5 tips for bringing a 2yr old to Disney World

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Disney World Vacation for your family is a total blast- especially when you have a 2 yr old along for the ride. There’s the characters, the adventures and the play areas. Plus you get to make memories with your favorite little pal while the magic is still alive!

This past year my 2 year old has been spoiled with lots of Disney World trips but I’ve also learned a thing or two about how to manage a trip and a vacation when you’ve got little ones in tow.

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Here’s 5 of my best tips for anyone planning to bring a 2 yr old to Disney World!

Plan for those ZZZ’s

This sounds straight forward, but just hear me out.

If there is one thing that can ruin your vacation, it would be this little toddler throwing a mountain sized fit for missing a nap or not sleeping at all at night. I highly recommend making the plans around nap time and getting to bed on time so that you can have a pleasant trip.

I always bring this with us to the room, and a bug bonus, it’s portable so I can hook it the stroller to help with nap time! It has made all the difference! Need to know what else you should bring for your Toddler? There’s a handy packing guide for Disney World!

Planning for nap time also helps everyone else enjoy the trip too! We love to use the early morning hours to head to the best parks for toddlers before everyone else, use fastpasses in the morning to get things done, and then head back to the resort for an afternoon nap and some pool play time!

It’s better when you’re carried

Look, I just want to let it be known to the universe (cough cough Disney World) that the stroller that you rent at the parks are awful.
They are these giant clunky plastic things meant for easy cleaning and constant use. You’d be better off baby wearing your toddler than getting one of the Disney World Strollers.

Honestly, the mall has better strollers that you rent for 5 dollars, and Disney is going to charge you. Premium price of 30 PER DAY to rent these things that are meant for a 5 year old. My 2 yr old hated these strollers the one time we even thought to try them, but the 3yr old thought it was ok (he’s also a bit bigger) but he could leap in and out of them so fast! It was a nightmare. The stroller needs to be a safe place for the kids!

Please, bring, rent, or buy from the store in Orlando, a toddler stroller that is comfortable for you and for the baby!

Understand this one thing, if this is all you do today

I hate to be the one to tell you this- because this is something that most people don’t talk about because they don’t have a crying 2 yr old in their lap.

But here it is- Transportation takes forever

I know, I know- but the buses can take 30 minutes, the boats too. Going to the Ticket and Transportation center if you drive is a total royal pain.

Even the skyliner can get backed up!

I knew someone who was planning to use the skyliner and it started to lightning so they directed her to the bus with her baby under a year, then it started raining while they were waiting for a bus, and all in all it too 2 hours to get back to the resort because of the weather and the buses! This is why I’m a big fan of finding a play area and waiting it out when things get super crazy at the parks.

Please give yourself some wiggle room if you use Disney World transportation.

Meeting Characters as a toddler

Use the Baby Care Centers

Disney has these really nifty areas in every park that are so useful and totally free. Called the Baby Care Centers they are designed for people with kids to use. There’s an area with a TV, a changing area, and an attendant where you can buy supplies like diapers, wipes, and other toddler stuff!

The Photopass studio in Grand Floridian took this perfect photo of my toddler- this lighting is perfect and the download was free with my memory maker!

Have a fireworks escape route

You see, Disney World is not quick, and I wouldn’t really call it easy either. You’ve got to wait in lines, take buses and skyliners, and go through crowds of people who are all trying to enjoy their vacation just like you are.

So at the end of the night, when everyone is ready to go home after the fireworks, you’ve got to figure out how to get there with an over tired 2 year old!

Here’s some ideas.
-leave before the fireworks
-stay at a monorail resort so you don’t have to go as far
-stay at the very back of main street so you can see the fireworks, but you can also leave before everyone else

  • stay after the fireworks are over for the next show (normally 45 minutes later) and then leave when the crowds have died down

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