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Welcome to MouseEarMemories, where I bring you an abundance of invaluable insights, a touch of whimsy, and lots of Food Reviews. Here, you’ll find a treasure trove of Tips, Tricks, and Tales from both the delightful and disastrous adventures that can unfold during a Disney Vacation.

Whether you’re seeking Expert Advice on navigating the Parks, Uncovering Hidden gems, or making the most of your Family’s magical getaway on a budget, you’ve come to the right place. But let me share a little secret: our true passion lies in ensuring that everyone, regardless of their dietary needs, finds their place at the table.

Did you know that approximately 1 in 13 people grapple with food allergies? And that’s not even counting those who have dietary intolerances or choose to make health-conscious changes to their eating habits. As a devoted Disney enthusiast and a firm believer that no one should miss out on the vacation of their dreams, you’ll find guides and insight for Gluten Free and Food Allergies here at MouseEarMemories!

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    If you’re new here, there’s a few things to know…

    My Name is Seely, and I’ve been covering Gluten Free and Top 8 Food Allergies (with others available upon request) since 2018. My family is 100% Gluten Free, and we manage many of the most common Allergens.

    My favorite park is Epcot, hands down. The Flower and Garden Festival is a must see! It also has my favorite Disney Ride, Cosmic Rewind, and my favorite Table Service location, Coral Reef (and Garden Grill is one of my top character meals if we’re getting overly specific!)

    My allergy journey has been rough, and with kids that also have allergies, I’ve learned a lot of things the hard way. But, with this amazing community and lots of great Health Professionals, we’ve found our baseline. I’ve been Gluten Free on and off since 2015 while trying to understand my symptoms- and 100% Gluten Free since late 2021 (and much healthier!). I also manage several other allergies (Soy, Pineapple and Latex), plus my household manages several Top 9 allergens (Wheat, Dairy, Shellfish, Peanut, some Treenuts and many not in the Top 9!)

    On my adventures to the parks as an Orlando Resident, I record and ask questions for all the top Allergens and Gluten Free folks, then share that information for your trip!

    Making Vacations easier for those with Dietary Needs

    We also like to head to the other parks in Central Florida, and have guides for Universal Orlando, LEGOLAND, and Seaworld!

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    Need to get ahold of me? remove the spaces (it’s a spam blocker) seely @ mouseearmemories .com