Trattoria al Forno Gluten Free and Food Allergy Breakfast Review (PHOTOS)

Come on down to Disney’s ‘the boardwalk’ for a yummy character meal for breakfast. We went there with some expectations of finding some yummy gluten free foods, and allergy friendly meals.

This was one of my bucket list character meals- the one with Ariel, Prince Eric, Rapunzel and Flynn Rife. This was Trattoria Al Forno!

Where’s the goods?

This particular restaurant is not located in Disney World Parks- it’s actually located on the boardwalk. 

The Boardwalk is home to several resorts, like Beach Club, Yacht Club, The Swan and Dolphin Resorts and the Boardwalk in. It’s also home to several restaurants like the famed Beaches and Cream Restaurant, as well as ESPN sports bar and Jellyrolls bar. 

You’ll also find a back entrance to Epcot on the Boardwalk- it’s super fun for walking over to the parks and great for those who aren’t interested in the transportation options and just want to use there feet (or wheels) instead! Epcot has some super yummy food like our favorite character meal, Garden Grill, and a super safe allergy friendly quick serve, Sunshine Seasons. OH and a top 8 treat in Japan that our family loves to get everytime we go!

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ADA friendly?

 This restaurant was particularly easy for wheelchair accessibility. The area had wide aisle and turning points, as well as no tricky doors to maneuver through. The women’s and men’s bathrooms were spacious and had more than one stall option. 

The Characters

We’ve done lots of character meals, especially now that our 4 year old enjoys them more. Our one year old isn’t really excited unless it’s mickey- you can see in some of the pictures she was totally focused on the food! 

Our son was starstruck when it came to rapunzel- he LOVES her and asks to watch her daily. She is a favorite and was so sweet with the interactions. 

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I was mildly disappointed that the characters didn’t make it around for a second time (since that has been our experience at every other character dining event). 

Overall, my son’s favorite was Price Eric, because they got to talk about Max and all the silly things they do. My daughter talked to Rapunzel more than any others, and my husband got to do the smoulder with Flynn Rider. 

It was super cute, and just for the characters alone, it was worth the meal!


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Mickey shaped food allergy friendly snacks

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    Food and Full Updated Allergen Menus

    The Server let us know that the allergen menus had just been updated! How fun. We did end up talking to a chef (we normally do!) and had a great meal. 

    This is for those that need the top 8 options, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, egg free, peanut/treenut free and fish/shellfish free.

    For an appetizer the server grabbed three yummy pastry assortments. She did double check and said that these were all gluten, egg and soy free. She though they were top 8 free as well. It was a cranberry biscuit and the chocolate muffins and blueberry muffins. 

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    Here’s what we ate for our meal. The price in late July was 40 for adults and 24 for kids. 3 and under eat free. 

    This meal is Soy, Egg, Gluten Free. It was made specifically for me as this wasn’t a menu offering. 

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    This was a gluten free menu offering- no substitutions. 

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    Here’s the kids meal- this is gluten and soy free. 

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    kids meal waffles and potatoes

    And for those of you that need the allergen menu here’s the kids and the adults. 

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    adult entree trattoria al forno gluten free and top 8 free allergen menu

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      Our Review

      Folks, this was a fantastic dining experience! We try to take everything with a grain of salt when it comes to eating out with allergies- but this meal was truly above and beyond. 

      Our server was wonderful, the chef was attentive, and the characters were lots of fun.

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      Thank you heather for being so helpful!!

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