Panini Grill Food Allergy Options at LEGOLAND Orlando

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In the imagination building, in the AC and with a play area, you’ll find the Panini Grill, where there are a few food allergy options. This includes some grab and go options as well.

Legoland Orlando has a lot of quick service options inside the parks like this place for some good burgers, but you’ll find all the table service options at the resorts like Skyline Lounge. Breakfast isn’t really a thing inside the parks, so you’ll have to head close by for these yummy eats.

Overall- panini grill was great for treats- and I would recommend it along with these unique and fun flavored allergy friendly treats only found at LEGOLAND.

Let’s find out what you can eat and what’s available for the top eight allergens AND you can find the complete LEGOLAND food allergy guide for all of your trip planning!

panini grill food allergy

***As Always, this is my personal experience. You should check with Restaurant Staff to see if these items are available for You and Your food needs.

Where’s it located

It took us a second to find Panini grill- because it’s inside another building!

Yep! Inside the imagination building, where all the AC is at, plus lots of cool interactive indoor play areas. Even if you don’t eat here, I highly recommend you come check it out!

panini grill food allergy

Food Allergy Options at Panini Grill

Here are some of the things that they recommended:

  • Vegan grilled parmesan cheese sandwich
  • Vegan sandwich: it lists soy but can be made soy free if you leave off the plant-based crumbles, making it a top eight friendly option.
  • Gluten Free Sandwichs

They also use Hormel meats on their sandwiches. These have nitrates that they list out in an allergen binder.

Plus a gluten-free bread. Some of the top allergens listed for the bread are yeast, corn, and egg. It is Rotella’s brand!

OH and they also had the only place I found that had David’s Cookies. They have a little stand with MULTIPLE flavors!

If you aren’t familiar with David’s brand, it’s a popular resort option. Every orlando theme park has it at least one place on property. It is gluten free, dairy free and nut free. We aren’t able to have them because of the soy- but my husband who isn’t soy free says they are delicious!

Let’s check out the allergen binder

I love that LEGOLAND has an allergen binder. This is a good step in the right direction.

This location does not have a dedicated fryer and I was not able to speak to a manager or a chef, but it was helpful to see my options with the allergen binder ahead of time to see if I felt comfortable.

I really like that it lists other allergens besides the top eight like sesame and tomato and I hope that other theme parks follow suit.

They DO have a totally separate prep area in the back AND they have a separate dedicated allergy-friendly panini press.

Allergy Friendly Food we tried

The husband got a gluten free italian based sandwich without some of the options (so they modified it for him!)

AND the kiddos and I got Fruit bars! This was the only place we saw them throughout all of LEGOLAND and it’s a must know secret for when you want a treat that’s safe for almost every allergen!

Pictures of food allergy options with ingredients

The first page is an overview of which food items contain which allergens. As you can see, most of the menu items have soy, but there are some alternatives (see above).

The allergen binder also has ingredients listed individually for each item and which allergens they contain. Thankfully, most of these can be substituted.

Have you been to the Panini Grill? Tell me about your experience!

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