Magic Kingdom Food Allergy Disney World Guide (Menus, Tips and Photos)

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Updated December 18th, 2023

One one hand, the internet forums make it seem like Disney with Food Allergies is a magical escape from your kitchen, on the other hand, there’s so much unknown and unsaid that could set you up for failure.

While we could talk all day about fun facts related to Magic Kingdom, let’s talk about the allergy-friendly offerings inside of the parks that we’ve personally experienced. We’ll provide pictures, tips and details about doing Disney World Food Allergy Style and hopefully give you the confidence you need to take the trip!

While you can catch a monorail from Magic Kingdom to check out the other allergy friendly eats close by (and some you can walk to!) it’s often easier to stay inside the park and check out one of these yummy places for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a tasty snack!

Ready to plan your dining? See this post: Best Food Allergy Restaurant Recommendations at Disney World.

⭐ If this is your First Time to Disney World, you’ll want all the insider tips and done for you plans found in the Food Allergies at Disney World Made Easy Guide

***As Always, this is my personal experience. You should check with Restaurant Staff to see if these items are available for You and Your food needs.

βœ… My recommendations for Food Allergy Friendly Eat’s at Magic Kingdom

There are a few places that seem to consistently offer safe food- we all know that this depends on Chef’s and Menu’s but when a cast member runs a tight ship- it shows. I’ve talked about this more in Food Allergies at Disney World Made Easy– you’ll want to get a copy so your prepared for your trip!

For Quick Service I highly recommend Peco Bills and Pinocchio Haus. These two quick serve have quite a number of good options that are Top 9 Free.

The other Quick Service that have Allergy Menus with options are: Columbia Harbour House and Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe.

Menus, Snacks and Tips for a Stress Free Allergy Vacation at Disney. Learn More about the Unofficial Disney World Food Allergies Made Easy Guide

Table Service gives you some more Allergy Friendly Options.

Tony’s Town Square is a great 1-1 allergy vs. non-allergy restaurant in that you and your party can get identical meals without telling much about who has the allergy and who doesn’t! I love when these kind of options come together- and Tony’s also has dessert options for all of the top 9 allergens making this a nice place to enjoy a family meal without being worried about accommodating everyone.

we LOVE Jungle Skipper Canteen with it’s unique cast members and lots of great food for all of us that are free from! It’s got items like steak, fish, and plant based protein, plus it’s one of the few locations that has appetizers (soup for those that are top 8 free) that most people can have!

It *is* pretty hard to get into though… which leads me to…

But if you do want to go for your Beauty and the Beast fan, see the updated review of Be Our Guest at Magic Kingdom (including the current character restrictions!)

preclosure image

Crystal Palace is another Favorite, and I enjoy the full Allergy Guide they have for the Buffet. If you are curious how Disney does Allergies and Buffets, see this guide here!

See Crystal Palace’s Allergy Menu here.

Allergy Friendly Desserts and Snacks at Magic Kingdom

For dessert, you’ll find a lot of the same options. Namely * raspberry sorbet* which has become the allergy friendly scapegoat. It’s everywhere!

Over at the Plaza Ice Cream Shop, there’s no gluten free cone but you can find regular ice cream, dairy-free Tofutti (rice dream is gone), Dairy Ice Cream without Egg, and Raspberry Sorbet. They’ll scoop it for you from the back out of a new container, and you can speak to a Coordinator to ask about procedures (like glove changes) and see the Allergy Book for ingredients.

Peanut Chocolate Covered Bananas are found in Several Places, they do contain Peanuts, soy and are processed on shared equipment.

The Strawberry Smoothie at Auntie Gravity’s is a favorite for us! No Top 9 allergens.

The Lefou Brew (modified to avoid food allergens) is a pretty popular and satisfactory treat. B

Dole Whip is another classic. If you get the Fruit Flavors, the only top Allergen is Coconut Oil! I love to get some from Storybook Treats and get some of the Allergy Friendly toppings for a ‘Sundae’

Minute Maid Frozen Lemonade is another great snack, with no top allergens listed.

Plus Popcorn! The only Top 9 allergen is Coconut Oil.

I always recommend bringing a few snacks in with you to help with the hunger pains- but don’t be ashamed to stock up on minute maid frozen lemonades (safe for most top 9), popcorn (contains only corn and coconut ) and turkey legs (sometimes contains dairy or gluten)

There are LOTS of carts and kiosks and stands around the parks where you can get prepackaged goods, like at the Liberty Market (they have a lot actually!) and the popcorn which is safe for most people (excluding corn and coconut oil.)

If you want a full list of snacks for quick planning (or quick change of plans on vacation!) grab the Food Allergy Snack Guide!

