Top 9 Free Snacks at Disney World

There’s so many fun allergy friendly treats at Disney World, but when you add in multiple restrictions, things can get murky online.

But I got you family!

Here’s the guide everyone needs for getting those snacks in your belly. As always, double confirm in the parks when you go to purchase, but this will save you so much time hunting online and hunting in the parks!

Keep this guide handy so you can have the foodie inclusion on your allergy-friendly vacation.

Let’s talk about top 9 options

For one, it’s totally possible to do a Disney World Vacation while restricted from the top 9 allergens.

Notice I didn’t say easy, but at this point, you just need someone that can cook for you that truly understands allergens and the severity of what you live everyday.

That’s where Disney World comes in. They’ve been trained by FARE, they have more options that just about anywhere else I’ve ever seen, and they make it an option.

I talk more about top 9 options and pitfalls in this video, and I want to share some here about what to expect.

Allergen menus only include the top 8 (because that’s the law) and sometimes they don’t even include that. So what’s the best way to get safe food?

By planning ahead and speaking with the chef when you get there.

It is also essential that you still bring some safe snacks/meal replacement options **just in case** as there have been a few rare times where I felt so uncomfortable I had to leave. I’m hoping you won’t have that happen on vacation- but just in case- have those safe options from home ready!

When it comes to planning, it’s almost impossible to eat at quick-serve options. Not totally impossible, but hard. I highly recommend you make reservations at Table Service Restaurants and contact Special Diets once you’ve made those reservations. It doesn’t always make a difference, but it does let Disney know that you are coming and to order those safe foods that the allergy community has come to rely on.