What to do at EPCOT in the Rain

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Heading on a trip to Disney World means it’s possible it might rain on your trip to EPCOT! While there are four parks at Disney World, EPCOT is uniquely designed with many indoor rides and attractions. This make waiting out the rain easier, or throwing on a poncho and heading to other areas of the Park.

Below you’ll see why EPCOT is one of the best places to go on a rainy Disney Day!

Does EPCOT Close if it Rains?

No, EPCOT doesn’t close, but it does change a few offerings! At EPCOT, all of the Outdoor Character Meet and Greets will be delayed, some of the outdoor facing shops and booths will close, and only one ride, Test Track, will close. Transportation options, like the Monorail, Friendship Boats and Skyliner will also be closed or modified.

Everything you need to know about Disney closures for Rain and Inclement Weather in this post.

Is it worth going to EPCOT when the forecast calls for Rain?

Yes, it’s still worth going to EPCOT when it might rain, or is currently raining. EPCOT has some of the best indoor rides and attractions out of all the Disney Parks to enjoy while there is rainy weather. While your day will be modified, a Rainy Day at EPCOT is still full of Disney magic!

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What You should bring to EPCOT in the Rain

If you know it’s going to Rain, or you like to plan ahead, there’s several things to bring to EPCOT for the Rain! You should plan ahead for where and how you want to carry or store these items while you are in the park.

For example, if you want to bring Rain Jackets and Umbrellas for your family of four, you’ll have a lot of stuff to carry around before/after it rains (as Florida is too hot to wear Rain Jackets without the cooling effects of the rain).

You can get a Locker at the front of the park! Find the lockers at EPCOT on the right side of the Geosphere (the EPCOT Ball) before the Bathrooms.

Wondering what to wear in the Rain? There’s a few items that are guaranteed deal breakers that will send you home early, and some options I wear every time the forecast calls for it. See all the tips inside What to Wear at Disney World in the Rain

Items to bring to EPCOT for a Rainy Day include:

  • Ponchos (or you can purchase them inside the parks)
  • Rain Jackets (optional, since Ponchos take up less space, they are preferred!)
  • Silicone Shoe Covers (ideal for sneakers)
  • Crocs, or other quick drying shoes if not using shoe covers
  • Umbrella (again, not ideal unless its compact size!)
  • Covers for Strollers, Wheelchairs or Mobility Devices
  • Waterproof Bags (like a zip plastic baggie) for items that can’t get wet, or leave those items where they can stay dry
  • Sweater/Warm Clothes for the colder months of December-March

What happens when it rains at EPCOT?

At EPCOT, not much will change when it rains! This park is rather insulated from changes because it doesn’t have the deep flooding that Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom does, and it has lots of Indoor Ride options and Shows.

Turns out, there’s still a LOT to do at EPCOT when it rains. Some of our favorite things to do on rainy days is to grab a coffee, throw on a poncho and check out the shops, indoor attractions and the shows!

At EPCOT, you’ll find that many of the Outdoor Character Meet and Greets will be Cancelled or Delayed, especially if the forecast calls for heavy rain all day.

Shops will also close or cover up, if they have an outdoor component, or they are one of the many fun outdoor booths. Most of the merchandise there is unique, so you won’t be able to find it at other locations, but you can try to stop by when it’s not so rainy.

Will the EPCOT Festivals close in the Rain?

This depends on the type of Rain, and what time it is during the day!

On Rainy Days, you will find that the EPCOT Festivals will operate a modified schedule, and some offerings will be temporarily unavailable.

⭐ If the weather calls for overcast skies and light rains throughout the day, the Festivals will continue with minor changes.

⭐ If the weather gets inclement with strong winds and/or lightning and/or a torrential and strong downpour, the Festival Food booths will close temporarily (or may close for the night if it’s within an hour or so of closing time).

Keep in mind that even if the Festival Booths are open, the Rain will ‘flavor’ your foods! There a very few covered spaces around the World Showcase to enjoy the seasonal flavors of the Countries Festival Booth offerings, so any items order will be enjoyed huddled under overhangs. And, if you want to enjoy multiple locations, you’ll also be walking around in the rain.

All that said, I do enjoy Rainy Festival Days. The Crowds are much lower which means lower lines to wait in. The Weather is cooler and the sun isn’t making you uncomfortable. If you bring some Rain Gear it’s just another day in Florida!

What Rides close at EPCOT in the Rain? Plus what Rides stay open!

Here’s the good news! Pending no issues with Electrical Outings, the only ride that closes at EPCOT is Test Track! Test Track is the only ‘outdoor’ ride (unless you count the Transportation Boats that take you across World Showcase Lagoon!)

Which means, all of these Rides stay open at Disney World when it Rains! If the Rain is light, you can hop over to Hollywood Studios (typically by Bus or Walk, which you can learn more about in Transportation section below) and enjoy the Rides there too!

Do note that many of the rides have indoor/outdoor queue lines and you will need to leave all strollers outside the lines (and in the rain).

