Starbucks at Universal Studios Orlando: Food Allergy Options

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Let’s talk about Starbucks at Universal Studios Orlando!

Y’all know I love me some coffee! And when you’re at a theme park, you’ve got to head to the places where they have options.

First things first, there are Starbucks options everywhere! Yes, I really mean that. This is great for coffee lovers and those that want a quick cold drink in the afternoon. (Pink drink is so refreshing when you’ve been walking around all day!)

***As Always, please speak to a qualified restaurant employee when ordering food. In order to see the most accurate ingredients and risk assessment, you will need to confirm allergy safety in real-time. This is my personal experience, I am not employed or endorsed by companies or brands mentioned.***

Where are the Starbucks at Universal Studios Orlando?

For starters, you’ll find Starbucks at every resort. Which is absolutely heavenly to come down stairs and walk over to grab coffee in your pajamas before getting ready to head to the parks!

Once inside the main area, everyone will walk through CityWalk to some capacity (everyone comes here but we all come to different spots depending on transportation) and there is a Starbucks over by the Movie Theater.

starbucks universal studios orlando

Then, inside the parks, you’ll find Starbucks at the entrance of Islands of Adventure on the left (it’s kinda hidden so use the app if you get lost!)

And Universal Studios Starbucks is ‘downtown’ on the corner. This one is very illuminated (and SO well themed!) and you can’t miss it if you walk past Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket, turn right, go past the mummy and you’ll see Starbucks.

What kind of food allergy options do they have there?

This is a really important conversation to have! For example, Disney World has Starbucks, but the ones in the parks only have a few allergy friendly options. There are no Starbucks in the Resorts.

AND most importantly, the two Starbucks in Disney Springs have an incredible display of allergy friendly foods. Like more than I’ve ever seen at any Starbucks ever!

Let’s flip it back to Universal. Since there are so many locations throughout the very large resort you’ll see a few different options.

For starters, almost all of them have packaged chips, gluten free marshmallow bars, nuts, and string cheese.

Drink wise they have soy, almond, and coconut milks.

The Starbucks in City Walk (the equivalent of Disney Springs) has more options, but not by many.

And lastly, the Starbucks in the resorts have pretty full menus–but they don’t have everything that a normal Starbucks would have. Drink wise it’s comparable, but they cut down a lot on the food options.

What is your go-to allergy-friendly Starbucks drink when you’re at the Parks? Share it in the comments!

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