First Time Beginner’s Guide to Disney World in 2023

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Things at Disney can change rapidly so let’s make this easy and simple!

Disney Vacations are some of the best in the world and rightfully so, the Disney team does so much to make it a truly magical experience. From once in a lifetime visits to a new family tradition, Disney is the place to go! 

This is a comprehensive guide that covers all the basics about Disney World. If you’re familiar with Walt Disney World, this information might seem basic, but to someone who’s never been (and then trying to plan their vacation without knowing how everything works) it can seem overwhelming!

Does Disney World do anything Special for First Time Visitors?

Yes! Disney World offers a ‘1st Visit’ button that you can wear to celebrate that occasion and let Cast Members (the Disney Employees) know that it’s your first time.

So let’s jump into some quick tips for first time Disney World visitors and then you can pick where you want to get started with all this information! If this is too much, simply save or share this page for later.

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Quick FAQs for Disney World

What Should you do on your first visit to Disney World?

You should make a bucket list/ cant miss list!

Disney World is intense… there’s so much more to do and see (maybe that’s why we have so many websites and vlogs and content creators sharing the Disney fun!)

Creating a list of things you want to do will make planning much easier and make the vacation more fun! Here’s a list of can’t miss items for most families, and a can’t miss list for little kids!

Will you enjoy Disney World if you are only going for the rides?

Will you enjoy Disney World if you or your family wants to skip the rides?

How Much does it cost to go to Disney World?

The average vacation in 2023 is going to cost around $5000 dollars for a Family of Four to go for 5 days (this includes tickets, lodging, a food budget and souvenirs but not travel costs to get to the parks) See the full breakdown for the costs (with examples!) on how to do Disney World on a tight (yet realistic!) budget.

Having a dollar sign in mind is a good way to make sure that you stay on track with your Disney World Vacation. This is such an exciting time and you want to make sure that you make the most of it. There are many money saving tips that can help with your magical vacation.

❓ Is it better to do Universal or Seaworld and then

What do you need for your Disney vacation?

Whether it’s your first time to Disney World or your hundredth, it pays to be prepared.

But what you need for your Disney vacation really depends on each person and family (and reason for the trip!) I do recommend getting a packing list together- at least a month ahead of time, so that way you can get everything you need.

Does Disney World offer personal care items, clothing, or other commonly forgot items? Yes. Lots of these items are found inside the Parks. But for a full selection, head to the resorts. If you are at a Value resort and can’t find what you are looking for (And have talked to a Cast Member to confirm it’s not hiding somewhere), head to one of the Deluxe Resorts to check out there selections.

Good news- Amazon Delivers! So if you forget something, order it and have it sent to your resort. 

The top 3 items I recommend to everyone:

1. Portable Phone Charger– you phone WILL go dead using the MyDisney App, and some of the rides will drain your battery as your phone looks for signal. The alternative is good ole pencil and paper- just make sure you can access your plans and reservations for the day!

2. Insulated Water Bottle– It gets HOT at Disney. Even in the winter you are dealing with the sun, the wind and way too much walking. Animal Kingdom also doesn’t do straws or lids- so you need a water bottle to prevent spillage. 

3. Body Glide- This stuff is phenomenal. I use it for anywhere my skin might get irritation (like shoes in sneakers or thighs in shorts). Its only a few bucks, so better to have it and not need it- then need it and not have it!

Know the Best Times to go to Disney World

The best time to go to Disney World is the time that fits with your schedule!

Disney World is ‘always’ busy now on the weekends and many times throughout the week. There is no ‘slow’ season, though January and September are typically slower months than others!

Walt Disney World is such a popular resort that it can get a little crowded. 

I’ve been on some of the busiest days of the year, and while it is still magical, it’s not very fun waiting in a two hour line! What you can do is check the best weeks to go and pick the week that works best for your family! 

