What Rides can Toddlers Ride at Hollywood Studios?

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While Hollywood studios is the place to be for those looking for the thrills, it has some limitations when it comes to heights requirements. 

Our littlest family members have a number of rides to enjoy at Hollywood Studios, but there are two rides that really take the cake when it comes to rides for toddlers at Hollywood Studios! 

There are actually only two rides at Hollywood Studios for the youngest Family Members! Enjoy Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway and Toy Story Mania with no height requirements. For older preschoolers and children, other rides, like Alien Swirling Saucers, Slinky Dog and Millennium Falcon may be a good option.

Plus,we’ll mention a few other really fun things your toddlers will love to do at Hollywood Studios! 

Looking for a full overview of all the Disney World Parks with your toddlers? We’ve got you covered!

Two best Rides for Toddlers at Hollywood Studios  

Toy Story Mania in Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studios 

This is one of the newest rides to the Walt Disney World resort, and quickly becoming a favorite! It is set up similiar to the Buzz Lightyear, but not quite the same. You use fake ‘poppers’ to hit 3-D targets. Two people sit on one side, and it is slightly jerky, but nothing my toddlers mentioned. 

Since your stroller storage is directly in the sun, I would recommend you bring a fan and a rain cover- it can easily rain in the 20-45 minutes while you wait in line. And a stroller fan is the number one thing people appreciate from this toddler disney world packing guide!

Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway in Hollywood Studios 

The very newest ride at Disney World is great for toddlers. It does have a bit of a line in the mornings, but time’s tend to level out in the afternoons. 

This ride is unlike any I have ever been on, and you truly become one with the ride. It is incredible, and well worth a wait time.  You can see all the cool details on this new ride here!

The Transportation at Disney World Resorts

Yes friends. My toddlers are way more excited about zooming around the monorail, catching the skyliner and being chauffeured down main street than they are most rides. 

On a hollywood studios or epcot day, you can exit the park and head to the skyliner. I recommend the Hollywood Studios, and hop over to Art of Animation for breakfast or lunch and check out the playgrounds there! 

What else is there to do at Disney World’s Hollywood Studios for Toddlers besides Rides?

There are a lot of characters that you could meet, especially ones you might see in the movies.

One of the best places to meet characters for toddlers and preschoolers is in the Disney Junior Zone. The Characters here tend to rotate, but normally we always see Doc McStuffins and one of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Characters. Plus others like Vampirina and Fancy Nancy.

You’ll definitely want to brush up on some fun pointers when it comes to meeting Characters with your toddler!

Lightning McQueen 

The Lightning McQueen show, all the way at the end of Sunset Boulevard, is one of the newest attractions to Disney World. It came out in Spring of 2019!

It’s not a ride, instead it’s a fun interactive show for people of all ages. They say it’s 15 minutes, but I was so entertained that I didn’t even realize that 15 minutes had gone by so fast.

Using the same facial visuals as the Frozen ride at Epcot, Disney is able to bring Lightning McQueen to life as you take part In his racing Academy.

This is especially exciting because of how new this is, and it highlights the direction that Disney is going with it’s newer shows. We were definitely impressed!

lightning mcqueen race academy

Indiana Jones 

If you like action and special effects, then you will love the Indiana Jones show at Hollywood studios. You do not need to have watched any of the Indiana Jones movies to enjoy the fun.

The show starts off with a bang, literally, and will keep you entertained while you relax in the shade. The only downside is that it doesn’t have AC. Also I do not recommend getting a fast pass for this show, as it’s normally not filled to capacity as the arena is quite large.

I’ve asked my toddler if he likes Indiana Jones over frozen or vice versa, and he can’t decide because they are both fun shows that are unique.


If you love frozen and you love to sing thennnnnnnn you need to do the frozen sing-along.

frozen sing along celebration

Even if you don’t like Frozen, it is still worth going, because the two new presenters are absolutely hilarious and sneak in some very funny, yet PG, adult jokes.

This 30 minute show is a great way to relax in the AC, while keeping everyone entertained.

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