Disney World Splash Pads- Locations and Tips

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There are quite a few splash pads at Disney World, plus some other great areas to head to when you need a little misting water too cool off!

So when you’re visiting, especially with kids, you might need to find somewhere to cool down. While there are many places that have AC, and lots of places that serve ice cream and cold drinks, nothing beats some fun water play.

Are there Splash Pads inside Disney World?

Yes! There are several splash pads inside the parks at Disney World, and one at Disney Springs.

Are there Splash pads at the Disney World Resorts?

All of the Disney World Resorts have a water play/water pad area. These feature a splash area and water feature. Lifeguards are on duty.

Where can you find the Splash Pads inside Disney World?

Inside Magic Kingdom you’ll find the Splash Pad in the New FantasyLand Area. It is by several Rides (Dumbo and the Barnstormer).

Called the Casey Jr. Splash and Soak Station, it’s a fun water feature for kids of all ages. AND there’s a nifty bathroom right next to the splash area to change. Plus, you’ll find bathing suits and other water items for sale at the store there, called Big Top Souvenirs.

At EPCOT you’ll find a smaller splash pad about 100 feet outside the ride, Mission Space. It is smaller with limited water, so great for a quick splash!

You’ll also find a water area that is NOT a splash pad, but if you ‘catch’ the water you will get wet over by Journey into Imagination with Figment (by the Mickey Mouse meet and greet!)

There is also a Splash Pad at Disney Springs. You do not need a ticket for this one like you do the other ones listed above! It is a smaller splash pad and it’s located all the way towards the ‘back’ of Disney Springs by the toy shop, Once Upon a Toy.

There’s a bathroom there, as this splash pad can get pretty intense!

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Splash Pad Tips for Disney World

Because Disney is so hot, it’s important to note that you should have some plans in place for the weather. Even in the winter you CAN GET SUNBURNED. no jokes there folks!

It’s why it’s recommend to have a hat of some sort, and you’ll find them all over Disney!

You should also consider a reusable insulated water bottle, a fan and/or cooling towel, and some chapstick.

splash pad at Epcot

Don’t forget about the Water parks 

Well the water parks might seem like a no brainer to some, but most people don’t know that Disney world has water parks.

Disney World has two water parks, so they technically have ‘six’ parks that require a Ticket for entry!

The first is called Blizzard Beach, it is themed after a Ski Resort that melted. The next one is called Typhoon Lagoon which has a Ship Wreck on an Island theme.

Both have rides and attractions for kids of all ages, from those wanting to relax in the water or have fun with the little kids, to those look for some more adventurous play!

Splash pads

This has to be one of the big secrets at Disney!

Dun dun dun…

they have hidden little splash pads around the parks.

Yes, they have areas where you can get wet from rides, have water shot at you from hidden things, like a spitting camel, and they have fans with misters in certain places.


what I’m talking about, are full on, water shooting, designed with kids in mind, splash areas. 

These little splash areas can be found throughout the parks.

There are two Epcot, one is in one is right by test track, and the other is on the main walkway between future world in the world showcase.

There is one in Magic Kingdom, all the way in the back by Fantasyland, called the KC juniors splash pad and this area by big top is all kid themed.

Another splash pad is in Disney Springs, in the back by Goofy Candy Company.

Fun in the sun at your resort

Some of the best kept secrets around Disney World, are the amazing resort pools.

It used to be that you could get into resort pool without being a guest at Walt Disney World. But after so many pool parties got crashed, you can only go to the pool at your resort.

That shouldn’t stop you from enjoying it though, because some of the pools at Disney have absolutely amazing theming and extras.

All the pools are kid friendly, some are just a little bit more exciting than others. Like the one at Beach Club Resort has an actual beach area, sand and all. Plus they’ve got a gigantic water slide atop a beached pirate ship. It’s pretty cool stuff!

Water Rides

If you want to get soaked, splashed or just want to watch everyone else get drenched… check out some of these water rides at Disney!

Kali River Rapids, this is located in Asia in Animal Kingdom. Rides for this get longggg in the summer.

Magic Kingdom

Pirates of the Caribbean, this depends on where you sit, but you can get anything from a spray to a soaked bottom!

Splash Mountain, this one you for sure will get drenched!

Jungle Cruise, again, more like a light splash depending on where you sit. But still lots of fun (also ADA accessible!)

That one time my kid acted a fool 

Well a funny story actually.  

And by funny, I mean, I couldn’t decide if I should laugh or hang my head in embarrassment. 

So we are playing at the splash area Casey Jr. splash pad, and my son is hanging out with dad. I’ve got the younger two. 

Well, my son, decides it’s the right moment to be a daredevil because daddy was talking to someone else. 

He runs up to the train (the one that shoots water and mist everywhere as it’s chugging along) and CLIMBS THROUGH THE BARS surrounding this train. I’m too far away (and I have to under 2) so I’m yelling at my husband and laughing in mortification. 

Then my son climbs the steps and looks in the train. He was totally having the time of his life getting sprayed in the face by this splash train.

My husband grabbed him a few moments later and no harm was done- just kids being kids at the most magical place on earth. 

Moral of the story? Kids will be kids- even at Disney World!


Do you let your kids play in the splash pads? Or do you keep the water play for the water parks?

Any other important tips for staying cool at Disney in Florida? Share it with us!

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