Some of the best Months to go for lower crowds are:

  • January
  • June
  • August
  • September
  • The beginning of May
  • The beginning of November

Some of the best times to enjoy the Parks for lower crowds are:

  • In the evenings- especially if they park is closing in a few hours or staying open very late
  • In the early morning- especially if you have early morning hours available to you when you stay on Disney World property
  • During the Week Days- it helps to look at the MyDisneyExperience App and check the wait times. While these are often inflated, they are a good predictor of crowd levels during your vacation.

What is a touring plan, and why is it recommended to know the crowd level when planning a touring plan? Touring Plans are detailed lists that tell you where to go for rides and attractions at what time. These rely heavily on park hours, expected crowd levels, and what rides/attractions your party wants to do. A common Touring Plan example is to rope drop Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at Magic Kingdom as the wait time is high during the day (or to make it your last ride of the night).

I recommend checking out this crowd calendar here. It will give you an idea of when you should go. 

Planning Disney World

First up- Purchasing your Disney World Tickets

Buying Tickets can be confusing- especially because there are so many options. 

If you plan to come more than once a year, an annual pass holder option might be the biggest benefit (especially for those Run Disney People) but annual passes are currently only available to Florida Residents.

If you are visiting for the first time, a standard ticket would be the most appropriate versus an annual pass- you can pick how many base days you’d like to have. Minimum stay would be 6-7 days.

Recommended time at the resort is 6 days 5 nights, but you can also adjust according to your schedule! The resort is so large that you can plan 1 day, 2 days in the parks, and still enjoy the surrounding resorts.

There are some pros and cons to only doing Magic Kingdom in one day, but most people will find that with a bucket list, their one day trip is enough!

➡️ You will need a Park Reservation after you have secured a ticket. To schedule a park ticket, head over to Disney World here and secure your dates (its better to have a date/park secured and change later than not have one at all!)

What’s not recommended:

-Having a Ticket for Arrival or Departure day (there is plenty to do that doesn’t require a ticket!)

-Park Hopper Tickets if you are staying for more than 4 days (it’s exhausting and can eat up 1-3 hours of your day just traveling) PLUS you can add it during your trip. SO if you decide that you want it halfway through your vacation- just add it then. 

-Not getting the Park Hopper if you can only come for 1-3 days. The Park Hopper here will help you take advantage of all the staggered opening and closing times to get the most out of your ticket.

-Purchasing from somewhere like eBay- I would hate for your ticket not to work when you arrived

Overview of the Disney Parks

There’s no Harry Potter, Charizard or Daffy Ducks at Disney World my friends. But we do have 6 Theme Parks (4 Main Ones and 2 Water Parks). Disney World is the size of San Francisco, or double the size of Manhattan. There’s a lot going on here!

Disney also has an amazing amount of themed resorts and restaurants that I also recommend you check out! You can peek around the resorts as a guest and eat at any of the locations on property– most require a reservation but they aren’t hard to get. 

Needless to say, that’s a lot of ground to cover, so let’s talk about transportation!

Transportation at Disney World

Or said better, How to get where you need to go on Vacation!

Is Disney Transportation available to all guests, including those not staying on property? Yes! Respectfully of course, but you can hop on the Skyliner, or take the Monorail, or catch a boat without needing to stay on property. This is a fun option on your ‘no-park-ticket’ day, and here’s everything you can do at Disney World without a Park Ticket.

❓How long does Disney Transportation take? Maybe the most important question of this entire post! Tranportation can be quick, kinda slow, or completely closed. You might miss reservations or get stuck for an hour waiting for a bus. While most of it is free to use, it’s a gamble on the time requirements, so plan to give yourself extra time.

