Woody’s Lunch Box: Gluten Free and Allergy Free Menu (Hollywood Studios)

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One of the newest places to get a bite to eat is the Woody’s Lunch Box in Toy Story Land. While this isn’t new new (it’s been open a few years) it’s still new enough that there is some confusion over what is safe and what isn’t. And for those of you wondering about other options to eat are, check out the Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Food Allergies at Disney World!

Disney has been steadily adding lands and parks to the mix- including a new table service place coming in 2020 to Toy Story Land. I’ll keep you updated on opening and the menu. Thanks to covid- that part is up in the air! We know they are working on it!

But now… we still have some great options for hollywood studios since they’ve been adding more allergy friendly options and it really shows (especially when we are talking about options at Hollywood studios!) because it used to be a really hard park to eat in! I mean… you couldn’t even find the Disneyfied version of these insanely popular treats, which I thought was so weird.

So now, let’s take a look at the menu options and some food options for those with food allergies!

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Where’s it located? 🀷

Woody’s Lunch Box is located in Toy Story land in Hollywood studios. It’s towards the back of the park, and it connects with the Star Wars Area, Galaxies Edge.

It’s pretty close to the milk stand (which I recommend!) and you the cookie num num stand.

Hollywood Studios isn’t my favorite place for eating confidently with food allergies, but it does have some pretty decent options. If you’re new here, I highly recommend learning more about Disney Food Allergy Strategies for ultimate vacation success.

ADA friendly β™Ώ

This eating space (since it’s ALL outdoors) is very easy to access. Wide walkways, lots of outdoor seating, and a nice low counter for grabbing food. There are plenty of fans and lots of shade and umbrellas but it does still get hot being outside.

Bathrooms are very close by, on the other side of the building and there is a companion restroom there- it’s very large and a favorite when we are in that area of the park.

What’s Special There?

Oh yeah- Disney made sure to have some special things at Woody’s Lunch Box. They’ve introduced a few things (especially since it’s one of the only places to grab a full breakfast)

The first thing we’re going to talk about is the smores sandwich.

Hello sugar on a bun! and let me say, it’s totally worth it. I’ve got all the pics below.

woody's lunch box
I’ve seen some ones on youtube that had way more marshmallow goo- but besides for pictures, I actually prefer it like this. It makes it a lot more ‘eatable’.

The other thing we’ll talk more about below is the breakfast bowl. This was the PERFECT food for our kids for breakfast, very similar to what we feed them at home. And for those of you wondering about other options, check out the Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Food Allergies at Disney World!

Our Review and what we ate πŸ₯˜

So we’ve eaten here before but I’m bad about taking pictures- BUT I do have these pics of breakfast 😍

We had a yogurt with fruit cup minus the granola, a turkey and egg sandwich on safe bread, the smores sandwich on safe bread minus a coating that contained soy and the breakfast bowl minus the gravy.

woody's lunch box
Breakfast bowl which was tots and eggs with pepper. We left off the gravy and the green onions for the kids.
woody's lunch box
The smores and turkey sandwich

woody's lunch box
turkey sandwich
woody's lunch box
Allergy-friendly yogurt!

Ditch the anxiety- you aren’t going to starve at Disney World

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    Ordering Food and The Allergy Menus πŸ‘€

    So… I’m kinda sad because they are really behind the times when it comes to allergy menus. They simply don’t have one.


    Normally I just peep the mobile ordering options and see what they have listed for the allergen menu but they don’t have that either!

    They do have vegan options though (and you can mobile order) so if you feel comfortable and just avoid dairy, take that into consideration.

    Ok, so here’s how it went down- waiting in line(no allergen menu) and then spoke to a chef, gave her the rundown of our various allergies and ordered individual items for each person.

    The Chef had an amazing amount of ‘play’ when it came to food options. This is really a fun place for us to eat because of how easy it is to take out soy, dairy, and gluten from the ingredients!

    woody's lunch box
    Woody’s Lunch Box menu

    FAQ’s πŸ€”

    How do I mobile order for allergies?

    The only one I’ve seen successfully do it is for dairy- but I also recommend using your best judgment.

    There’s lots more about eating with allergies at Disney World in the Beginner’s Food allergy guide

    Conclusion πŸ˜‹

    We LOVE woody’s lunch box! It’s a cute place to eat, even though there’s only a little bit of shade. It’s got lots of great photo opportunities and there’s so much activity!

    The drummers come out and walk around (i think we saw them three times on our last meal) and the cast members here do a great job at pretending everyone is a ‘toy’.

    This is a must do if you can spend some time talking to the chef (and have a backup option!) in case they don’t have a safe option.

    Have you been to Woody’s Lunch Box? Tell us about your

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