10 tips for having a splash at typhoon lagoon

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Disney world on its own is lots of fun, but you know what’s also a ton of fun? 

Water parks! 

Specifically we’re talking about typhoon lagoon. The cute themed water park that came about after a typhoon hit the island.

 You’ve got all the theming of a wrecked island.

 The leaning towers, the ship on top of the island, and knick knacks scattered throughout the walkways. 

Plus the largest wave pool in North America, thrilling water rides and boatloads of snacks (and adult beverages) to keep you entertained all day!

While it’s not the famous parks like magic kingdom, it is still Disney themed, and tons of fun in Florida’s warmer weather. I highly recommend you check it out.


10 Tips for Making the Most of your Typhoon Lagoon Adventure!

#1. They have life vests stationed around the park. You can bring water wings but you don’t have to!

Simply grab a vest for whoever needs one in your party, especially those that aren’t strong or confident swimmers. 

#2 You have to try to save some room for dessert. They have so many amazing and delicious options!

We got the bucket of ice cream and it’s quite literal. They give you an entire bucket full of ice cream and toppings! Delicious! 

#3. The wave pool is crazy fun, but it’s also pretty serious. All jokes aside, this baby can knock you out and pull you under water if you are right at the height of the wave.

#4 Towels are a pretty obvious thing that you know you’ll need. But you might not know that you have to rent towels. Yeppers.

You need to shell out 2 bucks a towel if you don’t bring your own. And then return them at the end of the day. 

#5 Are you worried about bringing your littlest ones along? Good news is they have lots for them to do! They have their own play area, katchakiddee park. It has a fun splash pad, some very shallow wading pools, a refreshing waterfall and the best part, a gentle yet exciting tube ride!

The height restrictions are enforced here, because they only want the smaller ones going on the rides. So no parents or older kids allowed.

#6 You can catch a ride to the water parks from the resort and that’s awesome if you don’t have a car.

Word of caution though, the busses tend to run on 30 min cycles, not 15 like they do for the parks. We waited forever to get there and come home. Next time we might drive, or take a Minnie van. 

#7 Lots of people try to plan the water parks for an afternoon, but let me tell you, there’s a lot to do.

The first time we went since kids we allocated 5 hours and we could have easily spent the entire day there. We’ve got season passes, so I know we’ll be back, but if your traveling in from afar, consider your time frame.

During the summer they are open from 10-8 and a family with teens could absolutely spend that entire time running around the water park. 

#8 When you head to the water park to cool off, you need to remember that just because you feel cool in the water, doesn’t mean everywhere else is cool.

They have sprinklers set up along the walkways to help barefoot travelers, but it’s still very hot! Watch out! Bring shoes that can get wet or prepare to scuttle across the hot bridges and walk areas. 

#9. Staying hydrated at the water park is a no brainer- but they also have a special option you need to be aware of so you can take advantage!

They have mugs available similar to the resorts, buy it for the day and get unlimited refills. It’s a great value and you get another Disney mug to take home. 

#10. Since this is Disney we’re talking about, and the parks are technically parks, you will find some photopass opportunities!

You can meet lilo OR stitch at the main shop area for a picture too! 

Is it fun for families, Big Kids or just adults?

Typhoon lagoon is lots of fun, but I do think it falls in line with the rest of the parks. They really are best for families with kids older than 5 through adults.

While we had fun with our toddlers, it’s was a bit of a mess with the hour we spent collectively waiting for transportation and having to keep an eye on them to make sure they didn’t run to the main wave pool.

Yes, lifeguards are abundant! So that made us feel safe. We will be back, but we are also local and can drive there for a few hours when we want them to splash around.

For older kids, teens and adults this is a fun way to spend the day. It gives lots of opportunities to hang out and converse, which can be harder at the parks with deadlines, fighting crowds and loud music. 

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