Free Transportation Options:

  • The Buses (available at most Disney Resorts, and will pop up if there is severe weather and you can’t take the Skyliner, Boats or Monorail)
  • The Monorail. Three lines operate at Disney World. One takes you to and from EPCOT to the Ticket and Transportation Center. One takes you straight from the Transportation and Ticket Center to Magic Kingdom and back again. The Last Line makes 5 stops. The Transportation and Ticket Center, The Contemporary Resort, Magic Kingdom, The Grand Floridian Resort, The Polynesian Resort.
  • The Ferry Boat takes you from Magic Kingdom to the Transportation and Ticket Center and back.
  • The Friendship Boats operate for the Hollywood Studios/EPCOT water front resorts, Between Disney Springs and Port Orleans Resort, and for the Magic Kingdom Seven Seas Lagoon Resorts.
  • The Skyliner has three lines. One line goes from the Depot to Hollywood Studios and back (Caribbean Beach is where the depot is located). One line goes from the EPCOT Boardwalk (it’s the second EPCOT entrance called the International Gateway), to Riveria Resort to the Depot. The third line runs from Art of Animation/POP Century Resort to the Skyliner Depot.
  • Parking at Disney Springs or the Water Parks and Mini Golf locations.

Paid Transportation Options:

  • Parking at Disney World Parks. This is included if you have paid to park at a Disney World resort. There is a tram at several of the parking lots that takes you to the front.
  • Minnie Vans, which are a partnership between Lyft Rideshare and Disney World. These are Disney employees who pick you up in a red and black polka dot ‘van’.

The Parks at Disney World

Disney World has four Major Parks, two Water Parks, and then Disney Springs.

Magic Kingdom

The Iconic Cinderella Castle and Mainstreet U.S.A. call Magic Kingdom home. This is the number one park and at full capacity can take a visitor almost 20 hours to complete it.

Woah! I’ve been there a few times when the park is full and waiting 45 minutes to use the restroom isn’t fun! 

Magic Kingdom hosts lots of other amazing attractions like Space Mountain, Fantasy Land and Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Not to mention, Magic Kingdom is also home to lots of character meet and greets and the amazing fireworks display at the end of the night. Seeing the Castle lit up is a magical experience that the whole family can enjoy, and one of the highlights of any Disney trip. 

Hollywood Studios 

Hollywood studios used to be considered among us Disney Natives as the ‘one day park’ because it was something that we could just hit up our favorite attractions and then catch dinner somewhere else on the resort. This is certainly not the case anymore though! 

If you follow Disney news at all, you’ll see that Hollywood Studios has been revamped lately to include Star Wars, Toy Story Land, Beauty and the Beast and the Disney Junior Characters.

This is exciting news because it takes this park and gives it a much needed update. If you’ve never been (or it’s been a reallyyyyy long time) don’t bypass Hollywood Studios because of old reviews. This is definitely a park you want to visit for all your movie and TV needs!


Epcot is the infamous park that houses all the other countries. The park actually has two sections, Future World and World Showcase. 

The World Showcase is where you’ll find many scenic views, easy going rides and of course, the eleven countries with authentic gifts and cuisine. I love to go on Date nights to “Britain” or “Japan”-  it’s so amazing that we can step into another country without leaving Disney! 

With few exceptions, the World Showcase doesn’t open up till 11, but you can catch the fun rides at Future World when the park opens. Future World has the Soarin’ ride, Finding Nemo, Mission: Space and Test Track to name a few. 

Epcot is also home to the Flower and Garden Festival in the Spring and the Food and Wine Festival in the Fall.

These two festivals are some of my favorites besides the holiday events that happen at Magic Kingdom for Halloween and Christmas. I love nothing more than to see all the topiaries and the newest foods they have available. They also do some amazing children’s set ups for each festival! 

Animal Kingdom 

Animal Kingdom is where the animals are, seriously. With more than 500 acres and 1700 animals, it’s considered to be the largest theme park in the world! This makes for quite the adventure when it comes to planning your day at the park! You won’t be able to see everything in one go. 

There’s several sections to Animal Kingdom, the newest of which is the Pandora land based off the movie Avatar. Some of the other sections, which are called ‘lands’ include Asia, Africa, Dinoland, Rafiki’s Planet Watch and Discovery Island.

