The Best Universal Studios Florida Rides for Toddlers (Full planning list!)

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Taking a toddler on vacation is both fun and exhausting! There’s plenty to do, but you’ve also got to plan some things ahead… like rides!

Heads up if this is your first time to Universal Orlando Resort. There’s the Resort Called Universal Orlando Resort which has Three Themed Parks and Many Resorts, and then one of the theme parks is called Universal Studios Florida Park.

Slightly confusing, but we’ll be talking about a specific park here for toddlers (Universal Studios Florida Park), and then cover the other main theme park at Universal Orlando Resort, Islands of Adventure, in this other post! Let’s talk about your pressing questions, like what rides can Toddlers ride at Universal Orlando

For busy parents, there’s three rides that most toddlers can ride, and technically seven rides that a taller 3 year old would enjoy at Universal Orlando. You can find these in the app, but it’s not always the most user friendly, so we’ve got the list below with height requirements for easy planning!

Get ready to plan with this guide for parents and caregivers to know which park is the best for toddlers.


⭐ Rides for Toddlers at Universal Studios Florida Park

While other theme parks in Orlando have rides with zero height limits, Universal is a bit more specific about what height they’ll allow on rides. Mainly, they want children to be fully sitting and walking before climbing aboard one of their rides, and this happens somewhere in that thirty inches range! 

Kang and Kudo’s Twirl and Hurl: minimum 34 inches 

Not too far from the entrance, over in Simpson’s Land, you’ll find the Kang and Kudo’s Twirl and Hurl. This is similar to One Fish Two Fish over in Islands of Adventure, and Dumbo over in Magic Kingdom.

While most kids will likely enjoy a spin, my kids were not found of the alien in the middle. My 5 year old said he looked, ‘ridiculous’ and it makes sense, as he’s never seen him on TV or any of his coloring books. It’s visually designed for adults and misses what little one’s want. 

Woody Woodpecker’s Nuthouse Coaster: minimum 36 inches  closed for demolition

Not far from the play spaces, you’ll delight in this mini coaster, Woody Woodpecker takes you along on a fun and silly coaster!

I did have to bribe the 2 year old to ride this, but once she went once, she loved it! It’s perfectly themed with clean humor and lot’s of silly moments. 

Villain Con Minion Blast

The newest ride to come to Universal Orlando, the Minion Blast is a Family Fun adventure for (almost!) everyone! Only the youngest family members need to sit out, which are infants who cannot sit up for extended periods of time.

Minion Mayhem has a stationary seat with no height limit

There’s an honorable mention here, right when you come inside the park. Literally. One of the first ride’s is the Despicable Me Minion Mayhem ride!

While something that older one’s will enjoy, there is NO height limit on the smaller stationary seat. There is only one of these available, so you may be waiting in line! 

Hogwarts Express: no height limit

There’s no height limits for the ole trusty Hogwarts Express! You can bring your stroller on this ride, and parts of the queue are in the air conditioning. 

A few notes about this ride though. You’ll need a park to park ticket to enjoy this, and the ride from Island’s to Universal is different than the ride from Universal to Islands 

Honorable Mentions (Until they all closed down!)

Curious George goes to town Play Area- no rides here! But lots of Curious George cuteness that is fun to play with for hours. Not sure my kids would ever leave here if they had the choice! Fievel’s Playland has a lot of fun stuff! Another play area, we’ve only done this once since it involves a LOT of water. Not a sprinkle, but more like a soaking. Not a ride, but great for those hot afternoons.

Rides for taller 3 year olds and most 4 and 5 year olds at Universal Orlando

Depending on the height of your child, you’ll find some other rides that fit the bill! 

Despicable me: minimum 40 inches

This is a very exciting ride for toddlers that love the minions. It’s full of fart jokes and silly humor! We rode it a few times, and the first time was the ‘worst’ in that my kids thought the characters might die (it gets hairy there at the end). After the first time they knew everyone was A-Ok, and rode it every chance they got (which is a lot since we are annual passholders!) 

Race through New York : minimum 40 inches

Race through New York is a cute-ish ride, but again misses the mark with the younger crowd. While kiddos can ride this, and my kids thought it was alright, there was nothing here that screamed it was for kids. Instead it really played to those who would understand what The Tonight Show was, or knew what New York was. For my kids, it was just a race car trip that they passed up a second chance to ride. 

Fast and Furious: minimum 40 inches 

Another ride that the kid’s thought was ok, but really didn’t have the context besides some racing. Would be fun for kids that were older and had a better understanding of race cars or the franchise. 

The Simpsons Ride: minimum 40 inches

The ride itself is totally fine for older toddlers/kids, but my 6 year old was confused. He got off the ride and called it ‘ strange’ then later said, ‘why’d we wait in line for that?’. I’m actually not sure kiddo! 

Only do this ride if your desperate to escape the heat and the line isn’t too long! 

There’s not as much for kids to do at Universal Studios Florida right now.

With the closure and remodel of the play area at Universal Studios, and the revamp for Shrek 4-D, there simply isn’t a lot for our smaller family to do at Universal Studios.  

My top recommendations for your toddler’s rides at Universal Studios include:

Stationary Seat at Minion Mayhem

Kang and Kudo’s Twirl 

The Hogwarts Express

Definitely check out the play areas, and if you are staying on Universal Property (which I recommend) take some time to head back to the resort and enjoy the pools and activities there! 

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