Beach n Brick Grill Waterpark Allergy Friendly Options LEGOLAND Orlando

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LEGOLAND Orlando is actually home to two parks! That’s right- at the back of the Main park (and it’s a walk, trust me) you’ll find the LEGOLAND water park.

Sure theres water fun inside the main park- but step into your swimsuits and hang out in the waterpark for lots of fun. And let’s be honest, Florida is hot year round, so this option is also about keeping you cool, relaxed and having fun while on your visit! Just don’t come here after you’ve gotten your face painted!

It’s easy to spend the day here (and the hours are shorten so even more so) but the number one question I’ve gotta know- is there allergy friendly food?

Let’s go over the options and see if this is a good fit for you, and if not, let talk about other options- like this yummy sit down option

and for everyone that needs a detailed plan for LEGOLAND with food allergies, we’ve got the deets for you!

What’s there to eat that’s Food Allergy Friendly?

For starters, the menu is veryyyy similiar to the Burger Kitchen.

If you enjoyed eating there, you’ll find many of the exact same options here at Beach n Brick. What you won’t find is a lot of snacks, like these incredibly delicious allergy friendly treats!, or even just bagged goodies. Those will all be back in the main park.

No breakfast either. Those odds are slim unless you eat at Bricks or Shipwreck restaurant in the resort.

So what’s there to eat?

Since this is the main eatery in the water park (you read that right! It’s the one open all the time where the others are just seasonal) you’ll find a few more options.

There’s Hotdogs, Hamburgers, Fried Chicken Tenders, Fried Fish, Uncrustables and a Garden Salad.

There IS a dedicated french fry fryer (woo!) but the other fryer is shared with the fish and chicken, so it’s only safe for peanut/treenut and not any of the other allergens.

What did we eat?

Options for us were limited with gluten free, dairy free, soy free, and shellfish free.

Husband ended up with a cheeseburger (it has dairy and it was a mistake. He’s dairy free for us)

I got the Hamburger. The kiddos ate some snacks we brought since they were over hamburgers everywhere we went!

Ingredients Please!

The manager didn’t recommend the chicken tenders or fish for allergies- and he said the salad was mostly whole foods prepped in a shared kitchen with a seperate sauce that wouldn’t be safe (soy ingredients).

They did have a gluten free hamburger bun, but not gluten free hotdog bun.

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