Since Animal Kingdom is so large, it’s good to plan for more than one day here, or if you only have one day, to pick your ‘must see’ items! And don’t forget your fast passes, the Thrill rides here tend to fill up quickly, just like at the other parks. 

Animal kingdom is also a hit or miss park- you either love it or you hate it.

I personally can’t see how anyone can hate Disney (because we certainly don’t!) but some people just aren’t fans of Animal Kingdom. Do yourself a favor, and go to Disney’s Animal Kingdom and make your own opinions- chances are that you’ll love it!!

The Water Parks

Disney has two water parks, Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. Both of these have lots of fun water activities with their own unique themes. 

Typhoon Lagoon is a tropical getaway filled with water rides the whole family can enjoy! It also features a kiddy play area and thrill rides for the older kids! 

Blizzard Beach takes a different spin on theming, think ski resort that has melted into summer water fun! Blizzard beach also has several options for everyone in the family, from kid sized water slides to one of the world’s tallest and fastest water rides!

Both parks have Dining options and places to chill out in the shade! If you go during the summer months this is a must see! The parks are open about 9 months out of the year, and close at opposite times, so you should always have a water park to visit (check out the calendar here)  because Florida can get hot (even on Christmas!!! We tend to wear shorts year round here)

Disney Springs 

Disney Springs was previously called Downtown Disney and if you look at old reviews or message boards it’s easy to get confused about where Downtown Disney went! 

Newsflash!- It didn’t go anywhere.

It did get a major facelift and a new name. Most notably, it received lots of new parking, a slew of new stores (many of which are designer names) and several new restaurants.

It’s a great place to explore if you have planned for a day off from the main parks and you want to check out some live entertainment. We personally love Disney Springs as Annual Passholders. It’s nice to pop in after a day in the parks for a nice dinner without too many crowds! 

What Entertainment does Disney World Offer?

I get this question from Disney Vacationers all the time- “What is there to do at Disney?”

There is SO MUCH to do at Disney World that you simply can’t do it all! What I wanted to do was break down the basics for you!

This is not going to cover the rides, because they are in a category of their own! I do have a post on rides for babies, toddlers and pregnant women you can check out though! 

So let’s take a look at the Entertainment at Disney World!

The Characters

You can meet the characters two different ways. 

1.By going to the Character Meet and Greets. 

2.By Scheduling a Character Dining Experience.

3. By purchasing a Special Event Ticket

If you want to have more time with the Characters- you will want to schedule a Character Dining Experience. That way you can eat and socialize with the characters without feeling rushed. 

When you do a character meet and greet, you either wait in line or use a FastPass- and it does tend to go a little fast. Don’t Worry! 

You still have plenty of time for some pictures, an autograph and to say hello and goodbye. But you definitely get more time when you do the character meals. 

Some of the Characters you can meet in the parks are:

  • Mickey Mouse
  • Anna
  • Elsa
  • Olaf
  • Ariel
  • Belle
  • Joy (inside out)
  • Donald Duck
  • Daisy Duck
  • Mulan
  • Merida
  • Pluto
  • Rapunzel
  • Tiana
  • Winnie the Pooh and Tiger
  • Tinker Bell
  • Snow White
  • Vanellope (Wreck it Ralph)
  • And SOOOO many more!

Character Dining is a great way to meet your favorite Pals! If you’re interested in how to meet characters without a ticket check out this helpful guide! 

If you need a comprehensive list of all the character meals, check them here. 

Street Performers/Entertainment

Street performers have semi-random acts throughout the day! These are fun actors that come out in gear and cheer to celebrate with you! We’ve seen it all, from a Mainstreet Volunteer Firefighter to a group of drummers! 

Many of the acts are scheduled, and many of them are random. You just never know what you might see, especially at Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. They tend to have a lot of street performers.

Hollywood Studios has been bringing out the street performers lately too! My favorites are in the Avatar Area and over by the Star Wars section.

Epcot doesn’t have as many everyday street performers as the rest of the parks- but they do have some. They tend to save a lot of the amazing performances for the festivals!  

