Tony’s Town Square Restaurant- Gluten Free Allergy Friendly (Disney World)

When the moon hits your eyes like a big pizza pie… that’s amore!

And it’s amore for us as we enjoy a gluten free and allergy friendly meal at Tony’s in the Magic Kingdom! Tony’s is one of our frequent stops, especially when we come to MK. It’s got a great laid back atmosphere, reasonably priced items, and lot’s of food to choose from!

Plus, it’s lady and the tramp themed. I don’t know about you. But I think most (if not all) of the restaurants and eateries at Disney should have some Disney theming. It’s part of the magic! And Tony’s brings the magic. It’s so cute!

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Where’s it located

Right at the front of MK.

Literally. I love it.

Walk inside and it’s on your right, in the same building that you can meet Mickey and Tinkerbell. It’s perfect for a meal when you first get to the park, or when your ready to meet mickey (I love a reservation at Tony’s followed by a fast pass to see Mickey. lots of a/c and a nice break in your day!)

We also like to head here about an hour before the night time show, or the parade, so that way we can finish up our meal and come right outside to enjoy the festivities on main street! This can also be done at Crystal Palace, just plan your meal about 1.5 hours before whatever event you want to see (fireworks, parade, show) and then come out of the restaurant and go write to the festivities.

ADA friendly

The restaurant itself is very easy to get to. There’s a ramp to the right hand side of the building, wide open doors and lots of tables if you need to use a mobility device. It is located inside of another building, so the wait area is more of a shared space.

Lighting is low key, and it’s noisy but not too loud. It’s also has two sections, so you can always asked to be moved it it’s too much.

The restrooms are located in the waiting area, directly outside the entrance to the restaurant. There are three stalls, so it’s a tight turn if you need some space. There are large easily accessible restrooms directly across from the Town Square building, with lots of turning room.

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    What’s Special There?

    It’s not character dining, but it is Lady and the Tramp themed. They also have a good selection of desserts- so that’s nice. (and you can peep my top gluten free sweets at Disney World if you’ve got a hankering for some treats.)

    But what’s really special, at least to me, is the ability to have a ‘normal’ dinner. If you are eating with others in your party that dont have allergies- Tony’s is one of the few places thats really apples to apples.

    It’s fun because the kids don’t realize that their noodles are different from anyone else’s. They get bread just like other people do, and dessert IS an option (when many places it can’t even be mention because nothing is safe or it’s just enjoy life cookies).

    Precautions and Eating with Allergies at Disney World

    For one, when you reserve dining, make sure to list your allergies (they don’t have options for all, so pick what you can!) Then CLARIFY at check in that you have allergies, get an allergen menu and ask to speak to a chef or manager.

    Please consider talking to a manager or chef- especially if you have more than one allergy and ESPECIALLY if you have a cashier that might seem like they don’t know what they are doing.

    As far as the kitchens, Disney has dedicated allergy kitchens and we know that they follow FARE guidelines. If they have a risk of CC they tell you.

    For me, the times I’ve had exposure was when the cashier/server didn’t understand/didn’t properly list the allergies/gave me incorrect information. In their defense, they aren’t necessarily trained in allergies- so talk to a chef or manager if you are concerned.

    You know those gut feelings that something isn’t right. Speak up! They have never (ok once at a quick serve place did a cashier give me grief) given me any problems.

    Our Review and what we ate

    Many of these reviews it our first time eating at a restaurant, especially since there’s so many choices at Disney world. But when it comes to Tony’s, thats a different story.

    We’ve been to tony’s many times and it’s in one of our top 5 places to eat at Disney World Resorts.

    For starters, you are served allergy friendly rolls. You’ll find these all over Disney parks (seriously, just ask. They more than likely have them at many of the restaurants you visit!) And we love these when they are served in plastic. I know there’s no way to have cross contamination, and they seem softer. We’ve had them served outside of the plastic and they were very hard.

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    Delicious and safe gluten free rolls

    This time that we went, I grabbed the chicken parmigiana. This is seriously one of my all time favorite meals. Even though it’s simple, I love it because I didn’t have to cook it and I got to sit down for an hour in the a/c. It’s got a flavorful sauce, a good serving of veggies, and some very tasty cheese covered chicken.

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    perfectly cooked rice pasta

    For my daughter, they had several options but we just went with some cooked potatoes for her. We’ve done several of the kids options there, and they are all favorable. But this night we were there for the halloween party and I knew she would want to eat snacks and apple sauce, so I didn’t want to bother with a large plate for her. I talk more about Mickey’s not so scary halloween here, it’s a fun place for those who have allergies! But if you don’t want to go to the party and still want some halloween meet and greets, there’s Minnies Halloween Dine.

    We did get dessert. Chocolate Hazelnut Cake. God Bless America- it was DELICIOUS. so light and fluffy and cake like! And if you’ve been gluten free for awhile you know, it’s hard to find a good cake!

    Ordering Food and The Allergy Menus

    This time around we just used the allergy menus BUT this is because we are very comfortable (maybe too comfortable) with Tony’s and we know what our food is supposed to look like (only angel hair noodles- no bowties). The buns come prewrapped, the food comes with the allergy sticks, and we make sure our server knows that is is an allergy NOT a preference.

    Here’s the allergy menus for you to check out! You can see them have a lot of options for the top 8.


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    Kids Menu

    please note- it’s very very important you talk to a chef if your kids have allergies. There could be instances of “may contain” that aren’t listed on the menu. The chefs can double check ingredients and packages to make sure you get safe food.

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    Mickey shaped food allergy friendly snacks

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      Basically, Tony’s is a great fit for our allergy family. I’d love to hear if you’re planning to go there and how your meal went!

      Check out the full list of Gluten Free Eats at Disney World that I’ve personally reviewed.

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