SeaWorld Orlando – Food Allergy Options

Seaworld is not my favorite for food allergies or gluten free when it comes to comparing the Orlando Theme Parks (Disney World, Universal Orlando, Legoland Florida and Seaworld)

But the good news is that you can find options if you are patient and willing to settle for “less than” when it comes to finding options.

For starters, Seaworld recommends Sharks Underwater Grill as their designated allergy location. This is a good option, I’ve eaten here, they have options for all top 9 allergens and can accommodate plant based, low sugar and other options. My issue is that it isn’t budget-friendly and hard to do twice in one day (I highly recommend ordering a togo meal so you don’t have to do sit down again)

Willing to try a shared kitchen with less options? Please look over the review of Allergy Friendly fast food options at Food Allergy-Friendly Quick Serves at SeaWorld (gluten free is included- Yes I know it’s not an allergy- yes I still included gluten free options)


Can you bring a cooler into Seaworld if you have dietary needs?

Absolutely, and you are protected under Florida Law. They cannot ask you what your diagnosis is, and they cannot tell you how much food you can bring in. They will not have a refrigerator or storage (you can pay to rent a locker) and they will not have options for heating/cooling.

Do they have prepackaged allergy friendly snacks?

yes! Visit the Starbucks location at the entrance of the park to see many of their snack locations. They have a prepackaged snack that will work for all of the top 9 allergens.