Underwater Grill at SeaWorld: Allergy Friendly Menu with Pics

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Eating with food allergies at SeaWorld Orlando just got a lot more interesting!

View the updated review for 2022 of Sharks Underwater Grill with Gluten Free and Food Allergy Needs Here.

For those of you that know, SeaWorld has become a certified Autism Center, and they’ve added and beefed up some food allergy options in the parks!

There’s some options for quick service but sometimes you just need to relax and enjoy a sit down meal- especially when its 95 degrees outside!

Nothing like dining ‘underwater with the sharks’, and that’s not an exaggeration! The ambience of this place is amazing, and being able to see the sharks casually swim around while you eat is a total treat (especially for the kiddos).

But enough about how the place looks! Let’s talk about the allergy friendly eats!

Eating with food allergies at SeaWorld: is it the same or better than Disney World?

Since Disney World has such a great reputation with food allergies, it would only be fair to give this review a full comparison for you to understanding where SeaWorld fits in the theme park food allergy community.

Making a reservation was way harder than Disney’s options BUT the restaurant wasn’t packed and we scored a seat with very little wait.

As far as allergy knowledge of the hostess–SeaWorld has Disney beat. We got our own menu and little card that explained allergen procedures.

When we were seated the server was on top of things and got a chef–comparable to Disney.

And the chef was knowledgeable, also comparable to what we expect at table service restaurants at Disney World

What we ate at SeaWorld that was gluten free, soy free, dairy free, peanut/tree nut free, shellfish free

Ok, so I was nervous going here. Not only was this totally new for us, but my husband has a shellfish allergy!

Thankfully the chef was totally confident and comfortable making some delicious eats for us!

My husband got the gluten free/allergy friendly burger with bun (And he loved it!) PLUS they have a dedicated canola oil only wheat free fryer (my kinda place to eat!)

The kids and I had fish based options–it was soooo good! Not only was it yummy, but the portions were fantastic!

AND the chef was the one to bring it out, plus he had the little allergy skewers (just like they do at Disney!)

Overall thoughts

This is definitely a win in my book–and it has relieved some stress when the kids want to visit SeaWorld to see Elmo. I was impressed with how they did Halloween this last year, and finding more allergy friendly options as time goes on makes this a much more desirable spot for those with food allergies!

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