5 Insider Tricks to Disney World Merch

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You know that going to Disney is only half the fun- the other half is fun souvenirs and matching t-shirts! 

Ok, not everyone does the matching t-shirt thing, I get it (my husband is a matching t-shirt grinch). 

So you plan to go to the most magical place on earth (which already cost you some money) and now you want to know how to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to Disney Merch! 

There are many many tricks when it comes to getting the most out of your Walt Disney World shopping, but how many of those tricks are actually useful?

 I can tell you that Disney doesn’t like to give anything out for free, but sometimes they do special events for those that pay attention! When it comes to Disney Merch, it’s all about being one step ahead of the game. If your interested, you can learn about how to make 2000 dollars for Disney in less than a year.

So how do you save hundreds of dollars on Disney World Merchandise for your next trip (or Birthday Party or Christmas or Whatever other event calls for some new Disney Gear?)

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EVERYONE IS OBSESSED with these sequin headbands! They run 35-45 dollars.

5- Purchase merchandise ahead of time! 

Most of us plan our Disney trips 6-12 months in advance, plenty of time to hit the bargain bin for going to Disney! 

Maybe you won’t have a lot of room in your suitcase, so a good idea is to make a wish list and then order it to be delivered to your hotel right before you leave (sign up for a free 30 day trial of Amazon Prime here!). Making a wish list could also be a fun way for family to contribute to your trip! They could either get the items from Amazon or give you Amazon gift card 

Don’t forget about places like Etsy and Target. Often times they will have some really cute and unique items. I purchase a lot of Disney stuff from Target. Check the Target clearance section online once a month and you’ll be likely to score some cool stuff! 

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Learn the Insider Secrets for scoring Merchandise for your next trip!

4- DIY

Yep, I went there. 

Sometimes I have these visions for fun Disney outfits or gifts, but the price tag leaves me in sticker shock! 

I mean, matching tshirts for a family of 4 for a week long trip would be around 400 dollars (eek, we’re not even talking about larger families and group events!) and thats money I would rather spend on character dining and fun souvenirs.

 Etsy is full of Disney inspired merch and Pinterest has a ton (literally, there’s more than 2500 tutorials on making Disney Items) for those that want to get creative. Even if you only do a handful of items, that can still be enough for another character meal or even an extra night at the resorts! 

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    3- Shop Early and Shop Late at Disney 

    This next tip is for the really savvy. 

    One of my favorite things to do if I get to the Parks early or happen to being staying late (think extra magic hours and nights where people leave because of the rain) is to check out the shops. 

    Disney isn’t huge on discounted items, but when they do have them, they’re in smaller quantities. 

    Shopping early lets me see what might be marked down for the day. I once got some matching Little Mermaid t-shirts for my Husband and I, they were only 15% off, but they let us combine it with our Annual Passholder Discount and we got them for 35% off! 

    And another time I stayed late and got to see them putting out marked down items for the next morning. Most times they wait till after the parks close to the public (because Disney never sleeps!) but occasionally I can see them restocking items or putting out brand new items. I love seeing what the Disney Stylists have come up with for the next season! 

    Disney Items are color coded, so they can change the prices when they want to!

    2- Get it sent where you want it

    Did you know that you can get merchandise that you purchase AT Disney sent directly to your resort? YES that is a thing! So if you find a really great deal at the parks, just purchase it and have it sent where you want it.

    Yes, You can also have it sent to your house!

    If you aren’t staying on Disney property and don’t want to lug it around, you can have it sent to the front of the park for pickup later. 

    This is a super easy trick, and very important so that you don’t end up lugging around what you purchase throughout the day or having to pass up a good deal!

    1- Use your discounts!

    Discounts vary but it doesn’t hurt to ask. 

    We know for sure that Annual Passholders get an average of 20% off most items (BONUS! Theres no minimum purchase!) 

    Disney Vacation Club Members also receive a 20% discount at Disney owned merch locations. 

    Another bonus is with the Chase Disney Visa card, your discount for most products over a 50 dollar minimum is 10%. Those can all add up to some pretty magical perks when you are shopping for souvenirs and gifts in the parks! 

    Side Note: I’ve only gotten one discount on a receipt, but I wanted to mention it! Maybe it’s because I don’t scan my receipts with a critical eye, but I’ve heard from friends that they happen every once in awhile. Check those receipts people! 

    I also have an updated version of Money Saving Tips for 2019 for your Disney Vacation!

    Have you used any of these tips? Which ones are you planning for your next vacation? Let me know in the comments below!

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    Learn the must know secrets for getting the best merchandise at the lowest price for your next Disney trip.

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