Vivoli Gelateria Food Allergy Options: Disney Springs

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Tucked close by our food allergy friendly bakery, you’ll find some gelato and sorbet options at Disney Springs, including Vivoli Gelateria!

Vivoli has a stand-alone option in addition to their storefront.

Let’s explore what options they have for food allergies!

Vivoli Gelateria Food Allergy

***As Always, please speak to a qualified restaurant employee when ordering food. In order to see the most accurate ingredients and risk assessment, you will need to confirm allergy safety in real-time. This is my personal experience, I am not employed or endorsed by companies or brands mentioned.***

Ordering Food Allergy Friendly at Vivoli Gelateria

Like always, speak with someone about your allergies to see what options they have!

All of the gelato and sorbet is made in house–and you guessed it–they use shared equipment.

Vivoli Gelateria Food Allergy

Food Allergy Friendly Options!

For starters, most things are naturally gluten free BUT on shared equipment. If you’re comfortable with that you can grab a cup of safe flavors of gelato or sorbet!

For those avoiding the other allergens, you’d choose the Sorbet. They had four flavors when I went (all the ones with the clear handles!) and they are only fruit and sugar!

Vivoli Gelateria Food Allergy

Great for those hot days where you want a cool treat IF you are cool with the shared equipment.

Beyond that, I asked for a clean scoop (which they did!) and grabbed a mini cup for a picture!

Vivoli Gelateria Food Allergy

It’s not quite the same as the sorbet experience at L’artisan but it’s still pretty good!

Have you been to Vivoli Gelateria? What did you think? Share it in the comments!

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