Quick Guide for Pregnancy at Disney

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Going to the most magical place on Earth while you are expecting is… kinda magical.

Ok, ok, it IS magical. I promise! toting your bump around Disney World does have it’s good moments, but there are a few lessons I’ve learned the hard way while taking my pregnant self to Disney World with the last three babies.

Good news- I’ve got it in a post.

Bad news- There are no fairy godmothers to carry you around with a fan and feed your grapes.

It’s magical but it’s not that magical 😜

You should also check out this list of adorable pictures for pregnancy announcements at Disney World– even if your family knows, these are still cute pictures to have in the memory book 💙

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But First, Is it worth it to go to Disney World while Pregnant?

This is a good question, and I want to say that its deeply personal so I can only answer from my own experience. 

For me, Yes, it has been absolutely worth it to go while pregnant. BUT I also know what to expect and I plan ahead- like I’m a planner… so for me it’s always been very easy! 

It can be for you too! Regardless of if you are planning a trip for the first, second or third trimester to Disney, with some preparation and packing the right stuff, it works. You can have a magical trip to Disney World while pregnant! 

6 months with baby 3!

Let’s talk the basics

The number one thing with planning is that you give yourself plenty of time, especially with your travel plans. You dont want to be exhausted before you even get to Disney World! 

Another thing you need to consider is when to go. Obviously, if you go when it’s cooler it will be easier on a pregnant belly. 

I also have several packing guides available, like my Easy Baby Packing Guide, if you are bringing a small child to Disney.

Regardless of when you actually go,  plan for it being hot and cold. I know that sounds crazy but bring an outfit for the opposite season. You never know when florida might decide to switch things up. Theres a reason they keep the water parks open year round. 

And the most important planning key is to make sure everyone stays hydrated and fed! Nobody is happy when they need food! Pack lots of snacks and make sure everyone has their own water bottle. Plan ahead for when you are going to eat and take a togo box if you have picky kids that don’t want to eat at the table. 

9 months with baby 2!


Get a water bottle, and also get an insulated bottle. The Water bottle you can drink immediately while on your way to the parks. Then by the time you are hot and bothered you have an insulated bottle to sip on until lunch! I always recommend this bottle from amazon to my other pregnant friends.

Chub rub was a problem for me prebabies- but during those glorious 9 months of pregnancy, the number of times my thighs ate my pants was a bit ridiculous.

Thankfully, a friend of mine told me about this balm when I was hurting so bad I couldn’t walk with my first baby, and now I preach it to everyone I see (and I may have given it discretely at a few baby showers)

and a fan is a MUST have. I linked my favorite one that I use everytime I go (yes, even during Christmas time) and It’s a life SAVER! It’s a cute little handheld one and it holds a charge so well! It’s one of my favorite things even if I don’t go to Disney!

7 months with baby three!

10 Tips

Get Travel Insurance

Take advantage of the on resorts spas and pamper yourself

Know that the Dining Plan is only worth it if you plan to eat a lot of food- if your grazing, I wouldn’t bother with the dining plan

Bring Several pairs of shoes because your feet WILL hurt

Make sure you know where are the bathrooms are at and NEVER pass up a bathroom- Disney gets some crazy long lines!

Transportation will take forever and a day, so if you need to eat or use the bathroom don’t wait. Boats and monorails and Skyliners also shut down and can leave you stranded, so never plan on things going smoothly.

Get LOTS of pictures- even if you don’t feel like it. You’ll love looking back on them later on.

Plan for Rest Days. Ideally two park days to one rest day.

Buy a book (like a fairy tale book) for your new baby for the characters to sign- it will be a cherished memory when you read it to them at bedtime after they are born.

stripes are great for hiding your bump, stripes are also bad because they hide your bump!


The parks are so much FUN! But their is also so much to do that it can be a little overwhelming, especially if you don’t go often. Each of the parks has a full day schedule of shows, Parades and sing-a-longs that are somewhat seasonal. They also have the permanent attractions which consist of shows, rides and nighttime celebrations. 

I would recommend reading ahead and picking your top 3-5 must see or do events, then going with the flow for the rest of the vacation. You will easily get distracted (or stuck!) by a parade, or you’ll get rained on. 

*My Ideal Day at the Parks while Pregnant: Use Fast Pass and preplan what rides, so the only lines you wait in are ones for shows.

Plan to see one Parade and One of the nighttime shows (the castle lighting is beautiful!). Give yourself plenty of time between Fast Passes and your Food plans. 

Safe Rides you’ll want to go on

All of the rides will have warnings, so you can always check while your there.

But definitely plan on THESE rides in particular- they’ll be the most fun and the least nausea-inducing.

Magic Kingdom 

Tomorrowland Transit Authority People Mover- located in Tommorowland (our favorite at Magic Kingdom!) .Just Under 10 minutes of relaxation.

Under the Sea- Journey Of the Little Mermaid- Fantasy Land 

It’s a Small World (EH! It’s a classic)

Walt Disney World Railroad- Multiple Entrances. (will be closed till 2021)

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin

Dumbo the Flying Elephant 

Jungle Cruise – They even do a Christmas themed ride!

Buzz Lightyear


The Seas with Nemo and Friends (our favorite at Epcot!)

Living with the Land (located inside the Soarin Area)

Gran Fiesta tour starring the Three Caballeros  (located in Mexico, easy to miss)

Frozen Ever After

Hollywood Studios

Toy Story Midway Mania- similar to Buzz lightyear, not recommended for Infants.

Looks like Mickeys Runaway Railway will be here in spring of 2020. Should be very family friendly.

The new rides in Star Wars are NOT pregnancy friendly- sorry!

Hollywood Studios (not our favorite baby park)

Toy Story Midway Mania- similar to Buzz lightyear, not recommended for Infants.

No other rides for smaller kids at Hollywood Studios, if you go to this park prepare to be emerged in the attractions of Hollywood. Hopefully 2019/2020 will see the addition of some more rides for everyone in the family.

Looks like Mickeys Runaway Railway will be here in spring of 2020. Should be very family friendly.


Then, at the end, you’ll get to bring your cute adorable baby back to Disney World! Traveling with an infant isn’t that bad- you just need to be prepared with extra everything (and that includes patience!)

We talk about how to breastfeed at the parks, and wether or not you’ll want to cloth diaper on vacation in Florida.

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