Seaworld Sharks Underwater Grill Food Allergy and Gluten Free Review

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Spending time in a theme park can be scary if you don’t know where to eat with your food needs.

Thankfully Seaworld Orlando makes it really simple, but sharing that they have one dedicated restaurant to accommodate food allergies, gluten free diets and special dietary needs!

That restaurant is Sharks Underwater Grill, located towards the back of the park. Let’s take a look at the options, an updated menu and what we enjoyed while visiting.

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How to Make a Reservation

You can only make a reservation the day of.

Since it is all the way in the back, I do recommend waiting at Guest Services so they can call and make a reservation for you (make sure to tell them it’s for food allergies)

When you get there, there is a stand to the left where you can stand to make a reservation.

Can they accommodate all allergens?

They can accommodate all top 9 allergens- and because they have a lot of raw ingredients, they can custom make something for most people.

Since I was by myself this trip, I was able to talk to the chef in depth as he explained how many raw ingredients they had in the kitchen. There was raw plain meats that can be customized, a bunch of veggies, lots of options for potatoes and a dedicated gluten free fryer.

If you are concerned with accommodations, please head over to the location when they open to talk with the chef. The Chef was able to source items from another nearby restaurant as he had run out of items he needed for my meal.

(As always though, bring snacks and meal replacements just in case!)

When you check in they will give you this allergy sheet, that you will then give to the server or Chef.

Shellfish is highly present both at the entrance of the restaurant and in the restaurant itself. Since my family has a shellfish allergy, I asked about Cross Contamination. The Chef shared that they have a dedicated no shellfish area in the restaurant. You’ll need to check this to make sure it’s still in place when you go.

Current Menu with Food Allergy Options May 2022

The Gluten Free options are a green dot, the dairy free with the blue dot and the nut free options with the red/brown dot.

There is a lot missing from this menu (I’ll share more below about what was modified for me!)

I absolutely recommend speaking with a Chef and declaring allergens when you check in!

My Food Allergy Review and items not on the menu

I declared allergens at check in, with my server, asked to talk to a Chef, and then dove into ingredients.

I settled on modified chicken with potatoes and veggies. This was top 8 friendly. They also had noodles (both regular and gluten free) that can be made with several different toppings (chicken, shrimp, fish, veggies, several sauces etc)

I also got truly allergy friendly fries (no soy on fries, and fried in a dedicated gluten free fryer with canola oil).

For dessert, the chef had Sweet Street Brownies, and then this Rich’s Brownie! I grabbed the Rich’s Brownie with ice cream and toppings. The Rich’s Brownie only lists Egg as an allergen (plus shared facility with soy).


Overall, this is an Ok option. Especially when you have safe snacks available around the parks. I do recommend getting a reservation early and asking lots of questions to see if this is a good fit for your dietary needs.

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