The Leaky Cauldron- Allergy Friendly Breakfast

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Step into Diagonal Alley and eat at the one… the only… Leaky Cauldronnnnnnnn 

Once you enter the Magical brick wall, The Leaky Cauldron will be directly to your left. It’s small and quaint and very cute inside! They have some decent options for breakfast- let’s look below for options for food allergens and dietary needs. 

If you are interested in lunch and dinner- thats all covered in a separate post for your viewing pleasure!

And while were on the topic- snacks are a different topic too! There’s lots of snacks in this land- and many are themed. BUT they’re aren’t many that are allergy friendly.

No worries my potterheads and muggles- there’s a beginner’s guide with your name on when it comes to food allergies at Universal Orlando. It’s only some good planning away from a magical trip!

But if your there closer to lunch time- see the menu changes and food allergy options- because it is pretty different from breakfast to lunch! 

ordering with food allergies

When you get to the cashier, ask to speak with a chef! They’ll be able to tell you what they can make that day. Always double check with a chef to confirm your options! 

The “easy” ones to avoid here would be gluten, shellfish and nuts.


Options for those with food allergies 

There is very little the can customize because most of what they prepared has come premade in bags and only cooked in the kitchen. 

Sautéed mushrooms has milk 

Potatoes are premade and preseasoned but top 8 allergen friendly 

Flan is premade with milk 

Eggs are premade and come with milk

what I ate that was allergen friendly! 

Here is a top 8 allergen friendly breakfast! (Has soy lethicin because of the non stick spray they use in the parks) 

Overall- Will I be back?

YEP! In fact, this and Today Cafe are some of my favorite options for food allergy friendly breakfasts at Universal Studios. Some of the resorts have some really good options too- like Amatista. Other’s like Beach Cafe have practically nothing!

Make sure you double and triple check your breakfast plans!

Save this post for later

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    • Last time I went, there was pancakes, potatoes and fruit! I’ll head back over soon to give this post the TLC and update that it needs.


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