This site is dedicated to lots of good (and sometimes bad) adventures that come from a Disney Vacation. Tips, Hacks, Family travel and Budget tips are plentiful, but the real bread and butter are posts that help those with food allergies.

Did you know that an estimated 1 in 13 people has some sort of food allergy? And we aren’t even considering those that have intolerances or make dietary changes for health reasons.

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    So that’s the cool thing about a Disney Vacation. They do a lot to make accommodations, and this site will cover many of the restaurants and what you can expect if you travel to a Disney owned property with allergies.

    The Truth of the matter is that my kids have allergies (And so do my husband and I) so this site is very personal- We know the mixed emotions that come from eating outside the home, the anxiety of planning, the anguish over trusting a stranger, and the desire that sometimes you might be better off in a bubble.

    But nothing fun happens in a bubble, so we do what we need to do to make the memories!

    If your new here, there’s a few things to know…

    My favorite park is Epcot, hands down. The Flower and Garden Festival is a must see!

    And the best Character Breakfast is at the Polynesian resort! ‘Ohana is where you come together as friends and leave as Family!

    And yeah… I do love a Firefighter. That’s not really Disney World related, but he’s pretty great and puts up with my nonsense!

    We also like to head to the other parks in Central Florida, and have guides for Universal Orlando, LEGOLAND, and Seaworld!

    Need to get ahold of me? remove the spaces (it’s a spam blocker) seely @ mouseearmemories .com

    Talk soon!