Sunshine Seasons Epcot-Food Allergy Guide- GF, SF, EF, DF, Pn/Tn Free

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The best part about going to Epcot is all of the fun and interesting things (especially when you go around the world) BUT it can be one of the harder parks to find some allergy free fare, especially if you want to do quick serve.

Thankfully, we’ve got the sunshine seasons quick serve- centrally located and it has good options for yummy and safe eats!

There’s also Regal Eagle– located all the way at the back of the world showcase in America. It does have some really good allergy friendly options- making Epcot and Magic Kingdom my top picks for allergy friendly foods! And the new Connections Eatery located close by Sunshine Seasons and MUCH easier to get to with a mobility device.

Sunshine Seasons is located in The Land arena (it also houses the garden grill restaurant which we really like, Living with the land attraction (ada friendly) and Soarin ride)

This is a little tricky to get too. If you have a mobility device you will need to go up a hill, inside, and then to the left where you can get on the elevator to go downstairs.

If you want to eat at the Garden Grill character meal (which I highly recommend!!) you will stay on the top level (but you still have the outside climb to deal with.

***As Always, this is my personal experience. You should check with Restaurant Staff to see if these items are available for You and Your food needs.

Allergy Friendly Food review of Sunshine Seasons in EPCOT

Quick Note: This is currently a lunch only location, with grab and go being served after 4pm.

The real winner here is … the MODIFIED Vegan Chocolate Mousse.
This Mousse contains Soy Lethicin (not protein or oil) and Corn Syrup, and Coconut Oil and Pea Protein. It does not contain any other top allergens (and does not have a may contain warning as it is produced in house in a shared facility).

We modified this to remove the Oreo toppings, making this a gluten free, dairy free, egg free, peanut free, soy protein free dessert!

It was delicious and very sweet, so sweet that I only had a few bites (it’s a good treat to split!).

We’ve eaten there many many times- in fact, I would say it’s the quick serve we frequent the most just because of how epcot is set up.

This time we grabbed Salmon and Rice for one meal (when modified it’s top 8 friendly), and then chicken with beans and rice for the other (when modified it’s top 8 friendly). Here’s the pictures of those.

allergy safe salmon at sunshine seasons.

Ordering Food and The Allergy Menus at Sunshine Seasons

Let’s look at the allergy menus- BUT please ask to speak to a chef,\ in case you want to ask if they can accommodate you, leave off an ingredient or find a work around for your allergy!

Here’s the top half of the menu

Also- they have a lot of prepackaged food at this location that I find especially helpful if we just want to get something without having to wait for a chef. This is also our “picnic restaurant” for when we are at Epcot. Whenever we bring in food, we stop here so that way we can grab a few snacks to supplement and we can sit in the a/c.

bless them for separating out the ingredients in their own containers


Do I need to speak with a chef? This is totally up to you! We tend to speak to a chef because some of our allergies can get complicated. Sometimes I want to check the allergy book for an ingredient list, or I want to ask for food from the back because of a high cross contamination risk.


With all of the changes coming to Epcot- Sunshine Seasons will be THE place to go to get allergy friendly food for quick service options. There are other places to eat (and other sit down restaurants) but many of those will be going through refurbishment or closing.

Other Allergy Friendly Places to eat at Epcot

Japan Pavillion

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