Shellfish Free Restaurants and Eateries at Disney World

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For those of you who would like to avoid shellfish at a restaurant, there are a few options at each park!

These options are current as of this posting, but remember that Disney World can change offerings or have a special offering that might not be listed online present at the restaurant. Check in person with qualified staff to confirm!

You can always bring in your own food as well! See the eGuides for helpful tips when bringing in food, plus snacks with allergen labeling and hacks for allergies at Disney World.

Included are many of the smaller options, called quick service or counter service. These typically have less options, but sometimes that’s for the best as less options mean less risk of coming across your allergen.

Shellfish Free Options for Magic Kingdom

  • Aloha isle (outside ordering)
  •   Casey’s corner 
  • Cosmic Rays 
  • Diamond Horseshoe (sit down) 
  • The friars nook (outside ordering)
  • Gastons Tavern 
  • Liberty tree tavern 
  • Prince Eric village market (outside ordering) 
  • Sunshine Tree Terrace (outside) 

Hollywood Studios Shellfish Free Options

  • 50s prime time 
  • Backlot express 
  • Rosie’s all American /Catalina Eddie’s (outside) 
  • Kat sakas kettle (outside for speciality Star Wars popcorn) 
  • Pizzerizzo 
  • Ronto roasters (outside ordering) 
  • Sci-fi dine in 
  • Woodys lunch box (outside) 
  • Trolley Cafe (Starbucks)

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Shellfish Free options

  • Anandapur ice cream truck (outside) 
  • Creature comforts (Starbucks) 
  • Dino diner (outside) 
  • Dino-bite snacks (outside) 
  • Drinkwallah (outside) 
  • Eight-spoon cafe (outside) 
  • Flame Tree BBQ (outside) 
  • Harambe fruit market (outside) 
  • Harambe market (outside) 
  • Pizzafari 
  • Pongu Pongu (outside) 
  • The smiling crocodile (outside) 
  • Tamu tamu refreshments (outside) 
  • Trilo bites (outside) 
  • Zuri’s sweet shop 

EPCOT with Shellfish Allergy- Recommended Restaurants

This is the one park that I would suggest going to during a Non-Festival. When you go during a Festival, there is a high likelihood that people are walking around and next to you with shellfish dishes they have purchased from one of the many booths.

  • Garden grill character meal (in same building as Sunshine Seasons which serve shrimp) 
  • La creperie de Paris (possible) 
  • The land cart (outside) 
  • Regal eagle 

Staying at Disney World, resort accommodations for Shellfish

Disney World has so many options for resorts, so really you can stay at any of them. But there are two that I don’t recommend because of how the restaurants are set up with the lobby.

The first is Beach Club, as they have a seafood buffet at Cape May Cafe which is connected to the Lobby.

The Second is Yacht Club because of Ale and Compass Restaurant which is connected to the Lobby.

(and yes, there are many other places that occasionally serve shellfish that are connected to the lobbies of the other resorts as well).

The best option would be the Cabins at Fort Wilderness. The Check in is easy with no restaurants, and then the cabins are somewhat secluded and have a partial kitchen.

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