The Three Broomsticks- Food Allergy Friendly Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (PHOTOS!)

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When you head to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, you can’t miss out on grabbing a bite at the iconic Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade!

Yes- even if you have food allergies- you’ve got options!

This fun eatery is located right in the middle of Hogsmeade and comes complete with a decently long line to get in (so make plans for this meal to take some time) and mobile ordering (that I dont suggest when you have food allergies!) The other Harry Potter Option is the Leaky Cauldron- that’s over in Diagon Alley!

Since it’s such a popular spot, I wanted to let you know what I found about in regards to food allergy offerings, and what I was able to eat for a very allergy friendly breakfast!

Make sure to check out the beginner’s guide for food allergies at Universal if you need more planning tips or restaurant reviews!

Food Allergy Offerings for Breakfast!

So there’s a couple of things we need to talk about with food allergies at Universal.

For one, you’ll want to let the host and the waiter know immediately so that they can request a Chef to come speak with you- this is always the best practice and I highly recommend it because they can explain more about the food handling and kitchen practices!

Now- for the food allergy options.

They have eggs- but they contain dairy. No vegan eggs here either.

The suasage is a dairy and wheat free! It contains soy and is made in a shared facility.

Potatoes have a canola oil and a seasoning salt (can’t get them without it!)

They also serve a top allergen friendly pancake mix called Allie’s Awesome.

What I ate that was technically top 8 allergen free!

since Allie’s is produced in a dedicated facility it’s a great option for those of us with food allergies. This was my first time having it so of course I looked it up before I said yes! I was expecting maybe like a namaste gooey consistency but a good flavor- instead it was very fluffy but had a baking soda type taste (the syrup helped drown it out)

With the pancakes, the griddle had already been sprayed down with the canola/coconut spray that they use throughout the park- so it was technically top 8 free but really it had traces of soy and coconut (And it made my stomach hurt but it was worth it for the view and I was so hungry!) The chef said that if you come by the day before he can section of a section of the griddle with no spray so that way but of course do this only if you are comfortable with shared spaces!

I also got some fruit and it was delicious and very fresh tasting.

Food Allergy Offerings for Lunch and Dinner

Lunch and Dinner is a bit different but a bit of the same. They had some pretty good options and then an informed chef!

This is one of the only places at Universal Orlando that you can get a turkey leg without wheat! It does have a dairy protein.

There is also Chicken available. It comes prespiced and with the same canola/coconut spray. The kids portion is not spiced or sprayed.

For the sides, the veggies were safe as was the corn!

Ribs are a good option for many- the sauce contains gluten.

They do have a gluten free BBQ sauce (it was quite awful) that they serve on the side if you ask for it.

Fries are not safe because they do not have a dedicated fryer (but there’s so many other options that do! Like this quick serve in Universal Studios and this sit down in Islands of Adventure! )

What we ate at breakfast and lunch!

Turkey Legs, vegetables, and an Adult and Kid’s portion of Chicken!

It was decent and thankfully no reactions- the ambience is great BUT we wont be back. There’s just so many other places that have better eats and that have more selection! Of course I’ll keep talking about this restaurant because it is my new favorite!

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