Free Water at Disney World (locations, photos, tips)

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Finding at Water at Disney World should be very simple, but it get complicated when you add in all the touring plans, long lines, and crowds blocking coolers from view.

Here’s a full list of all the places you can get drinking water at Disney World with clear examples, both free and paid options, to prepare for your trip.

Can you get free water in Disney World?

Yes, several locations in each of the four theme parks offer free water. Most of the times it is ice water, sometimes it is plain water.

How much does bottled water cost at Disney World?

Inside the Disney World parks, Dasani bottled water costs $3.75 and Smart Water costs $5.75. If you are purchasing at a stand or food cart, no discounts apply. For discounts on bottle water purchase them at the shops. You’ll find other water at EPCOT, in France Evian water is $3.75 and in Norway Voss water is $4.

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Where do you get water at Disney World?

There’s lots of locations to get water at Disney World. Let’s break them down by Free Cups of Water,

Can you get free ice water at Disney World?

In most places, the free water that Disney World gives out to customers is ice water. It’s not always ice water though, because the ice melts so fast in the Florida Heat! If you must have ice water, please head to the nearest Quick Serve location with a full menu and get a cup of water with ice there.

Where to get Free Cups of Water at Disney World

Most locations will give you a free cup of water, all you need to do is ask! Let’s talk about the places where you can quickly get a cup of water.

General Locations

Starbucks. There is a starbucks inside each of the Disney Parks (you can see the locations and special names here). They are constantly changing their water options, from regular cups of water, to water dispensers, to small plastic cups with no lids.

Quick Serve Locations are ‘fast food’ type locations that offer a variety of quick menu items. These locations do not require a reservation, but sometimes have longer lines.

When you come to the quick serve, look for a Cast Member standing outside or towards the end of the line and ask where you can find water.

Table Service Locations with a reservation or walk up reservation. If you have bottles of water that needs a refill, ask the server for a pitcher of water (and please remember to thank them with a kind word and a tip for their service!)

You can also bring in water bottles and other outside food if you are doing this just for budget purchases. See the simple tips I use for bringing in food and maximizing my time in the park (and not wasting time in line!). You can also see the official post from Disney World about their outside food policy.

Magic Kingdom

While most quick serves offer water, many of them don’t this is the case at Magic Kingdom, where many of the smaller permanent locations do not offer cups of water and encourage you to go somewhere else. For example, Lunching Pad, Cheshire Cafe, Auntie Gravity’s and Aloha Isle are all quick serves, but they do not have water available in free cups (because they dont have the capacity to do that).

Go inside to larger quick serve locations for your water cups (or keep an eye out for randomly placed water dispensers)

  • Cosmic Rays (water bottle refill station)
  • Pizzafari
  • Columbia Harbour House
  • Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn
  • Casey’s Corner (typically no wait as they as premade and placed to the side)


  • Morocco inside Spice Road Table is a small water cup dispenser.
  • Connections Eatery Quick Serve
  • Sunshine Seasons Quick Serve
  • Regal Eagle Quick Serve
  • Connections Cafe (Starbucks)

At all three Disney Owned Quick Serves you can get a cup of water. you can also refill your water there at the Drink Machine. It is easy to access and available to guests for refills.

You can also get water at many of the other quick serves and kiosks, but your mileage will vary based on the cup size and refills available. Many of the quick serves and stands around World Showcase are not owned by Disney OR they don’t have water to give out!

Animal Kingdom

Most of the smaller quick serves (the ones with only a few options on the menu) do not have cups of water. This includes options like Caravan Road, Mr.Kamals, The Smiling Crocodile, and Terra Treats. Go to the ones listed below for cups of water!

  • Flame Tree Barbeque Quick Serve (very easy access, no need to wait in line)
  • Pizzafari Quick Serve
  • Satuli Canteen
  • Creature Comfort (Starbucks)
  • Dawa Bar

Hollywood Studios

  • ABC Commissary (this location is so picky! They will often bring you water at the door as they don’t want people inside who aren’t ordering)
  • Backlot Express (soft serve machine with water- will need cup or bottle water to refill)
  • Docking Bay 7 (has water dispensers after ordering)
  • Pizzarizo (has water dispensers so you don’t need to wait in line)
  • Woody’s Lunchbox (long wait for water if there is a line)

Water Fountains are up and running- most often found near restrooms

If waiting in line isn’t your thing, consider the water fountains. These are not cold, but also not hot, available for drinking. Downside is that you can’t take any with you unless you have a cup or water bottle handy. You can see all of the locations for Water Bottle Refills here (with pictures!)

Where to Purchase Water At Disney World

All of the Merchandise shops have water available for purchase. You will also find water available for purchase at many smaller food stand locations (which are very easy to miss in a crowd).

For a surefire way to purchase water, head to the Stroller and ECV rental locations at the Beginning of each of the parks, head inside any shop, or look for Popcorn or Food Carts.

The Stroller and ECV locations are handy as these are located near the front of the park and have bottle water available for purchase before opening, during park hours, and after park close.

That’s all for locations to find Water at Disney

Your best bet is always going to be bringing a water bottle, loading up on water at your meal times, or purchasing water at the shops and food stands.

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