Roaring Fork quick-serve Wilderness Lodge Allergy Menu and Review

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Enjoy this cute resort that’s a favorite of many bloggers and grab a bite to eat at the local quick serve!

I have to say, we really loved our meal and the service we got. It’s certainly better than some of the other deluxe/DVC resorts that we’ve eaten at. And the ambiance- it really can’t be beat, especially at Christmas time!

We really like that we got to order and get a buzzer so that we could sit down without waiting forever for our food (which we are used to with dealing with allergies- so this was a nice change of pace)

I also saw this cookies here, I haven’t seen them around at other resorts- so I can’t say if this is a new addition or something special just at Wilderness Lodge. Either way, it felt very inviting, with quite a few of the normal allergy-safe prepackaged goods.

Here’s what we had to eat

gluten, soy protein and dairy free!

Kids meal top 6 free (not safe for egg or soy lethicin- does NOT have soy protein!)

The Food Allergy Menus

The Regular Options

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