6 Money Saving Tips for Disney World’s Holiday Season

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It’s the holiday season and we are IN THE MOOD for some Christmas festivities at Disney World! It is such a fun time of year, especially when we have this gorgeous weather (honestly- this is one of the best times for weather. No rain, light humidity, 50 degree awesomeness)

And you will WANT to be here for the holiday season because of how magical it is! The lights, the smells, the joy and kindness that people are sharing.

It makes even the grinch-iest of hearts so much bigger and happier (prolly shouldn’t use grinch though- maybe duck mcscrooge? yeah, we’ll go with that one!)

Plus, you can have your cake and eat it too! Christmas time at the Magic Kingdom AND doing it without spending an arm and a sleigh (pun intended!!!)

Let’s dive in to the ways you can save money and make the most of the wonderful time of year and the holiday szn at Walt Disney World!

Use the Dates to your advantage

Another thing that is essential to consider when looking at a Budget Christmas Disney is to consider the dates. Christmas season really runs from middle of November to the first week of January (many of the decorations from Christmas 2018 stayed up till the 3rd week of January 2019!).

With that in mind- the most expensive time to come is the week of Christmas through the New Years. 

So if you want to experience Disney at Christmas my recommendation would be to come right after Thanksgiving through the second week of December. OR you could even come in January when the prices are lowered- it just means that you have to “reschedule” Christmas.

And after the whorlwind 2020/2021 time we’ve all had- rescheduling is no biggie!

There’s Plenty of time to enjoy the festivities, without the insane price tag (not to mention crowds. Disney regularly maxes out the parks on Christmas Day!) and still get your holiday magic at the Happiest place on earth!

Get gifts at a Discount

Let’s talk about all the ways we can celebrate at Disney World without the Disney World price tag.

Obviously, you can bring in gifts that you’ve collected throughout the year (this is a crazy good way to do it too)

And then there’s the tip we talk about here, where you go to the secret outlet and get things at a crazy good discount.

Lastly, you can get use some crazy good hacks to get some item at a steep discount. Because let’s be honest. You will WANT to buy things at Disney.

So let’s do this! Obviously you can use your target redcard to get 5% off any gift cards you purchase (and i HIGHLY recommend this, I literally do it WEEKLY and it IS allowed)

Skip Mickey’s Christmas Party and Do this Instead

One of the big draws of the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is the exclusive Characters. But those things are still similar- but also not quite the same as pre2019.

And yeah, I have to admit that it is fun. The overlays are really cool. The nighttime shows are awesome.

But the crowds REALLY suck. the running around sucks. The trying to fit in everything before the kids fall asleep because you paid 100 dollars per ticket really sucks.

So INSTEAD, go here and meet all of the characters in their Christmas outfits. You’ll get a whole day to enjoy yourself without being rushed around, the lines are SO ideal, and you get so much Christmas magic! It’s a total blast.

If you have to go to Mickey’s Christmas Party errr… I mean WANT to go to the Christmas Party

When it comes to planning a Disney Vacation, one of the first things you think about is the tickets and how many days you want to spend at the parks! The Cool thing about coming at Christmas time is a separately ticketed event called, Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas! 

This special event starts at 7 BUT you can get in as early as 4 pm. What many vacationers will do is purchase the ticket for Mickey’s Christmas, but not have another ticket for the morning time.

That way no ticket is “wasted” on a half day in one park before jumping over to Magic Kingdom for the Christmas Party. 

Do Christmas Celebrations for Free

When people plan for a Disney World Vacation, they like to think that they should come to the park for 5 days if they have a 6 day vacation. And I get that. You want to squeeze everything in while your here.

But consider for a second, all of the things you can do outside of the parks that don’t require a ticket.

And then consider that when the holidays are around, you can do even MORE stuff that doesn’t require a ticket. This means you can do the tree trail in Disney Springs, enjoy the gingerbread houses at some of the resorts and then go to a local mall to meet Santa Claus- all without buying a Disney World Park ticket.

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