Tusker House Character Breakfast Gluten Free and Food Allergy Menu, Review, and Photos

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Located in the Heart of Africa in Animal Kingdom you’ll find the only Character Meal at this park (which is weird to me but whatever), Tusker House!

This is one of our favorites and we’ve been so. Many. Times. But I never snap a picture of the food because the lighting sucks. But this time I got some pics, just know they food tastes better than it looks!

We took the whole family (most times I only take a few kids because I’m working) and we grabbed an 8:20 reservation so bonus perk- we got into the park early!

You go over by customer relations where there’s a special sign and entrance for those that have an early reservation. It’s nice because you avoid all the hustle (but we didn’t finish in time to get an early FOP so that was a bummer)

Since no one was there, we got some great pics of us at the tree of life!

tree of life animal kingdom
Quick stop at the Tree of Life in Animal Kingdom!

Donalds Safari character breakfast at Tusker House 🍳

Like many of the Character Meals, it’s themed and decorated!

They have a cute little parade around the eating places and we got to meet all of the characters once and Mickey and Donald Twice. They used to give out these postcards for signing, but they didn’t have it this time.

tusker house character breakfast
Donald Duck looks ready for a jungle safari!

Like I said- the lighting is bad in here- we’ve sat on every side and I struggle to get good pictures!

tusker house character breakfast
Meeting Safari Mickey Mouse at Tusker House was a blast!

Tusker House Food πŸ₯˜

The food is very african themed, and with most buffets, they give you this menu and tell you to fend for yourself.

We never do and always ask for a chef.

tusker house character breakfast
Beverage menu at Tusker House!

So after sitting down, we were served POG juice, which is pineapple, passion fruit and orange juice (a crowd favorite) and some coffee.

The chef was able to bring out some rice milk for me and the kids (for my coffee and for them to just enjoy plain!) so that was a huge blessing.

We used the menu to talk to the chef about what he could modify and we settled on a few things that he brought out family style to us! While we waited we got to see some of our favorite characters all dressed in their safari gear! We also grabbed some fruit (grapes) from the buffet since we felt comfortable with how they are stored.

The chef brought out the following for our combination of Egg, Milk, Soy and Gluten allergies.

No Safe Soy Free Mickey Waffles here- only the golden malted brand (which we don’t do for gluten either because of the guaranteed Cross contamination)

tusker house character breakfast
Breakfast at Tusker House

Other allergy friendly foods at Tusker House πŸ˜‹

Chocolate chip Udis Muffins

Breakfast Potatoes

Scrambled Eggs Plain


Spiced Chicken

Sweet cooked Plantains

tusker house character breakfast
Allergy friendly breakfast spread!
tusker house character breakfast
Donald Duck meet and greet!

Tusker House Menus

tusker house character breakfast
tusker house character breakfast
tusker house character breakfast
tusker house character breakfast

Have you been to the character breakfast at Tusker House? What was your favorite part of the meal? Share your experience in the comments!

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