What to pack for Disney World in the Summer

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When I visited my Family in Ohio, I saw the strangest thing… Most of the businesses and schools had indoor hallways, covered walkways and lots of canopies.

But back home In Florida?

Venues, queues and walkways are outside, and only a few have a covered walkway.

At Disney?

Many characters meets are outside, Shows are outside, Rides (and lines) are outside, and even some dining is total outdoors. It can be hard to survive the summer at Disney World if you aren’t prepared!

If it Rains at Disney World, or the sun is too hot, or the humidity is too much… you’ll need to hunt down some A/C!

Or better yet, pack with the wild summer weather in mind and make your vacation that much more enjoyable!

Let’s cover the top 10 things you’ll need to pack on your Disney World Vacation- all in less than 5 minutes!

Need general Disney World Packing Hacks instead? We’ve got you covered!

yes, the line and the meet are totally outside with a small overhang. This is the Disney Jr. Greet at Hollywood Studios.

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disney summer packing list ☔

Let me start off with your saving grace. We have so many of these. Some for the kids, some for us, some we leave in the car, one we attach to the stroller. We live here, down the road from Disney, and we still aren’t used to the heat. Save yourself the heartache and pack a reliable fan.

But let’s talk fans.

For one, I love the ease of these fans. Simple Battery Operated, no fuss.


I also love the thought of not worrying about the batteries dying- so I personally always reach for the rechargeable options when it comes to fans!! I simply don’t want to be digging around for batteries on vacation.

You can get several rechargeable fans like this hand held fan OR a clip on stroller fan which I personally have and use ALL THE TIME. if you follow me on instagram you will see both of these- they are the best investment (besides my reusable charger) that I have EVER MADE.

The Second Best Runner Up for your Summer Vacation?

This Chub Rub that I SWEAR BY. I know it’s weird to talk about my thunder thighs, but let me assure you my very muscular Firefighter husband gets chub rub in the summer. Everything is just gross and sweaty! ICK!

Anyways, you can grab this in a tube and I prefer this brand that I’ve tried over all the others. But if your in a pinch, make sure you head to a local pharmacy and grab a tube because this is a quick way to ruin a summer vacation!

Cooling towels are a must have for any summer time activity, especially Disney World. Regular Florida heat isn’t bad, it’s being on the concrete and asphalt with all the people and lack of trees and wind that make it so hot!

I would venture to say that on many days, it’s 5 degrees hotter in the parks (especially Hollywood Studios. we never go there in the afternoon!)

Towards the end of this list, we’ve simply got to mention ponchos.

Now, Disney World has reusable rain gear, and I do have rain boots and jackets for my Florida Kids because it rains everyday here in the summer. It rains so much that you should save this Magic Kingdom Rainy Day Itinerary just in case.

BUT ON VACATION, I whip out these little plastic ponchos so fast I make my toddler’s head spin. Getting wet and then going into the A/C is miserable- so grab a cheap pack of ponchos OR bring your own rain jackets OR bring an umbrella (I vote ponchos since they are lightweight, small and easy to store in your bag!) + stroller covers if you are bringing a stroller!

AND LAST but not least on the ‘things’ list before we get to clothing, you’ve got to pack a reusable water bottle.

You can get the 5 dollar plastic ones at Walmart, or opt for a stainless steel one that will keep your water cool in the sun (hot water in the summmer=super gross).

Disney has water bottle refill stations ALL OVER the parks, plus you can get a glass of water for a refill! *but NO glass* bottles allowed. Plastic or stainless steel (or you could do a small water bladder with a backpack carrier).

WATER TIPS: We get our water bottles with a hook at the top so we can carry them easily with a carabiner. Order bottled water to be delivered so you aren’t paying between 4-7 dollars for a bottle. Have water in your room at nights, you WILL get thirsty.

** You can find cooling towels, ponchos and fans AT disney world** if you don’t have room to pack them. You’ll also pay Disney World prices. You’ll know what options is best for your trip!

What clothing should you wear in June, July and August at Disney World?

Packing for a summer vacation IS different than other times of the year. And traveling is different, it’s why I recommend a Disney World bucket list before you come so you don’t miss your favorites!

For one, you’ll need to prepare for multiple outfit changes. It is Hot, It is Sweaty, and you will want to change into something fresh after you get some A/C.

Outifts: 2 for everyday you are there OR plan to do laundry. Aim for cotton options, or canvas. Stay away from 100% polyester as it gets hot! Dry Wick clothing is nice, but can also be stinky after a few hours. Prioritize light colored clothing that is somewhat loose. Leggings and pants are fine, but most people choose shorts, flowy skirts, a cotton t-shirts.

For babies and toddler packing recommendations, I highly recommend more clothing that you think is neccesary!

Extra Socks and Underwear: They sell these in the gift shop for a reason- most people just don’t pack enough!

Shoes: At least three pairs. Closed Toed Shoes (tennis shoes or sneakers) will get wet or sweaty, and sandals will need to time to dry/rotation time in case you get blisters.

Swim Clothing: We bring at least TWO PAIRS as its hard to get into swim clothing that is damp the next day! I’ve also dressed the kids in swim clothes (trunks and SPF shirts) since splash pads and water rides are more fun when you dry quickly!

Hat/Sunglasses/SPF shirts: these are the best way to protect from sun as sunscreen has a short life span. highly recommend bringing several pairs of these items.

Towels: Not needed if staying on Disney World Property (and most resorts!) if you are staying off property- bring a towel to the water parks!

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