Menu Change- Sci-Fi Dine In Gluten Free & Food Allergy Review 2022

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Sci-Fi Dine In went through a little menu glow up… let’s talk about the addition to the menu and what to expect when dining there.

Spoiler: The Turkey wrap has been replaced with a Chicken Salad Sandwich. Mostly, you’ll find burgers. And the famous Dairy Free Shake is still on the menu!

***As Always, this is my personal experience. You should check with Restaurant Staff to see if these items are available for You and Your food needs.

Why I don’t recommend Sci-Fi

For one, it’s quite scary for kids, and traumatizing for anyone who has anxiety or PTSD. There is constant screaming from the screen, guns on every other video clip, sexualization of half naked women (with a hint that they could be r*pe by aliens) and constant death threats with several people being unalived. To quote one of the things I heard “If you are driving alone at night, you are good as dead”. It’s not family friendly.

For two, the food is not very good, and neither are the selections. It would be a much better meal to head to Hollywood Brown Derby or Mama Melrose. Even the quick service options, like Rosie’s All American or Backlot Express would have similar items.

Food Allergy and Gluten Free Options at Sci-Fi Dine in

Womp womp… the Turkey wrap was replaced with a Chicken Salad Sandwich.

But good news, they have the allergy friendly buns here now (so no more lettuce wraps for most folks).

For main meals, they have several Burger Options. These were a great size and cooked just right. For those looking for a plant based option, they have Impossible Burgers.

Plus you can find a few salad combinations, which can be easily modified for your needs.

For sides, there are fries in a dedicated fryer, corn on the cob, fruit and Mash Potatoes.

The star of the show for Dessert is the Dairy Free Milkshake. This is made with Soy based Tofutti. They also still have the gluten free brownie!

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