Surfside Inn and Suites: Room and Resort Review

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Universal Orlando has been adding some great options to their resort line up, and the newest addition is the Surfside Inn and Suites!

This modern and festive resort is designed to give you those Summer Vibes all year round. With lots of great options for rooms (including some incredibly spacious suites!) and coming into the ‘value’ section of the Orlando Universal Resort Options, Surfside has all the cool stuff without the high prices!

We wanted to check this out because we have toddlers and preschoolers in tow- and as a mom of many- we loved staying at Surfside Inn! If your traveling with your toddler, Universal is a ton of fun, and here’s the best park to take your toddler to!

Inside the hotel you’ll find a small foyer with a Starbucks and the Beach Break Cafe. You’ll also have your check in options and a smaller store for merchandise.

There is a pool here (naturally) but most of the fun will be had at city walk or the Universal parks. There is a gym too- and a small arcade.

This is a pretty cool option since most of the value resorts at Disney have just the bare bones. Being able to workout on vacation at a ‘value’ resort should be standard for keeping people healthy and I’m glad Universal added it to this resort!

For those trips to Citywalk or the Parks (including the water park Volcano Bay) you’ll need to catch a bus (or take your own transportation like a car or ride share service) as that is the only transportation offered for this location!

Inside the Suite

These rooms are a favorite for groups and families, especially because they have a legit room inside the suite!

Unlike at Cabana bay where the door is technically a partition, at Surfside Inn you get a fulling closing door that muffles sound very nicely!

The living area with the table for eating was a great touch and fits so well with the ambience. It’s the perfect place to sit and chill, work on the laptop, or use it as extra storage!

Shampoo, Soap and Allergy Friendly Labels

If you know me you know were an allergy family. Isn’t it crazy that some products use common allergens without labeling the ingredients on packaging? Wild, I know.

Here’s what you’ll find inside the room as far as soap, shampoo and conditioner, with the labels so you can see if it contains any allergens ahead of time!

surfside inn and suites
surfside inn and suites
surfside inn and suites
surfside inn and suites

Conclusion- is this a resort I’d recommend?

Universal has some pretty good options. (And I’ll go ahead and say it- it’s because they listen to what the people want!) So yes, I would say that Surfside Inn and Suites is everything that people have been asking for. A fun budget friendly option that sleeps more than one group, and great ambience. (Plus Starbucks for the AM!)

I loved our stay here and will be back- but if you’re looking for the most allergy friendly option, I would highly recommend my favorite place to stay at Universal!

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