The Top Things to do at Hollywood Studios Disney World

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In the early days of its opening, the park used to be thought of as a “half day” park, this is certainly not the case now!

With the addition of #allthingsFrozen and of course, STAR WARS- there’s SO MUCH TO DO!

In fact- I’d venture to say that Hollywood Studios will be the busiest park of 2020, much like what happened to Animal Kingdom in the two years following the new land of Pandora.

So we’ll cover the Best Rides, The Resturants, The Shows, and then a one day touring plan perfect for your vacation!

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Best Rides

There are rides for every age group at Hollywood Studios, from thrill rides to easy going rides like Voyage of the Little Mermaid.

In Toy Story Land you’ll find

Step inside the land of Toy Story ( I think we’re on like 3 generations of people loving toy story now) and become a TOY! That’s right- this immersive land is designed to make you feel super small, and you’ll even be referred to as a toy.

Slinky Dog Dash

This ride is the highlight of Toy Story Land and one of the most popular rides in Disney World as a whole. The roller coaster was built by Andy himself and is constructed of Tinkertoys!

You’ll feel like a toy as Slinky takes you on twists and turns while you zoom pass all sorts of other toys. This kid-friendly coaster is everything you’d imagine Toy Story Land to be!

Not ridable for pregnancy or toddlers, but perfect for preschoolers!

catch sorcerer mickey at Hollywood Studios!

For Everyone to Ride at Toy Story Land- Toy Story Mania

Toy Story Mania is an insanely popular ride because it’s something the whole family can do!

Similiar to Buzz Lightyear in Magic Kingdom, you’re competing against your family to see who can get the highest points.

You can get the wheelchair scoop here.

Tower of Terror

This abandoned 13-story hotel is home to a pretty eerie history, but one I’ve ridden 100 times!

Make your way through the cobwebs and dust to the library where you will listen to a brief history of the hotel. The ride itself takes you up to the top. You’re in for some optical illusions and a drop ( or two!). The best thing about this ride is that it changes, so the rider never knows how many drops and ascents there will be!

Best Shows

There are some fantastic shows in Hollywood Studios. Sing-a-longs and dance parties and live reenactments of popular movies are all waiting for you!

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular

Indiana Jones may not be a familiar name for little ones, but this show will be something that they won’t soon forget! It is action-packed entertainment that features reenactments of the most memorable scenes from the Indiana Jones movies.

Special effects and live demonstrations of pretty amazing stunts keeps the audiences’ attention for the whole 30-minute show. There are multiple showings throughout the day.

Frozen Sing Along

This one is a must see if you’ve never seen frozen. Let’s just say it’s the shorten version of the hit movie with quite a bit of adult humor thrown in.

10/10 one of my favorite shows on all of Disney World property- plus a solid 30 minutes inside sitting down which can’t be beat in the summer or winter!


This show is held in a huge outdoor arena and it has a combination of fireworks, water projections, lasers, music and Disney characters. This has a Fantasia type feel to it and Mickey Mouse takes us on this adventure of good versus evil.

Best Food

Hollywood Studios is known for its fantastic themed restaurants, many of them recreations of well-known Hollywood hotspots like The Brown Derby.

Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant

You’ll be treated to dinner and a show at this eatery that features classic 50s cars as your dining table! The inside looks like an old-fashioned drive-in theater. The menu offers a variety of burgers, steak, pasta and sandwiches. Don’t forget to try my favorite appetizer, the fried dill pickles!

Hollywood & Vine

The Hollywood & Vine buffet will be a huge surprise for toddlers and preschoolers that are fans of Disney Junior! It is the only character dining choice in Hollywood Studios! You’ll be able to meet Vampirina, Doc McStuffins, Fancy Nancy, and Goofy from Mickey and the Roadster Racers.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all offered here.

We’ve done dinner before- Minnie’s Halloween Dine– since she changes it seasonally. It was absolutely adorable AND there’s a photopass oppurtunity. It’s the only character meal in Hollywood Studios, though you can hop on the skyliner and head over to Riveria Resort for Topolinos Terrace Breakfast which I highly recommend!


It’s what you’ve been waiting for! All things Star Wars!

While I have a post dedicated to JUST Star War’s Galaxy’s Edge, there’s so much more Star Wars at Hollywood studios spread throughout the land!

Children ages 4-12 can join the Jedi Training Academy where they will learn how to defeat the Dark Side with wit and a lightsaber. They’ll put all their knowledge to the test when it’s time to face Star Wars villains face-to-face! You can register your Jedi at the Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost.

Stop in at Walt Disney Presents and spend some time perusing the story of Walt from his small hometown to his big time success in Hollywood. There are photos, sketches and replicas of many of his early ideas for movies and Disneyland and World. There is a 15-minute film called “One Man’s Dream”. It seems only right to stop in and take a look at the ideas that were so important to this man that started it all!

Make a stop at Pixar Place and join the Incredibles for a fun dance party.- This is normally only during the summer so YMMV.

Your day at Hollywood Studios will be jam packed with entertainment from the movies and television shows that you love best!


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