Top 5 Dairy-Free Desserts at Disney World

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Disney World really is the most magical vacation when it comes to traveling with food allergies. I mean- not only can you get a Chef that actually understands what you deal with everyday, but you can also get snacks!

I’ll never forget the first time I learned about Erin Mckenna’s Dairy Free Bakery!

Located in Disney Springs, it was almost a solid hour from my house, but after reading about it online, I loaded up my one year old and we went on an adventure.

I can happily say that I’ve never looked back- and with all the info at your fingertips- I hope you can say the same about your magical vacation!

Top 5 Dairy Free Desserts!

Just a disclaimer- there’s way more treats than these, and YES there’s dole whip, but lemme hit you with some options that might not be so obvious!

PLUS- let’s be honest. Planning can be a bit of a pain. So save this for later, bookmark it, screenshot it, follow me on Instagram.

Whatever you gotta do so you’ve got the best vacation possible! It’s going to be amazing 💜

Blue and green milk

Friendly for most of the top 8 allergens- contains coconut! See the deets for the blue and green milk here!

Where can you find it?

Head over to the Milk Stand in Galaxy’s Edge! There is another type of ‘milk’ that is dairy free in Oga’s Cantina– but it’s not the same ingredients!

Lefou’s brew

Friendly For the top 8 IF you modify it. Catch the ingredients for Lefous brew here!

Where can you find it ?

Spend some time over in ‘new’ fantasy land and stop by Gaston’s Tavern for this delightful treat!

mickey ice cream

Friendly For ~depends~ there are several brands of ice cream at the resort. Tofutti and So Delicious are the common options, but RiceDream was seen in the wild not too long ago- I just haven’t seen it often!

Where can you find it?

This was taken at Beaches and Cream, but lots of places will have enjoy life cookies, or you can bring your own cookie to decorate with!

Cookie Milkshake

Friendly for? Dairy, Egg and Gluten Allergies (made with soy)

Where can you find it?

Pop into the Sci-Fi Dine in Theater for some throwbacks videos and interesting eats. If you avoid soy, they have a delicious dairy free brownie option.

Sunshine seasons fruit cup

Friendly For most of the top allergens BUT it contains coconut. No ingredient binder, but the chef can take a picture or bring out the container for you to see the details.

Where can you find it?

Sunshine Seasons! One of two stellar quick serve options I highly recommend at Epcot.

What else is there to eat at Disney World that’s Dairy Free?

SOOO much my friends, so much.

First things first, let’s narrow it down to the pressing questions you’ve got.

Are you wondering about the Disney Dining Plan with Food Allergies? You should be- there’s some good conversation here.

OR are you looking for more guides for character meals? Gotcha covered there.

Let’s say you just want to go without any plans and hit up the quick serve options so you don’t have to fuss with those 180 day ADR’s. Then you’ll want to start with quick serve options that have food allergy menus!

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