What should I bring to Universal Studios for the day?

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Just headed to Universal Studios for the day? You’re like many people who are popping into the park to get their bucket list done. Ready to get in, enjoy the park and the rides, and leave at the end of the night knowing you wont be back anytime soon.
With only one day to spare, let’s talk about the best things to bring to make the most of your trip.

✨ Plus a few items you should bring to maximize your time in the parks!

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In a rush? Here’s the top three things I recommend everyone bring to Universal for the day!

A small bag with a clip- like a fanny pack- because the clip means you can take it on several of the rides. Larger bags are put in lockers, along with smaller bags that don’t have a clip. I grabbed mine from Target, Plus Amazon has a bunch of options.

A Reusable Water Bottle. Ideally you already have one, but if not, consider one around 16-32 oz that is double walled to keep your drink from getting hot! Plastic or Metal only– no glass allowed in Universal!

Also consider one without a straw, as those can be easier to clean while you are traveling.

Sun Protection- like a hat, sunglasses and my personal favorite, a UV blocking shirt like a sun shirt or rash guard. Sunscreen is great too but needs to be applied and that means you might forget!

There’s more items below that will save you time and money! Let’s look at those too.

What should I bring to Universal for the day? Stuff that saves you time and money!

  1. Reusable Chargers

First up on the list is a reusable charger. The Universal Orlando app drains your battery, and so does all the selfies. PLUS when you are in line, there’s some low signal spots and those cause your phone to drain battery quickly.

Consider a smaller reusable one for your travels. I love love love this anker reusable one (I’ve had mine for almost three years now!). Or consider investing in Fuel Rods, with recharging stations available at Universal.

You can purchase the Fuel Rods on Amazon for around 10 dollars cheaper than at the Parks- and then change them out at the charging stations inside Universal.

Consider a rechargeable option if you want to use it outside of the Parks- like this two pack of chargers great for you and your family (plus so affordable you can get two packs of two!)

If you don’t remember to charge your reusable charger- consider this Anker Power Bank Charger. I’ve tested it and it lasts for several charges for me in the parks before needing recharging (it is a bank afterall) .

Bringing a stroller? Consider a Solar Charger. I don’t recommend these because they ARE heavy. I’ve tried carrying it around and it was too much without having a stroller to leave it on.

2. Great Shoes

If you are only here for the day and trying to get everything in, you don’t need a blister! Bring reliable and broken in shoes that will help you get where you need to go!

Some of my favorites include Crocs, because they can get wet.

Sport sandals, because they allow your feet to cool off in the Florida Humidity (nothing worse than swamp foot)

And reliable thin closed toed shoes that work well for you! My husband really loves his Brooks, my uncle loves his New Balance, and you’ll catch me in thin shoes like vans or keds.

3. A Personal First Aid Kit

Customize a first aid kit to the things you need and use. If you might have a headache, or need some bandaids, throw your must haves in a plastic baggie to keep them safe. You’ll know right where to get them if you need them, and won’t need to buy anything or head to First Aid.

4. A Poncho or Rain Protection

I prefer a small folded poncho in my bag for the inevitable rain, but others bring items like umbrellas or rain jackets! I’ve even seen these nifty rain shoe covers to keep your feet nice and dry. BONUS: they work really well on the water rides at Universal!

Grab a multi pack on Amazon of ponchos for the same price of one poncho at Universal.

5. Gum, Floss, Mints

There’s a bunch of great treats at Universal… but take it from someone who goes all the time. There’s nothing like an icky mouth when you are stuck in a theme park all day! Consider what you use at home and bring a small travel sized option with you into the parks.

6. Sun Protection

Again, most people go for sunscreen. It’s good to have on hand but it’s so easy to forget to apply it consistently! Consider adding in items like UV clothing, hats, sunglasses, sun shades etc to help avoid a sunburn on vacation. (because I’ve seen sunburned people try to ride rides… and it’s painful for them to ride and for me to watch. I feel so bad they didnt get the memo)

We are obsessed with using Rash Guards/Swim Shirts for the kids because they have the SPF protection. This means more safety with less remembering (which is hard when you are doing so much already!) Bonus- it makes them easier to spot.

7.Extra Socks (or Clothing)

Personally, I risk it if just going for the day because I can go to the store and grab a souvenir shirt if I needed it. But if you’d rather have clothes from home for budget or personal reasons, consider bringing them along in a zip lock bag! I know nothing is worse than walking around the Theme Parks in wet socks!

8. A small bag with a clip for your wallet and valuables

A small bag with a clip- like a fanny pack- because the clip means you can take it on several of the rides. Larger bags are put in lockers, along with smaller bags that don’t have a clip. I grabbed mine from Target, Plus Amazon has a bunch of options.

What you shouldn’t bring to Universal if only going for the day

A large cooler, or lots of food. Not only does Universal limited the size of a cooler for those that don’t have food restrictions, but it’s also hard to carry around a large cooler or lots of food when you are trying to maximize time in the parks. If you have food restrictions, see this guide for Universal Orlando with Food Allergies.

Bringing in food is a great way to reduce line times, but you can also do this by going during non-food times like 10-11 am, 2:30-4:30 pm, and 7 to close.

Souvenirs. Some people bring in pre-bought souvenirs to save some money at the Parks. I’d recommend bringing in a few key items in for the day, or choosing items like clothing or smaller items so you don’t have to carry so much.

A water bottle over 40 oz. I’ve tested a lot of sizes in the parks, and anything over 40 ounces is hard to carry for more than a few hours. Plan to bring a bottle around 16-32 ounces for maximum travel capacity.

The Quick Guide to what to Bring to Universal for the Day

There you have it, The Quick Guide to what to Bring to Universal for the Day. Of course, these are just recommendations, and you can make your own best judgement.

Prioritize comfort and enjoyment over Insta Worthy Pictures and you’ll have a great time!

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