Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios (updates, tips and advice)

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Updated September 2019

If you’ve been living under a rock you might not have heard the news, but a new land is coming to Disney World. (no, it’s not Avengers related)It’s Star Wars Galaxies Edge!

And it’s officially open at our very own Hollywood Studios. WOOT!

So now that we’ve got the basics out of the way, Here’s all the info that you need to know…

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The Opening of Star Wars at Disney World

The official opening date is August 29th, and we could not be more excited! So far Disney World has not released any crowd control prevention like they did at Disneyland. BUT they did end up having some cool crowd control features. We talk about those in the 6 ways Disney World is changing thanks to Galaxy’s Edge.

They are offering the extra extra magic hours FOR THE NEXT SEVERAL MONTHS> I capitalized that because I don’t want people freaking out about not being able to go. They’ll be open for extra extra magic hours if you stay on property!

We do know that it is going to be very similar to the setup and layout of Disneyland’s Galaxy Edge and now that it’s open, it IS similar. But it’s not the same.

The rides, the foods, the details

So many details!

It’s literally breathtaking!

For the rides, we initially have the millennium falcon. Later this year the Ride of the Resistance will be opened. It’s slated for December 5th.

The rest of the land is gloriously themed, from galactic foods to fun merchandise. They have it sectioned in two- one where you can pledge your allegiance to the First order, and the other where you can be a part of the resistance.

Even better, you can build your own lightsaber! Yes, customer made lightsabers will be available at Savi’s Workshop. For Food, we have several option. Of course, the instagram worthy pictures are mostly of #bluemilk. Which you can find at the milk stand. You have other options at the Cantina and Docking Bay inside of the outpost of Batuu. We’ve got the scoop on all the allergy free options at Galaxy’s edge, including Gluten free and top 8 options!

They’ve really outdone themselves with merchandise. SO MANY OPTIONS.

Toydarian Toymaker for all your handmade toy needs.

The Creature stall where you can pick up a galactic animal to adopt.

Black Spire Outfitters, so that you can dress the part.

Dok- Ondar’s Antiques for all things rare and odd.

Plus the Droid Depot- where yep- you can build and customize your own friendly (I hope!) droid.

What this means for your Disney vacation

What we all want to know is, what does this mean for your year end 2019 or your 2020 vacation?

Things could get a little hairy!

I’ve spoken with several travel agents who believe that discounts and special offers on rooms will be harder to come by. Generally Disney has these offers a few months out to fill any vacancies, but they have been working hard to make sure this isn’t an issue.

It also means that up to 10 million more people could visit Disney in 2020. Typically, attendance is around 50 million. But with a new land, and several more attractions, (and new lands in the last two years!) we could see a large influx of visitors.

This has to be what Disney is expecting as they are doing a major hiring push. Not only have I seen Disney advertising in the mainstream outlets, but I see lots of cast members “earning their ears” on my bi-monthly visits to the parks.

If you are looking to go to Disney soon, definitely check out everything you can about budgeting as the discounts may be harder to come by!

Summary of Galaxies Edge

As we found out more information (and certainly after the park is opened!) we will update this post with all the goodies!

You can follow us on social media to see updates, and our monthly adventures at Disney World.

Until then, check out some more related posts!

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