluten Free Disney World

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Welcome to the Gluten Free Disney World FAQ. There are a few important things to know, but also a lot of things to know to help with any pre vacation jitters. Headed anywhere when eating Gluten Free can be a hassle, but it seems to be a lot easier at Disney World.

Side Note: There are some instances where Disney World needs improvement, and some areas where I completely disagree with what Disney does. We keep it honest here as Independent Bloggers and Reviewers.

However, for 90% of your trip, there are a lot of options.

Hi, I’m Seely, and I’ve been blogging and sharing Gluten Free Disney World online since 2019! In 2018, I had the chance to go on a once in a lifetime trip with a family member who was terminally ill. Because several people in my family manage Gluten Free (and some with Food Allergies also!) I felt really underprepared, and we kept postponing the trip.

You know the phrase, ‘ There’s always tomorrow, there’s always next week’. You always think you have more time, until you dont.

Well, we didn’t have more time, and I missed out on that opportunity to go to Disney World with someone I loved dearly. And it wasn’t even about Disney or a vacation… it was about the time I missed. There’s no take backs.

So I’m happy to share that I’ve gone on many trips since then, and my kids are positively spoiled when it comes to eating out while Gluten Free. And I’m happy to share and help make dreams for other families come true too!

Here’s to safe and fun vacations, you deserve the best the world has to offer.

Before we start, I need to let you know about the easiest way to do Disney while Gluten Free…

  • Dedicated Fryer list? ✔️
  • Info on bread options (w/ pictures) ✔️
  • Secret Menu items? ✔️
  • Easy to read Snack Guide? ✔️

Find everything you need to plan quickly plan your vacation inside this one of a kind Gluten Free Guide for Disney

General FAQ

Mickey Waffles just got an Update! See the New Ingredients for the latest Waffle and Pancake Mix!

Eating at Character Meals while Gluten Free- See all of the Updated Reviews and Recommendations here

Hidden Gluten happens at Disney World. It’s gotten me a few times, and now I’m determined to let you know where to avoid. – 5 places to watch for Hidden Gluten on your trip

Things have changed a lot over the years. Here’s Why Traveling to Disney World with Special Diets is pretty complicated- we break down the details and give you honest expectations for your trip

See more about the allergen binders and what to expect when you ask for them at the food carts and booths.

Not all restaurants are owned by Disney World- here’s a list of third party operators . This is important to know, as their allergy/gluten free options are going to be different than Disney Owned restaurants (And not always in a bad way, some of them have better Gluten Free options).

Did someone say… Gluten Free Snacks?

I’ll send you some of the best Gluten Free Snacks at Disney World (pictures included!)

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    Gluten Free Snacks and Quick Eats

    Does Disney World have Gluten Free Mickey Pretzels? No friend, sorry. This is my number one request! I don’t know of any gluten free soft pretzels anywhere in the Orlando Area.

    Does Disney World have Gluten Free Pizza? In several places, here’s Where to find Gluten Free and Allergy Friendly Pizza.

    Does the house popped popcorn contain Gluten at Disney World? Nope! And you can get a refill bucket to make sure you have a quick snack option. But I would watch out for the prepackaged Popcorn, as many of those popcorns have wheat/gluten in ingredients or in the facility.

    Does Disney World have Gluten Free Churros? Yes! Find these at Animal Kingdom in Nomad’s Lounge, or at Three Bridges Bar and Grill in Coronado Springs Resort. See more here: Where to find Gluten Free and Allergy Friendly Churros

    Does Disney World have gluten free Rice Krispies? No and it is SO sad. We have a dupe at Starbucks, but you don’t need to be at Disney World to get them. See more about the Rice Krispies/Crisped Rice Gluten Free at Disney World

    My favorite thing at Disney World is the bread! Ready for Rolls at Table Service and some Quick Serve locations? Learn about the Gluten Free Rolls at Disney World here.

    Need some quick snack options? I get it! Here’s my Top 5 favorite Gluten Free Snacks at Disney World. And for over 100 snacks, see The Unofficial Gluten Free Disney World Guide below.

    Ready to plan your Entire Gluten Free Vacation in less than 30 minutes?

    General Guides by Park

    Magic Kingdom

    Magic Kingdom is my least favorite park to get to, but they have some good Gluten Free options (it’s just that transportation to get there is a hike if you aren’t coming from one of the Resorts!)

    Gluten Free Magic Kingdom

    If you are hanging out at Magic Kingdom and want to go into the Monorail (or you don’t have a park ticket for Magic Kingdom) see lots of options you can find on the Monorail loop of Resorts. Allergies on the Magic Kingdom Monorail Loop

    AND, we’ve even got options on the Enchanting Extras! If you want to do a Fireworks cruise (which I recommend!) you can see all the details for that here. Fireworks Dessert Party


    EPCOT is by far, one of my favorite locations for Gluten Free Food! Plus there’s tons to do, transportation is easy, and you can get food at the festivals. First up, let’s talk about all the options at EPCOT that are Gluten Free (and there’s a lot!). Then we’ll cover the EPCOT Festivals. These happen four times a year, and the two main ones have a lot of Gluten Free options, while the other two (the Arts and Holiday festivals have some options so you can enjoy the festival, but dont have as many)

    Disney’s Animal Kingdom

    Gluten Free Animal Kingdom

    Hollywood Studios

    Hollywood Studios

    Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios

    Disney Water Parks

    Currently operating on a rotational basis, so one is only open at a time.

    Typhoon Lagoon Gluten Free

    Blizzard Beach Gluten Free

    Quick Guides

    Where to find Gluten Free and Allergy Friendly Pizza

    Where to find Gluten Free and Allergy Friendly Churros

    Where to find Gluten Free and top 8 Allergy Friendly Beignets

    Dedicated Allergy Friendly Bakery at Disney Springs

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