You can also find performances at some of the resorts and Downtown Disney, especially on the weekends! 


Disney LOVES parades. They have a parade for everything it seems like! They even have one when it RAINS!

Don’t forget that Disney World also has seasonal parades for Halloween and Christmas. They go all out with these, as typically they are only shown for a separate ticketed event (like Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas)

Here’s some of the memorable ones you can expect at Magic Kingdom:

Main Street Trolley Show

This happens in the mornings at Magic Kingdom, kind of like their welcoming act to bring you into the park! It’s a very “Mary Poppins” themed show, and oh so cute! 

Disney Festival Of Fantasy Parade

Featured so many Favorites, catch this show on Main Street USA during the day. Typically you’ll find this show at 12 pm and 3 pm, but check the app for updated times during your trip.

Nightlife at Disney

Some would say that I saved the best for last- and that is probably the case! If we were going to cover ALL of the options for entertainment after dark at Disney we would be here awhile. Let’s look at some of the favorites! 

Downtown Disney (now Disney Springs)

Disney is not just for kids! Especially Downtown Disney, which was built more with the adult in mind. You can shop and enjoy Dinner, then grab drinks on the water. 

You’ve got several options to choose from. One of the newest additions is The Edison, which has flapper style dancers, a DJ and music floor. The Hangar Bar has lots of games to play over drinks, and Paradiso 37 will have you dancing to Latin Music all night long! Bar hopping is another favorite, with almost 10 places to choose from it can be a fun weekend night! 

The BoardWalk

If you want to stay near the resorts, definitely check out the Disney BoardWalk. Not only is it absolutely picturesque in the evenings with live musicians and plenty of restaurants, but it also hosts some 21 and up venues. 

Jellyrolls is famous for their dueling piano competitions- truly a must see experience (even more enjoyable with drinking). Then you have a Dance Venue featuring hits from the 80s and 90s. 

Lastly, you’ve got the ESPN sports bar, so you don’t have to miss the big game even on vacation. Pair this with their delicious eats and fun sites and it’s a great place to enjoy some adult time. It’s a favorite among the locals for date nights- so keep it in mind!

More about Transportation at Disney

The Disney Transport Bus- A mass transport system of buses and routes covering Disney World Property. These are handy because they go everywhere. Not so handy because they can get caught in traffic and then take a moment. They do have A/C and wheelchair accommodations. Strollers need to be folded (And in busier months your kids will have to ride on your lap). It’s like a public transport bus- and you don’t need a ticket to ride it. 

Water Boats- a water based transportation system that includes the ferry’s to magic kingdom, and boats that take you to select resorts. We LOVE the ferry that goes from the Transport and ticket center to Magic Kingdom. It’s such a fun and relaxing way to see the castle over the water! 

Monorail- Only goes to Magic Kingdom and Epcot, as well as select resorts. It is one of my Kids Favorite things to do! I do recommend taking the monorail at some point on your vacation- resort hopping is a super fun option! 

Skyliner- The Skyliner brings you from EPCOT to Hollywood Studios and all the resorts in between. It services the following Disney World Resorts: Disney’s Riveria, Caribbean Beach Resort, Art of Animation, Pop Century, a Boardwalk Location- which is also the EPCOT drop off.

Other options for Disney World transport

Driving- When you drive you can park in the parking lots for each of the Parks and Disney Springs. Unless you have arrangements with your pass/tickets, parking at Disney does cost based on your vehicle (and you can get preferred parking for an additional price and a closer parking spot) At Disney Springs the parking is free and you walk into the shopping areas. Large Trams (my son calls them trains with wheels!) pick you up in the parking lot and take you closer (but not all the way) to the front entrance. 

Walking – Several of the resorts are connected to the parks through walking trails. These generally go to a back area of the park (there are more than one entrance points). 

What about a Taxi?

YEP! You can pay to have someone drop you at Disney World!

