Skipper Canteen: Food Allergy Friendly Lunch Menu, Review and Photos (Magic Kingdom)

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Ahoy Skippers! Be prepared to enjoy lots of corny jokes and some hella good food allergy eats at Skipper Canteen, the sister location to the infamous Jungle Cruise ride! And for those of you wondering about other options, check out the Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Food Allergies at Disney World!

We hadn’t planned on eating here yesterday- but walked up to see if they had some availability and they did!

Not only did we survive with our heads about us, but also our wits and a full belly after a delightful lunch. Check out what we ate that was food allergy friendly at Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen… and if we plan to go back ever again!

This eatery made the Top Restaurants we Recommend for Food Allergies at Disney World.

Save time and money at Disney World with Food Allergies. Learn more about our Helpful Guides and how they can save you hours of planning time.

The Deets at Jungle Navigation Co LTD Skipper Canteen!

Real quick: this is located in Magic Kingdom, in Adventureland. (So to the left as you walk down Main Street and by Pirates of the Caribbean)

It IS kinda tucked to the Right side and does blend in VERY well. So well that I keep forgetting about it and walk past it all the time.

BUT we finally ventured into eat there… and the theming was incredible! Certainly comparable (if not better) than Tony’s and blew the Plaza outa the park (though you can see the Castle from there so #trumpcard)

This is a regular sit down and would be considered in the same category at Magic Kingdom as Tony’s Resturant, the Plaza Resturant, and Liberty Tree Inn. This is not a quick serve, or a character restaurant, but does take the dining plan.

They have alcohol, a full kids menu, and African/Asian inspired eats that are really fun yet not too adventurous.

I mean- just look at this! I want to eat at this booth the next time I come (see- I’m already giving it away that I actually really enjoyed this place!)

We also had a wonderful server that was hilarious yet mild- perfect jungle cruise style. Jungle Cruise is one of my favorite rides (and helloooo the Rock made it SO much better) so that certainly helps!

Skipper Canteen Food Allergy Eats! (2019 – see update below!)

First, let me say, we are used to getting some bigger portions at Disney World, including the other regular sit down restaurants at the Magic Kingdom. So I was surprised to see how small the portions were here.

However, with that said- it was similar in portion to what I ate at the Beast’s Castle for the character dinner (which was *spoiler* double the price and not as good!)

This place is FAMOUS for some seriously good food–specifically the gluten free Fried Chicken. There’s comments online that you need to order this an hour in advance, but I’ll say that we were able to sit down with no reservation, order it, and have it within 20 minutes!

This is what my husband ordered with Gluten Only (though it could be modified for soy but NOT dairy)

I could have ordered grilled chicken with Milk/Soy/Gluten Allergy- but instead grabbed the Lamb Tenderloins served with veggies.

For the kiddos, we split a plate between them of steak, potatoes and fruit, with an extra side of fruit (and they still didn’t finish that!).

2020 Review of Skipper Canteen for Food Allergies

There’s a lot going on in the Jungle when it comes to food allergies. And I’ve got to say, it’s all good news!

We ventured back over to Skipper Canteen post COVID-19 reopening and enjoyed a delicious meal.

Not only is this in the most popular park of Magic Kingdom, but it’s also super easy to get a reservation for. (And yes, this one does normally take walkups!)

What we ate in 2020 after reopening

While the fried Chicken from our last visit was good (but doesn’t hold a candle to the delicious allergy friendly fried chicken over at 50s Prime Time) we wanted to venture out and try some other eats!

For appetizers, Hubs got the gluten free and vegan Coconut Curry Soup. He said is was mildly flavored but still quite tasty. Not too spicy with the curry.

I had the Smiley’s Croc of Soup (which I’m pretty sure is marketed to kids). I was definitely impressed with the noodles and flavoring. (No MSG or nitrates!) And this was almost my favorite part of the meal!

For the entrees we got the Jungle Green Salad for gluten free. He’s normally not a big salad guy but he really enjoyed this!

Top allergen free adult entree was the Sustainable Fish which was free from most top allergens. (Besides fish of course!) It was a total treat!

The kiddo with us got a kid’s sirloin. It looks uber plain because it is so plain. We’re very careful with the kids and eating out (yes, even at Disney). But he loved it because it was safe, delicious and he got to go ride pirates right after! And for those of you wondering about other options, check out the Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Food Allergies at Disney World!

Skipper Canteen is still at top option at Magic Kingdom, especially if you’re dealing with more the one allergy. It’s great for avoiding the buffets and when you have the luxury of speaking with a Chef to walk you through all the ingredients.

Food Allergy Menu at Skipper Canteen

Here is the full food allergy menu. The chef was very confident that this could be modified to fit every allergy. (I’ve never heard a chef so confident but he did a magnificent job!) I was thoroughly impressed and would 10/10 dine here again! And for those of you wondering about other options, check out the Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Food Allergies at Disney World!

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skipper canteen food allergy

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