10 Tips for Epcot’s Festival of the Arts

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Art art and more art await you at one of Epcot’s newest festivals, the International Festival of the Arts!

Held in the first two months of the year, you might think it’s a warm up for the Flower and Garden Festival, but really, it has a life of it’s own.

Everywhere you turn you’ll find beautiful art, both on the walls, with the characters, and for sale. It’s truly a family-friendly festival, and with it being low key, something I recommend for everyone because it puts the fun back into the Epcot Festivals!

if you have food allergies or intolerances, head over to the complete guide for eating at the Festival of the Arts!

updated for 2021

Grab a wristlet 

Maybe my favorite part of the festivals is the cute gift card wristlets that they have available! Just load them up (or transfer from other gift cards) and boom! You don’t have to dig for any money, and you’ve got a cute little souvenir.

Get a times guide and passport 


Please- you will save your sanity AND your FOMO. I love the app, but it’s still glitchy from time to time.

Grabbing a passport and a times guide will give you a clear understanding of everything going on that day (some things aren’t always available) and you can plan out your day! Double Win!

Do a scavenger hunt 

Epcot always has these and I’m such a sucker for scavenger hunts around the world! It’s a fun way to look for art, (and then eat and explore) the world showcase.

Bonus- you get a prize at the end!

Plan for photos early 

While this may seem like common sense, you’d be suprised at how long the lines get in the late afternoon and evening when it is super hot! (well it’s not too hot, but sweating at 85 degrees isn’t exactly photo worthy!)

if you want photos, this should be one of the first things you do around 11 am.

Catch this in Mexico with Donald Duck!

Dine It up!

Of course there’s FOOD! So much fun food! While I don’t get to try many of them due to allergies, there’s something for everyone there.

Plus, if you’re on the dining plan, this is an excellent way to use those snack credits for those 8-10 dollar items!

We’ve got the food allergy options for the festival of the arts if you have dietary restrictions

Let’s the kids play 

Seriously- Epcot is a fun kid place where it’s not to hard to let the kids be little. I’ve detailed all the specifics in my top things for kids to do at the Festival of the Arts.

There’s a playground, there’s chalk drawing, there’s fun food- and SO much more. Seriously- this IS family friendly!

Catch a show 


So many.

In fact, it’s overwhelming how awesome and cool some of these shows are (or you can just watch the living statues. I mean, whatever floats your boat!

There’s concerts (singers), concerts (musicians) and artists (think cir de Soliel)

Art not merch 

Ok- so every year Disney Comes out with New Merch.
Imma just be honest and say that it’s really hit or miss, but lately it’s been miss- it’s just not something that I would ever wear at a festival, let alone wear again, and then it all ends up in the character warehouse.

SO. Instead of Merchandise- grab some of the unique art prints and art items (because their not all prints, they’re sculptures and tshirts and keychains) from the artists there!

New photo opportunities 

You’ll find many old favorites, and a few new ones here at the Festival of the Arts this year. But always keep your eyes peeled for something that seems fun and new (at least to you!)

Become the art 

There’s something so special about those ‘immersive’ experiences. you know, the ones where you get to ‘become’ the art. I’m all about these and you’ll find a few places where you can jump into chalk art or become a butterfly.

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