This Done-for-You Planning Guide for First Time or Returning Visitors features options like:

  • Desserts
  • Safe Buffets
  • Food Crawls 
  • Dedicated Fryers 
  • Quick Service Eats 
  • Scripts for speaking to Staff 

Gluten Free Disney World 2023

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No Gluten, Know Vacation

Gluten Free Vacation, without the Anxiety ➡️ the Disney World Gluten Free 2022 Guide. 

⭐Your Secret AdvantageInfo not provided by Disney World- You’ll know about dedicated fryers, shared equipment, cost effective modifications, and the best desserts!  

⭐ Save Hours of Research- Easy to access information for planning your vacation or while at Disney World

⭐No More Outdated Info– You’ll know the best places to eat based on recent reviews

⭐100% Gluten Free– Gluten Free is a spectrum. Find notes for Celiac, Gluten Allergy & Gluten Intolerance. 

✨ There’s a whole world of gluten free eats at Disney World just waiting for you to explore ✨ 

Easy Access: Phone/Tablet/ Desktop +printable version

Language: English 

Updates: every 4-6 weeks

Vacation: Simplified 

Part One- Planning Advice

What to expect at Disney ‘Gluten Friendly’

Need to Know: Mobile Ordering

The Gluten Free Script 

Hidden Gluten to Watch Out For

All Your Frequently Asked Questions

Eating at Buffets

Eating at EPCOT Festivals

Part Two- Restaurants, Menus and Tips

 Quick Service and Table Service Restaurants Info: Menus, Recommended Items, Secret Menus, Photos and Tips

For Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, EPCOT & Hollywood Studios

 Plus a Gluten Free Snacks and Sweets list with Locations

Part Three- Quick Reference Guide

Budget Friendly Touring Plan

Bread Service list 

Food Crawls

Notable Resort Eats 

Dedicated Fryers 

Quick Desserts 

Technical Product Details

Book Length: 76 pages 

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Author: Seely Lee Haislip 


Simply put, I guarantee this will save you at least two hour of planning time, if not, contact me within 7 days of purchase for a full refund.

Yes! Every 4-6 weeks it is checked for accuracy (unless there’s an emergency and it needs to be updated sooner)

Correct! It will be updated throughout 2023 as new Restaurants open or menus change. 

Disclaimer: This information is assembled in good faith, The Author is not employed, endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with Disney World, it’s parent companies or subsidiaries. 

The author makes no claims for accuracy as Disney and company can modify menu and offerings at any time.

This is not a medical device.