  • Frozen Ever After
  • Gran Fiesta Tour
  • Journey into imagination with Figment
  • Living with the Land 
  • Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure 
  • The Seas with Nemo and Friends 
  • Spaceship Earth
  • Mission Space
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind
  • Soarin’

Top 5 places to Wait out the Rain at EPCOT

EPCOT is hand’s down my FAVORITE park to wait out the Rain. It’s got so many options for Adults and Children and you don’t have to walk clear across the park to find it!

Where is the best place to go in EPCOT when it rains?

With Kids I’d recommend: (Strollers will have to stay outside, so pack a cover!)

  • The Seas Pavilion, complete with a small play area, a giant aquarium, and Turtle Talk with Crush. Enter through The Seas with Nemo ride or by the side doors.
  • The Land Pavilion, with a Quick Serve Restaurant, Theater with a short show, Soarin’ Ride for older kids, and Living with the Land ride for everyone in your party.
  • Inside the exit to Mission Space, you’ll find the ‘Space Base’ Playground perfect for kids 2-12. Enter through the exit, or as you come off the Ride!
  • Inside the exit of Spaceship Earth, you’ll find a full immersive world of the future! Great for everyone in your party.
  • The Imagination Pavilion, which has a Character Meet and Greet and some fun and silly games to get your body moving! Enter through the Figment Ride or on the left side exit doors.
  • Bonus: Willing to get wet or plan ahead? Norway is a good option! Grab a canceled reservation at Akershus, Ride Frozen (which has wait times around an hour on average!), Shop around and Meet Anna and Elsa. Ideally this is where you’d head the moment the rain let up for a short wait time.

For the kids, kids at heart, and anyone wanting to stay dry:

  • Connections Cafe and Connections Eatery, a joint quick serve and coffee shop at the front of the park with lots of seats and tasty food! Cross the covered breezeway to shop at Creations Shop or get drinks at Club Cool.
  • Head into ImageWorks to watch short Disney Films (and get to see an IRL favorite pal Mickey!)
  • Pop over to the Mexico Pavilion where you can do it all! Enjoy the eats, go shopping, a classic ride and world class drinks!
  • In France enjoy both a Show, Shop and Eatery in one location, or walk a few hundred feet to a covered queue for the new Ratatouille ride (which has some higher wait times, so you might as well wait when it’s too wet to do anything else!)
  • Grab a last minute reservation at some hard to get restaurants! EPCOT is full of great table service locations where you can spend 60-90 minutes enjoying the cuisine and good company!

You can also see more about the best places to go, and best things to do at the Disney World Parks in the Rain.

Transportation: How to get to EPCOT when it’s Raining (or get back to the Resort!)

EPCOT has some of the best options for Transportation. You can take a Monorail from Magic Kingdom (the Ticket and Transportation Center to be exact!), or a Skyliner from Several Resorts and Hollywood Studios! There’s Boats that also come from Hollywood Studios and the Boardwalk Resorts, and of course, Buses from the other Resorts, Disney Springs and Animal Kingdom in the afternoon.

But when the weather gets yucky, transportation gets messy.


The Skyliner will close for several reasons. For Severe Rain, For Lightning, and for High Wind Speeds. If you are on the Skyliner, they’ll pull you off at the next stop and provide you with a bus.

If you wanted to take the Skyliner, and it’s closed, you’ll find Buses available to take you to the Parks OR Resorts (Disney won’t leave you stranded!).

The *danger* with the Skyliner, is leaving EPCOT after they’ve closed and trying to get on the Skyliner only to find out the Skyliner is closed. You’ll then have to walk to Beach Club to catch a bus BUT (and this has happened to me!) this might be the one area where Disney *does* strand their guests. You need to confirm with a Cast Member before you walk to Beach Club that there will be a Bus available for you! Many times they make you wait for the Skyliner to begin operating again.


The Monorail runs from the Ticket and Transportation Center to EPCOT (and also Magic Kingdom). If the Monorail goes down, you can catch a Bus.

If you are at the Ticket and Transportation Center, and want to go to EPCOT, find the Bus in the Bus loop by the bathrooms. (Not the Ferry Bathrooms, the ones on the complete opposite side of the Courtyard area).

If you are at EPCOT and need to get back to the Ticket and Transportation Center, find the Bus to the TTC at the EPCOT Bus loop. Ask the Security Guard there what number to find the bus!

Friendship Boats

When the Friendship Boats have closed, and are no longer operating from Hollywood Studios or the Boardwalk Resorts, you’ve got three options.

  1. Wait for them to be operational again (this is a huge gamble!)
  2. Walk, especially if the weather isn’t too bad, as the threat of lighting tends to be minimal (but still an issue)
  3. Catch a Bus. If you are at Hollywood Studios, the Bus will be in the Main Bus Loop. At the Boardwalk Resorts, if Buses are available (and sometimes they arent!) find out by asking a Cast Member, checking your MyDisneyExperience App, or walking to the Bus Stop.

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