The Secretive Names of the Disney Starbucks and exactly where to find them at Disney World

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Coffee for you, coffee for you, and coffee for you!

It’s a Disney Vacation, and I know you’ve seen all the Instagram pics, the cute memes, and the even cuter custom Starbucks cups decked out in all the Disney glory!

But there’s a few things that you need to know about your latte (“mocha choca bullshit” as my Starbucks-addicted husband would say) on your Disney vacation– especially because it’s not as cute and dry as you’d like to think it is.

Because it wouldn’t be a Disney World vacation if it wasn’t complicated! On the hunt for Starbucks and your battery is running low? While you fuel up your caffeine battery, see all the FuelRod Battery Kiosks for your phone!

Is the Starbucks at Disney World more expensive?

Yes! The starbucks at Disney World is not the same as your regular starbucks prices at home. And you can’t use stars from the app at the Disney World locations (but you can still collect stars with your purchases).

How many Starbucks are in Magic Kingdom?

Just one! Find the only Magic Kingdom location on Main Street USA. It’s called, ‘Main Street Bakery’ and often features exclusive Disney/Starbucks collaborations you can only find at Magic Kingdom.

How do you get Starbucks at Disney World?

Head to one of the locations inside the four main theme parks or Disney Springs for Starbucks. You will not find Starbucks at the resorts or at either of the two water parks (Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon). The resorts and water parks serve Joffreys Coffee.

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All the Starbucks locations at Disney World

Starbucks isn’t actually called Starbucks. Don’t ask me why the powers that be thought this was the time to rename one of the most iconic and easily recognizable coffee shops in the world. But they did, because they’re Disney.

People ask me ALL the time, ‘Where’d you get that Starbucks?’ because it can be confusing for first time visitors.

Park: Hollywood Studios

Name on the Map: Trolley Car Cafe

Directions: Located on Hollywood Boulevard and the corner of Sunset Boulevard, It’s on the right side when you walk into the park.

This one is a little hard to find. So hard that they actually have a little sign holder outside during the busy seasons because you can just walk right by it. While you won’t believe me, it’s only a few hundred steps inside the park to the right.

Park: Animal Kingdom

Name on the Map: Creature Comforts

Location: Discover Island

The Starbucks at Animal Kingdom is one of my favorites because of the location. It doesn’t get too crowded (except that Flight of Passage backs up to it!) It’s called Creature Comforts! Come inside Discovery Island (where the big tree is at) and head to the left. You’ll run right into it!

Park: Magic Kingdom

Name on the Map: Main Street Bakery

Location: Main Street USA

Directions: As you walk down Main Street (the road headed towards the castle), this location will be on the right. If you’ve gone to the Ice Cream Parlour/Casey’s Corner, you’ve gone too far. If you are coming from inside Magic Kingdom, head away from the Castle towards the Exit. This location will be on the left.

Smack dab in the middle of Main Street (ok, kinda to the side) is likely one of the busiest Starbucks in the world at Magic Kingdom. As you walk down Main Street it will be on the right hand side before the ice cream shop. It’s the perfect location for that Starbucks/Cinderella Castle Picture.


Name on the Map: Connections Cafe

Location: World Celebration

Directions: When you first enter EPCOT, stay to the left of the Giant Sphere/Spaceship Earth Ride. Follow the walkway past Guest Services and you’ll see the Starbucks on the Left Hand side.

If you are already inside EPCOT and coming from World Showcase, head towards the new Guardian of the Galaxy’s Ride (over by Mission Space) and you’ll find Connection Cafe next to Connections Eatery.

It is GIANT inside and the most beautiful! It’s full of fun features like plentiful seating, charging stations (both wired and wireless) but lots of lighting and window seats! There are two lines for ordering, plus it’s connected to the new quick serve there.

Easily the most easy to find and accessible Starbucks at Disney World!

Because Epcot is becoming EPCOT with all the construction and remodeling, Starbucks has actually been set up in a temporary location. And SURPRISE, it’s being called Starbucks (is that genius or is that genius). I’d give you directions to get there, but they might not be accurate when you read this post. I will tell you, it’s right before you get to Canada on the world showcase.

Disney Springs

There are two locations at Disney Springs, and they are called Starbucks!

Location: Disney Springs Marketplace- you’ll find this location on the left side of Disney Springs by the Aerophile (the Large Floating Balloon) across from the AMC Theater.

Location: Disney Springs West Side- You’ll find this location on the right side of Disney Springs by the World of Disney Store. This is an outside Storefront, that doesn’t have a physical inside (which is inconvenient in the rain)

So what’s so special about Starbucks at Disney World?

That’s the real question, and the truth is, not much.

Sure it costs more, but many of the items count as a snack on the Disney Dining plan (and we’ll get to that in a minute).

But the really special thing is likely the limited edition treats they have at the Starbucks in Magic Kingdom. There, from time to time, you can find exclusive Disney-themed treats that you can’t find anywhere else. (And yes, they are hella Insta-worthy!)

Can you use snack credits from the Disney Dining Plan at Starbucks?

Let me channel my inner fairy godmother and grant you some wishes, because, everybody is getting a coffee on the Disney Dining Plan!

And those little snack credits that most people end up with on the last day? Well, now you can plan ahead to hit up Starbucks every morning (or twice or three times–I won’t judge) and grab a drink with a snack credit.

That’s not even the best part… you can order VENTI… and that’s also not even the best part… you can also use KIDS credits for VENTI drinks!

The few times we’ve used the DDP (I’m not a fan of the plan especially because we have food allergies), we’ve managed to get Starbucks several times a day. Here’s an example of how we did that:

  • 2 snack credits in the AM for two Venti lattes for my husband and I.
  • An afternoon Iced Green Tea for the man and I, with a Venti Strawberry Acai for the kiddos to split
  • If it’s cold out, we make that a hot chocolate with almond milk! Plus, we grab waters while we’re there.


You’ve got three options when it comes to coffee. Starbucks, Joeffery’s and the regular coffee around the resort (which is also Joeffery’s).

But as for me, I’ll be enjoying my almond milk with my latte from Starbucks!

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