REVIEW:Maybe the best Allergy Friendly Restaurant in Magic Kingdom

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Tucked right inside the entrance of Magic Kingdom is a simple, yet fantastic option for food allergies.

For most of the Disney World Foodies without restrictions, Tony’s Restaurant is a boring option… but for those of us with restrictions, we know how great it is to have a safe and fun meal!

Enter Tony’s!

It’s like an Olive Garden, and since I can’t go to Olive Garden in the real world, I love visiting Tony’s at Magic Kingdom.

Why Tony’s Town Square Restaurant is great for Food Allergies

First things first, it’s SO easy to order here. The menu isn’t over complex, and the meal items are easily modified.

And for second? It’s one of the best places for a 1 to 1 meal. Meaning that those with allergens are served almost similar dishes to those without allergens. We use this as a crutch when taking out our kids and non-allergy family members, as it’s so much fun to enjoy the meal without playing any sort of comparison game!

Next up is the food.

While it’s not overly fancy, it’s also the safest Italian Style Resturant we’ve ever gone to with allergens in mind. I may be biased, but we took my son here back in the early days of his FPIES journey when he had soooo few foods to choose from. It was literally his first ever restaurant experience and it’s still a favorite to this day!

Lastly, it’s the view! We schedule our meals around parade/calvalade times and then ask for a room in the atrium so we can watch the entertainers and friends go by. It’s a perfect way to get some A/C, rest and a full belly. (the Plaza Restaurant also has great views, but if you do Skipper Canteen, your practically in a cave!)

Let’s talk allergen options at Tony’s

For the kids with multiple allergens, we typically get the grilled chicken with roasted potatoes, or the rice noodles with sauce (and turkey meatballs). They also have Impossible Meatballs here, as well as a regular Italian option.

For Gluten Free, my husband opts for the Chicken Parmigiana, which is good for Gluten/egg/fish/shellfish/peanut/treenut and soy. You can have them remove the provolone to make it dairy free as well.

And as a Top 8 friendly option, I’m a big fan of the Roman Style Steak with veggies and potatoes, but the Spaghetti is an equally delicious option!

You will find great options at all of the Magic Kingdom Restaurants, but Tony’s can’t be beat for ease of use, availability for reservations, price, and view! For more info on where to eat on vacation at Disney World with allergens, check out the Disney World Food Allergy GuideBook, and the Food Allergy Touring Plan.

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