10 Magical Reasons you should go to Disney World at Christmas Time

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Hot Chocolate, Cool Evenings, and Goofy in a Santa Suit- Those are some of the wonderful things to experience about Christmas time at Disney World. 

Notice I said ‘some’

That’s because Disney is SO MUCH MORE at Christmas time- and it is absolute LOVE! 

Yes, Folks, it’s a favorite time of year for many and a popular destination for the Christmas season. 

10 Magical Reasons you should go to Disney World at Christmas Time 


Disney really likes to decorate for each of the seasons and holidays and Christmas is no exeption. In fact, Christmas is probably THE exeception, because they go all out on certain parts of the property with decorations! 

Magic Kingdom is notoriously the park to visit if you want to see the decorations. Yes, Epcot has some magic assortments- but they also decorate based on the world showcase so sometimes its not as elaborate. But Magic Kingdom, especially on the days when the Christmas Party happens at night is completely decked out! 

Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios do participate with nice decorations but it’s not the same as the beauty of Magic Kingdom. 

Disney also decorates throughout the resorts, the restaurants and on Disney Springs. It’s a lot of fun to see all the changes and, of course, the hidden Mickeys throughout the decorations. 

Christmas Tree on Main Street USA by the train station. The perfect picture spot!


Another really cool thing is all the fun stuff they do with the Disney Photo Pass! If you don’t know what that is, it’s what Disney uses to store all your pictures in the Memory Maker. But, it doesnt just store them. You can ask each of the Photo Pass photographers around the park if they have any special effects. 

Many of the Holiday themed ones (or glowing ones) are available- but they do save some just for the Christmas Party.  

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party!


Considered the most magical event of the season, Disney offers a beautiful and magic filled adventure called Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas. 

During the party, guests have access to special holiday merchandise like Mickey ears, mugs and ornaments. Snow falls on Main Street U.S.A. and guests can snack on unlimited cookies and hot chocolate at kiosks around the park. It is absolutely HOLIDAY MAGIC!

Of course many rides and attractions are operating and have very short wait times of about less than 20 minutes. Which is seriously the best time to ride them!

And most importantly, you’ll be able to see your favorite characters dressed in their holiday best, as well as characters that only make an appearance once a year, just for the party!

Epcot Candlelight Processional 

One of the amazing things about the Holiday’s is the Epcot Candlelight Processional. This is a chorus of very talented singers gathered together with a celebrity narrator to celebrate the holiday.

They read the classic biblical Christmas story, complete with a full orchestra it truly is awe inspiring to see and hear!

Epcot also celebrates with some holiday food of its own- it makes this a very fun night at Disney!

Characters in different costumes

Do you love to meet with the characters? Coming at Christmas time makes this an extra special event because many of the characters are dressed in their Holiday finest!

The only special character at Magic kingdom is Santa- everyone else waits for the Christmas party. 


The other parks have an assortment of Characters all dressed up and ready to meet you! Epcot has their signature Holiday’s around the world and Hollywood Studios has some characters in Christmas apparel. If you want to have the most opportunities for some Christmas character meet and greets- head to Animal Kingdom. 

This is one of my favorite parks fo rmeeting characters throughout the year, and Christmas time makes it extra special! 

Lots of amazing new gear in Holiday themes

If there’s one thing the Disney Marketing Department knows how to do- it’s new merchandise that people go wild over!

I know I love a new set of mickey ears! and I can’t help but walk through the shops every time I go to Disney in search of the new things they’ve come out with. Especially for the kids! It is so darn cute!

The Holidays are no exceptions as Disney rolls out some of their best new stuff for the season. From cute sweaters and coffee mugs to themed phone cases and magic bands- they have it all for your Christmas trip!

Hollywood Studios at Christmas time

Rides changed

If you are a Disney goer then you’ve probably gone on many (or all ) of the rides! The fun thing about Christmas at Disney is how they transform some of the rides to celebrate the season! 

The Jingle Cruise gets a full holiday makeover, and it’s a family friendly ride complete with ADA wheelchair access!

Do it for the FOOD!

There is just something magical about having different treat options- especially treats for everyone, from those with diet preferences to allergies!

It seems like every restaurant and treat shop comes out with some sort of Holiday flare- from special drinks to yummy decorated treats! They also have a Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner options that are sure to bring you excited and leave you full! 

Some of my favorites include the themed Rice Krispie treats and the fun holiday drinks. Disney also does an amazing job offering new and exciting Holiday treats every year!

And the Special Dessert Parties 

Disney has a small assortment of dessert/dinner options that are a separately ticketed event for special occasions. Like watching the parades or the fireworks.

For Christmas, they transform these Dessert Parties into something extra magical! A chance to have an all you can eat dessert buffet while you watch the evening fireworks.

You get amazing Holiday themed buffets full of more food than you could eat, and a separate area to truly enjoy your evening watching the festivities.

It’s a once in a lifetime experience

My family is fortunate enough to live close to Disney World and experience the magic regularly- but for many people, this experience is a once in a lifetime trip!

And it should be enjoyed as such! If someone asks me when the most magical time of year to go to Disney World is, I always tell them at Christmas time.

Wrap Up

Disney is so much fun during Christmas- I definitely recommend it EVEN with the crowds being kinda crazy.

Have you been to Disney during Christmas time? Are you a fan? Let me know in the comments below!

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