🏰 Here’s what you need to know before heading to Magic Kingdom with Food Allergies

First things first, you can (and should ) bring in some snacks or even meals to Magic Kingdom.

I ALWAYS recommend snacks for everyone that deals with an allergy or intolerance because, out of the 300 times I’ve eaten at Disney World in the last year, almost 1 in 50 meals was totally wrong and had to be remade, or I had to leave and find better food elsewhere.

Second thing is that you need to know that the menus and food allergy offerings can (and will) change especially when talking about allergy-friendly food. Sometimes it’s that the suppliers dont have it on hand, sometimes it’s that they aren’t selling the food (though most of the allergen-friendly food at magic kingdom is prefrozen and then cooked for you!) And for those of you wondering about other options, check out the Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Food Allergies at Disney World!

Lastly, there are a number of great places within a short walk (or a monorail ride!) or you can catch a bus or ferry to the resorts.

I like to leave the Magic Kingdom and head to the nearby resorts for a much needed A/C break and the resorts tend to have more options on hand for food allergies, especially gluten free food, dairy free food and other yummies in the top 8. I’ve also found that if you are in the top 14 allergens that the resort table service options definitely handle allergies better than the busier options in the parks!

Some of my favorite include this table service over at The Contemporary and this food allergy friendly quick serve at the Grand Floridian.

Most importantly though, you’re only a 10 minute bus ride to these mind blowing allergy friendly and gluten free beignets (and top 9 free)

But, if you want to stay inside Magic Kingdom from Rope Drop to the Kiss Goodnight, you can do that (yes, even with food allergies!)

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What to expect when ordering at Magic Kingdom with Food Allergies

There’s a lot of planing involved when you have foods that you avoid, an upset stomach, an serious avoidance or someone that is anaphylactic and has to obsessively watch for allergens because it could be a life or death situation… trust me when I say that all of these people have gathered and enjoyed Disney World.

It is going to look different for those of you that have an intolerance/ethical preference vs those of you with a non negotiable allergy.

You can still mobile order even with Food Allergies, and you’ll also be happy to know that there’s no upcharge on most items when modified for Food Allergies.

For most people, you’ll be able to eat foods listed on the allergen menu (where available). This means that for some people, speaking with a chef won’t even be necessary because ordering from the allergy menu that most locations have will be enough to avoid gluten based products.

If you have a NON NEGOTIABLE allergy, things will be *slightly more complicated* because you’ll need to speak with a Chef/Manager and be diligent in confirming that your food is actually gluten free. Always double and triple check with everyone you talk with that you have a life-threatening allergy and confirm that food comes out separate (and likely with a little allergy skewer)

Special Events at Magic Kingdom and Food Allergies! πŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒ

There’s lots of great events that happen at the Magic Kingdom through the year, but the holidays are some of the best festivities you’ll see!

At Halloween time, prepare to be spooked with this hard ticket event, Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party. Check out this allergy friendly guide to Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party to see if you’d enjoy getting your own teal mickey bag and trick r treating.

Just chilling out with Halloween Mickey at Magic Kingdom in 2019

For the Holidays, Disney does a Hard Ticket event called Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas. This event typically only has apple juice and enjoy life cookies for those with food allergies, but I hope they add more in the future.

Christmas at Disney World is one of my favorite times to visit! There’s so many reasons a Christmas celebration is the best time of year.

Magic Kingdom at Christmas Time is absolutely magical!


Can you bring your own food into Magic Kingdom?

Yes you can bring your own food inside Magic Kingdom! We always bring snacks in and I’ve known other families to bring in entire meals. Disney does limit things by not allowing glass, things that need to be heated (minus baby food) and no loose ice or large hard sided coolers. I’d recommend an insulated backpack and grab a locker to keep your food out of the hot Florida Sun. And for those of you wondering about other options, check out the Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Food Allergies at Disney World!

How do I find Menus For Magic Kingdom?

The quickest and easiest way to find menus is to use the My Disney App, however, most of them do not include the menu for food allergies! On my site you’ll find links to reviews + menus + our experience with food allergies at each location.


I’m sure there’s something I left out (and please leave a comment below!) but overall, dining with food allergies at Disney World is not only doable- it’s also enjoyable.

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  1. The Skipper Canteen was a great choice for us. The server and chef helped make the experience wonderful. I was provided with a delicious steak meal prepared free of soy, nuts and garlic. The kids dessert lava cake was unexpectedly filled with red dye, and since my daughter cannot have dye the server gave her a special brownie topped with ice cream instead. Thank you for your suggestions that helped make our dining experiences safe and magical!


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