Honest Truths about Babies at Disney World

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Bringing your baby to Disney World is absolutely magical… until it’s not. Sure, They get to see all the amazing sites, and you have a billion instagram worthy picture moments.

It really is fun- I promise

But it’s not perfect, far from it actually, and planning ahead will make your vacation that much more enjoyable!

So prepare to cringe at my embarrassing Disney adventures that will hopefully save you time, money and your sanity!

If you’d prefer to focus on packing instead of the honest reality of babies at Disney World, do hop over to the Baby Packing Guide for Disney World.

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you can do alot, but you can’t do…

Sorry Parents. You simply can’t do everyhing. And it’s not just you, this applies to people that don’t have a baby.

Unless you are going on a 10 day trip and using the Minnie Vans and staying within walking distance of a resort, you can’t do everything because their is SO much to do and transportation and dining take up some of your time.

Give yourself grace and pick the top 3 must see items and make a plan to do them! It will make your trip so less stressful if you aren’t pushed for time every minute of your trip. I have literally watched people have full blown arguments over the length of time it took to get food, and if the bathroom line was too long. Enjoy your trip by not overplanning!

Your baby is going to cry in public and you might too

We’ve all been there.

Babies cry.

They cry at the grocery store, they cry in the car… and yep, they cry at Disney. It’s ok. Try not to get too worked up. If someone stares, it’s likely a “I’ve been there and it sucks” pity stare. You’ll never see them again so take care of that baby! If you need helpful tips for breastfeeding, check out my guide.

It happens to everyone, and it’s so unfortunate.

Yep. It’s a passage of parenthood. Babies poop. Throw in some travel time and upset schedules and maybe some new foods and you have a recipe for a poopy disaster.

a disaster of poosplosion magnitutde!

It’s why I always recommend packing 2-3 outfits because sh*t happens!

You stood in line all this time and then…

Oh man.

Talk about “Santa Symptom”- sometimes kids don’t like to see the characters in person despite seeing them on TV.

I have two memorable pictures. One was with Doc McStuffins, who we took the train in Animal kingdom to see and stood in line for 25 minutes. My son promptly buried his face in my chest.

Eating Mickey’s Hand- it’s the top Baby to do list!

The next was Olaf- our favorite! We’ve seen Olaf a few times and my son had been asking for almost 2 months to see olaf. So we stood in line, for 45 minutes, and my son had a flipping meltdown when it was our turn. Sigh. 

Your baby might not sleep

I absolutely recommend a noise maker.

In fact, we bring two.

One that is battery powered for the stroller and one that plugs into the wall for the naps and nighttimes. This has saved us so many times, from sneaking to a quiet spot in the park for a nap (or the baby care center) to helping baby sleep when we are right next to the pool at the Resort.

Sure the rooms are nice, but they are far from sound proof. And then you need to consider napping at the park. Yes, baby wearing can make that a lot easier. But just keep in mind that you might totally miss a nap!

If you can, I recommend coming back to the resort during the afternoons. I know that its not always reasonable, especially if you are staying off of Disney World property.

Pro Tip: you can always just have baby nap in the car! We’ve done this a handful of times and it does work out well if we get there early enough before Baby is totally overtired.

Do you want to know the real truth about bringing a baby to Disney World? It's not always pretty, so don't say I didn't warn you! I do provide lots of helpful insight and tips to making the most of your vacation though. #disneyworldbaby #disneyworldtips
My son, who normally loves Doc- was terrified!!! He literally cringed away from her and wanted nothing to do with her! So sad! So this is the best picture we have (unless you count the screaming one LOL!)

You will forget something important

Yikes! It happens to me almost everytime- sometimes I even remember what I forgot on the way before we even get on property.

It’s ok though. If your staying awhile, you’ve got Amazon. You also have lots of delivery services and stores nearby Disney. If you don’t mind paying for it, the Resorts and Parks have an assortment of goodies. From diapers and outfits, to water bottles and over the counter medications.

There will be some attitudes

Of course Disney is absolutely magical, but it can also be stressful. Throw in some lack of sleep and a fussy baby and you get some attitudes! You can already guess who will have a fit sometime during your vacation- it’s like a Disney right of passage.

Rides and attractions might be closed or delayed

This is completely out of your control. And it sucks.

But Disney does a great job of keeping its guests safe, so sometimes things get shutdown for some time to get them back in working order. Sometimes they don’t shut down either. We’ve ridden frozen twice now where something was wrong (once Elsa’s arm was twisted funny and once the faces at a spot were turned off. Try explaining that to a two year old!!).

Good news is that the cast members normally give you a return fast pass- if they don’t offer, make sure you ask! They want to make your trip magical too

Transportation can be a real pain with a baby 

OMG. This is the worst part of my Disney trip every. single. time. I really do try to prepare for this part of the vacation. But for some reason, it just really irks me how far apart everything is and the steps we have to take to get there.

We always drive, but then we decide to take the bus, or monorail or boat to one of the parks. Maybe it’s my attitude but I get so hung up on how long transportation takes.

It seriously takes forever. Especially at night time when everyone else wants to leave the parks!

We’ve done the Minnie vans (they come with car seats) and we’ve also done pickup, which seems to work well. Whatever you do, plan for DOUBLE the time so you don’t screw up your plan for the day. 

So for instance, let’s say you wanted to park hop. Just going from magic kingdom to Epcot will take you an HOUR. And that can be a generous estimate on time.

If you are coming from one of the resorts by bus, estimate it to take 30-45 minutes. Between waiting for the bus, waiting to load and unload, waiting for traffic, then walking to the entrance. I didn’t even include getting through security or the ticket entrance.

Whatever you do, plan for DOUBLE the time so you don’t screw up your plan for the day. ď»ż

It will all be totally worth it 

When you get home you will be absolutely amazed, it was totally worth it. I promise you will laugh about the mishaps (or completely forget them) after awhile. Better yet, remember them so it doesn’t happen for next time! 


So, yes, Disney will be absolutely magical. Just plan to forget something, lots of extra time and that you might not get to do everything on your super long list of Magical Moments at Disney. Take lots of pictures, it will be something you will remember forever!

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