Minnie Vans- These are red and white polka dotted vans that take you where you need to go on Disney Property! They also have car seats! You order them through the Lyft app- but you need to call in for ADA ones. 

Traditional Taxis- Orlando is filled with traditional taxis, and they are normally waiting right there at the pickup area- so you don’t even have to call! You can just walk over and get a taxi. 

Uber and Lyft- Uber and Lyft Drivers work the Disney grounds as well. These can be pretty useful if you are planning to go somewhere off property or just want a quick lift to your next Disney Destination. 

Handicap Parking Accommodations at Disney World

Disney is pretty decent about Handicap accommodations. I say decent for several reasons. The biggest reason is out of their hands- but it’s people disrespecting the Handicap options (like using a parking sticker when no one in the vehicle is handicapped to get closer to the entrance). Handicap parking options fill up FAST! 

So in times past, with a wheelchair we have used other transportation means. If you CAN NOT transfer, this can be tricky because Disney Staff are (for the most part) clueless about ramps and tie downs and can kind of get in your way (Can’t she just get off so we can move it into place? NO!) And forget it with a stroller that counts as a wheelchair (visit guest services for this). It needs to have tie downs! And you will need to explain to the bus driver where they are. 

A solution we have found is a drop off area. It’s over by the Taxi areas and you can park and get everyone out and set up without rushing- and then you are closer to the entrance without having to fight buses or park in the overflow handicap spots. This only works if the driver doesn’t need accommodations since you still have to park in the main (handicap) parking area. Most times my husband just parks general to save the handicap spots for other people- like I said, they fill up super fast!

Handicap accommodations and ADA accessibility  is an area near and dear to my heart- so reach out if you want to chat or need some helpful guidance. 

Disney World Resorts

Now, let’s talk about the resorts. Disney World has 36 resort hotels on the grounds, 26 of which are owned and operated by Disney.

Out of those 26, 9 of them are for Disney Vacation Club members- so we won’t get too much into those till later. What we want to focus on are the resorts that are the easiest to get and what those options are!

The Resorts are set up in a tier system. What this means is that each resort falls under one of three categories. The categories for the Walt Disney World Resorts are Value Resorts, Moderate Resorts, and Deluxe. These tiers are based on the resorts sizes, amenities, transportation options and price. 

Value Resorts 

We’ll start with the Value Resorts. These are the least expensive of the Walt Disney Resorts but they don’t lack in magical experience!

They all have a dining area, stocked with various goodies (and yes, they accommodate allergies!) for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In the gift area sections they have the standard souvenirs like coffee cups and towels while they also have snacks and drinks. 

All of the Disney Value resorts have the usual conveniences you would expect at a Disney hotel. Mail, laundry, dry-cleaning, complimentary wi-fi, airline check-in, designated smoking areas, and ATMs. 

The Value Resorts also have some other amenities like the pools and a jogging trail. While the pools don’t have slides, they do have poolside activities that happen throughout the day. Other cool options for the value resorts are the indoor arcades and the playgrounds.

The two best perks of the Walt Disney World Resorts are the free transportation and the Extra Magic Hours. 

The transportation and extra magic hours are the main reason we stay at Disney so often even though we live right up the road! Because you really can’t go wrong with the list of amenities, the adorable themes and the perks of transportation and extra magic hours that you get by staying on-site at  the Disney World Value Resort hotels.

Moderate Resorts 

The next tier up is the Moderate Resorts and these are some of my favorites! The moderate resorts at Walt Disney World Resort provide some of the best options for the price. Plus the blend of affordability and amenities make Moderate Resorts a great options for most families.

While the Value Resorts focus more on cartoonish theming- The Moderate Resorts focus more on cultural themes. They offer all the amenities of the Value resorts with some nice additions! 

Disney’s Port Orleans offers horse-drawn carriage rides, bike rentals and catch-and-release fishing. Disney’s Caribbean Beach offers a pirates adventure cruise, bike rentals, sand volleyball and catch-and-release fishing. Disney’s Coronado Springs offers bike rentals and sand volleyball. They also have nicer themed room with queen sized beds (value resorts have the full sized beds). 

