Sapphire Falls: Room and Resort Review

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Since Universal is in Orlando, and working with available space, the resorts are slightly spread out.

However, Sapphire Falls, a moderate style resort at Universal is not only in a great spot with other resorts within walking distance, but also great on its own!

There’s a lot to unpack about Sapphire Falls so let’s dive in.

Let’s talk about eats

There is some good eating at Sapphire Falls! Yes, you could walk to the other close by hotels or head to city walk, but this resort actually has everything you need.

For starters there’s a small shop area with lots of prepackaged food and a Starbucks, You’ll also find a bar here, as well as a quick serve by the pool area.

My favorite though, is the sit down restaurant on the bottom floor by the circle staircase, Amatista Grill. This is really one of the best places on property to get an allergy friendly meal and I’ve had great service here for breakfast lunch and dinner!

The Rooms and the amenities

Sapphire Falls is a full service resort that covers everything a family or couple might need for their vacation.

There is a pool here (naturally) and you can rent a Cabana for chilling out on the faux beach and the zero entry pool.

Inside you’ll find a decently sized gym (think like what the deluxe options have at Disney World) and a family fun arcade with a ton of cool games! Very similar to what you’d find at Surfside– except it’s double the size!

Transportation includes a boat (my preferred option), walking (highly seriously don’t recommend unless you pay for a bike carriage ride), and bus!

Plus conference rooms and meeting rooms and a business center if you need those kinds of things.

And the rooms are great quality–out of all the places I’ve stayed at Universal so far, the beds at Sapphire are by far the most comfortable after a long day in the park!

Shampoo, Soap and Allergy Friendly Labels

If you know me you know were an allergy family. Isn’t it crazy that some products use common allergens without labeling the ingredients on packaging? Wild, I know.

Here’s what you’ll find inside the room as far as soap, shampoo and conditioner, with the labels so you can see if it contains any allergens ahead of time!

sapphire falls
sapphire falls
sapphire falls
sapphire falls

Conclusion- is this a resort I’d recommend?

Universal has some pretty good options and Sapphire Falls is one of the top options in my book for location, price, overall feel and having everything you could be looking for on vacation.

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