Deluxe Resorts and Deluxe Villas

Staying at a Deluxe Resort is similar to the name, its where Disney goes above and beyond! These rooms tend to be a little bigger than most other rooms on the grounds, and they have more amenities. 

So you get all of the perks of the other tiers, with some nice additions like valet parking, higher quality dining on site and more recreation choices at the resort. This takes your Disney vacation from regular to extraordinary! 

My favorite part about staying at the Deluxe resorts is how much closer they are to the parks, and transportation also seems to move a lot faster from these resorts (maybe its in my head… but I do feel that way!). We tend to save the Deluxe Resorts for special occasions, like honeymoons, but we’ve taken the kids before and their were lots of other kids there too! 

The Deluxe Villas are similar to the resorts, but they sleep way more people! Most of these are also at a different location than the other Deluxe properties, but still full of the same amenities. 

Disney Resort Features 

So now that you have a general understanding of the what and where, let’s compare some of the basic features of all the resorts. 


The value resorts have double beds that sleep four, whereas the Moderate and Deluxe resorts have queen beds. King Sized beds can be found sprinkled throughout the resorts, you just have to hunt to find them! 

Food Options

The value and moderate resorts have food court style options- which is great for a large family of picky eaters, but the Deluxe resorts only have one quick service option that can be limiting on food choices. Both the Moderate and Deluxe have Table Dining options that help to add to the ambience of finer vacationing. Deluxe resorts also offer Signature and Character dining as part of their 5 star service.


For the most part, the value and moderate resorts only options are the buses. There are three moderate resorts that have the Water Taxi boat service and those are Ports Orleans Riverside, French Quarter and the Cabins at Fort Wilderness. The Deluxe Resorts have several more transportation options, like the monorail, boat taxis and walking. You can also call a ‘Minnie Van’ from any of the resorts (and they come with two car seats!) You’ve got options! 


Every resort on Disney property has a pool (thank goodness, because Florida is hot!) but the types of pools differ across the tiers. 

The value pools are, well, value based (but your kids won’t mind, I promise!). They don’t have anything fancy besides some theming and poolside activities that Disney Cast members run. 

The moderate pools are absolutely a step up. Here the theming is top quality and you’ve got water slides!! 

So how can the Deluxe pools beat water slides? With even bigger water slides, of course! They also have more pool options to choose from, which limits the amount of loud rowdy teenagers you might run into on your afternoon swim. 


How far in advance should you book a Disney World trip?

As soon as possible! Disney Rooms can normally be book over a year in advance, and park reservations can be book 365 days in advance!

Once booked, you can change things around, or apply discounts as they come out. It’s decently hard to book a last minute trip at Disney World in 2022.

Is it cheaper to stay on Disney Property?

Honestly, most of the time, not really–though you can get some good deals with the value resorts, what you’re really paying for is convenience and the experience. There are definite perks, the biggest of which is being so close to the parks. You’ll have to decide what’s right for you and your family!

How much money should I bring to Disney World?

It kinda depends on your budget and how much you plan on eating at the Parks. A single person can easily spend 100 dollars on food and drink for one day at Disney World. Budgeting 150+ per person, per day for food, drinks plus a souvenir budget (like 100 per person for the trip) is reasonable.


So there you have it, folks, just about everything a beginner needs to know (and then some!) about planning their first trip to Disney World!

If you’re a first time Disney World visitor, I know it can be a little overwhelming, but remember that priority number one is to have fun! You’re not going to be able to do and see everything, so make a plan and let the good times roll!

For you returning guests who are maybe just looking to brush up on the details, hopefully this brings some things to light! From Disney World transport, to entertainment, to resorts, to what to expect in the 2020/2021 season, there’s always new information to help you make the most of your visit to the most magical place on Earth!

Are you planning a Disney trip for the first time? Are there any questions you have that you didn’t see answered? Let us know in the comments!

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